Performance analysis of Ester Reactor using CFD simulations

Analysis of the performance of esterification reactor using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) in terms of flow, mixing particle trajectories, circulation time distribution and residence time distribution for existing time configuration.

 To improve the performance of the existing esterification reactor using computational flow modeling.  Evolve & evaluate ideas to improve mixing & performance and provide recommendations for possible performance enhancement.

Technical Approach
 CFD model of existing esterification reactor was developed based on the details provided by the client.  Based on details of the model developed, assumptions made and results obtained from the CFD simulations the modifications were made and evaluated using CFD again.

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 To improve the velocity in coil region Introduce protrusion on the sticks in agitator.Results From the first case simulation it was found that the performance of reactor was largely affected by:  Arrangement of holes on the outer plate  Location of inlet feed pipe  Design of agitator Recommendations protrusion on the sticks Feed pipe Options to avoid flow fluctuation  Various arrangements instead of the current asymmetric arrangement of holes to avoid flow fluctuation were worked out and best was selected. Tridiagonal provides solutions and services for reactor engineering.  Location of the feed pipe was changed to avoid addition of slurry. flow modeling and product engineering to a wide range of industry. .

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