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AXO 9-10-12

AXO 9-10-12

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Published by: Dayley Shearon on Sep 12, 2012
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Formal Meeting Minutes 9/10/12 I. Call to Order II. Role Call III. Approve Minutes from Previous Meeting IV.

Executive Officer Reports a. President -Office Hours Mon./Wed. : 8am-9am & 1pm-9pm Tue./Thurs. : 12:30pm-9pm Fri. : after 1pm Sat./Sun. : all day -Please contact Residence Life if you are having trouble with housing -calendar changes should be posted by Wednesday -next week is a Chi Connection b. VP- Chapter Relations and Standards - send excuses to excuses4axo@yahoo.com (at least 48 hours in advance!) - obligations must be signed before September 15 c. VP- Finance - if obligations have not been signed you have already been fined $15. Please sign your obligations! - $1500 donated to the Murray's! Great job ladies :) d. VP- Risk Management e. VP- Ritual/Fraternity Appreciation -initiation practice on September 13 has been changed from 8pm to 6:30pm! - initiation practices are September 13- 6:30pm, October 4- 8pm, October 18- everyone attends, October 21- initiation f. VP- Recruitment g. VP- New Member Education - keep an open mind with all the new girls and give them a chance - please be careful what you are saying about sisters around them h. PR/Marketing - committee meeting Mon. 9-17 - Greek Week t-shirts- $8, highly recommended that you order one. Theme : Adventure Movies. Team : Delt & OPhi i. VP- Membership Programming -sisterhood Sept. 27 @ 7pm -My Journey at the Chi connection next week! j. VP- Panhellenic Delegate - be careful what you say about Panhellenic sisters, especially around new girls - No boys rush shirts/mixer shirts until boys bid day - Can only participate on Bid Day - we can be sweethearts (can't be required to do anything, it will be an application process) - we can have beaus - new exec. Position : NPC Sisterhood (application due Mon.- contact Anna) - new recruitment chair (1.5 year term – contact Anna) - posters for Baylor game will go up Thursday k. VP- Intellectual development -Great Grades last semester! -No study hours in the library this week - text Ashley with questions! l. VP- Facility Operations m. VP- Philanthropy

n. Chapter Advisor V. Other Elected Officer Reports a. Rachel Kessler (Intramural Chair) : football game Wed. 7 pm Volleyball practice game/try-out Tuesday October 30 @ 8pm b. Personal Development : social media- no alcohol in pictures, don't ignore sister's friend requests or make pictures private. NO DRINKING IN LETTERS. - formal meetings : nice dress/skirt/slacks, no spaghetti straps, no “bar clothes”, no flip flops - informal meetings : nice, cute clothes. Sandals and nice jeans are allowed - chi connection : AXO shirt and shorts Laura Biggers: (281) 610-3834 c. Lauren Despain : barndance- Sept. 28 10-1:30am, date list will come down Friday (it's on Jackie's door) -SFA tickets are $12 each VI. Announcements - VP Facility Operations: Rachel Kessler - VP Risk Management: Stephanie Chronister - VP Philanthropy: Dayley Shearon

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