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The loss of her sight has ignited a war between her two best friends. Thirty-five-year-old, psychologist, Sahel Ohin, spent nearly each day of her childhood making mud cakes with Titus Denning and Carl Pierson. They attended St. Maria’s Parish School, Oakland Catholic Prep and graduated Cal Berkeley. Six weeks after an accident rendered her blind Sahel married Titus. Her neurosurgeon, Carl Pierson, insists surgery could restore her sight. The procedure might also kill her. The first night out since her blindness Sahel meets James Bolton, a former San Francisco stockbroker. Though newly acquainted, they converse as if old friends. When during dinner Sahel accidentally knocks over her glass of water and wets her gown, James escorts her out onto the verandah. Against the backdrop of Sahel’s husband, Titus, receiving an award, Surgeon of the Year, inside the ballroom, James asks, “Do you life after death?” The winter afternoon that Sahel attempted suicide, a judge sentenced James to life imprisonment for murder. His fiancée leapt from the Golden Gate Bridge that same afternoon. Seasons in Purdah shows what happens when best friends become adults, and how, among many things, life is but a series of choices, the consequences of which yield a drama that both weaves and unravels the knots binding us to those we cherish, and who love us.

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