Do Miracles Happen?

The purpose of this homework is for you to make a persuasive case for or against the possibility that miracles happen. You will have considered several arguments in class and should use these, plus your own arguments, to write an essay which will attempt to persuade me that your view is correct. You are not required to identify the weaknesses of your own arguments, only the strengths. However, if you feel you are capable of discussing the weaknesses you may do so perhaps by using phrases such as, “However, I can see why some may say…”, or, “Of course, others may argue…” You should use the table below to help maximise your score. Pay particular attention to the easy marks available for presentation. You should aim for 3 paragraphs which should be 1/2 - 3/4 of a page in length. Poor (1 mark) Presentation and effort Scrappy/untidy and little care taken/very short. Average/Good (2marks) Some evidence of effort taken in presentation/maybe a little short. Excellent (3 marks) Clearly a great deal of effort to produce neat and tidy work/ appropriate length. Followed all the school presentation guidelines Good use of paragraphs. No spelling errors and accurate use of commas and full stops. Two to three arguments used. Arguments are very relevant to the question

Spelling and grammar


Not organised in paragraphs. Careless spelling errors and poor use of commas and full stops. Only one argument used and/or arguments are not really relevant or

Some organisation of paragraphs. A few spelling errors. Commas and full stops are mostly used correctly. Two to three arguments used. Arguments are largely relevant and generally well expressed and

and very well expressed and explained. Examples At least one At least two At least two example used. examples used. examples Examples not Examples are used. overly relevant mostly relevant and Examples are or well generally well very relevant explained. explained. to the question and very well explained. Up to a maximum of 3 extra marks may be awarded by the teacher for an outstanding piece of work.

make little sense.


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