Answer Key

Level 1.1 What is a sentence?
● ● Non sentences are struck out. If it is a sentence, then ○ Subjects are underlined. ○ Verbs are bold. ○ capital letters, full stops, or question marks are used where needed.

1. Tom lives in the mountains 2. The squirrel up the tree 3. The boat down the river 4. I saw the elephant 5. Rose studied her lesson 6. Food everywhere 7. I hear sweet music 8. The Scouts built a fire 9. Flying a kite 10. The poems of Joyce Kilme 11. The book in the library 12. Several boys helped him 13. They keep the streets clean 14. Along the muddy road 15. The fire engines whizzed by 16. To write a book 17. James good manners 18. George did the work 19. Mary caught a fish 20. Tom playing baseball

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