Darren S.

Cell: 240-832-6907 darren@animationbydarren.com Demo Reel: http://www.animationbydarren.com/p/portfolio.html
To secure an animation position at an exciting studio that will allow me to bring characters to life while continually challenging my artistic abilities. Available to relocate without/with assistance.

Professional Experience

Production Artist CustomInk

June 2012-Present

• • •

Productively and accurately prepare artwork to ensure customer orders have the best possible result and contributing to customer satisfaction. Demonstrated time management and multi-tasking skills by maintaining a balance between projects, teammate questions, and intensive work with Adobe Illustrator to adjust uploaded images and to prepare them for screen printing. Participated in various roundtables, meetings, and programs to provide feedback and initiate improvements. November 2011-Janurary 2012

Lead Character Animator RSM Consulting

• •

Developed realistic animation for instructional videos. Created cycle animation(s) for instructional videos. September 2011-November 2011

Video Game Design/Lego Design Teacher C3 Cyber Club

• • • •

Served as a Game Design Teacher for a class of eight to twelve year old students. Taught students 3D Lego Design Software & The Platinum Arts Sandbox Engine. Devised lessons, which captured the children’s imaginations for e.g.: Preparing levels and scenes that challenged the students to think creatively. Reviewed student work with an emphasis on providing feedback to each student. October 2010- July 2011

Junior Animator Studio Kinate

• • • •

In-betweener Cleanup/ Inking & Painting Compositing into After Affects Creating Storyboards/Model Sheets/Props & Layout Design


AnimSchool.com-Orem, UT Certificate in Advanced Studies in Character Animation Digital Media Arts College, Boca Raton, FL Bachelor of Fine Arts, Computer Animation - 2010 Accumulative GPA 3.0

Technical Skills

• • • • • • • • •

Mac & Windows Operating Systems Toon Boom Animate Pro/Storyboard Pro Maya Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Illustrator Flash Platinum Arts Sandbox 3D Lego Design Microsoft Office Suite: Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Industry Involvement References

Evolve CG Conference & Employment Fair, May 2010 ‘Character Animation,’ seminar presented by Jason Ryan from DreamWorks Animation Studios

Available upon request

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