A wok A cutting Board A chef knife A paring knife A Peeler (just a normal one we did not have on at home )

A spatula

1 Zucchini1half carrot-\ 1half onion 3 park CHOI 5 baby corn1 half broccoli1 ginger-

2 garlic clove
2 tbsp. hoi san sauce 1 soy sauce 1 oyster sauce Water for no sticking

1 sunflower oil

Before you cut the vegetables you first wash them
Then you

diced the Zucchini
whole slices the carrot half sliced the onion inch piece park CHOI Sliced the baby corn Small florets the broccoli-small florets Cute the ginger in small squares

garlic clove –minced

First I put some sunflower oil in it and then you wait until its was hot Then I put in the garlic and waited 2-3 min

Then I put the chicken in and waited 15—20 min.
Then I added the carrot and waited 10-15 min. And always stir when I was waiting And the added all the anther ingredients then I only waited 8-10 min. until the rest was cook the I just decreed it and finish

Her is my finish stir fry recipe

My mom said: It is yummy!!!

The vegetables are well cooked and not to smooth the souse is
sweet but not to sweet next time she would Preper more chicken and some rice

My maid said: Every thing is perfect and really yummy viki

cook really nice
thank you viki Buno

I think it was good but to salty and a little bit to sweet

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