There was a handsome lad from Texas,| Wherever he went, girls said “Sex Us” One day, he rode

one in, And hurt his shin, And broke some in his Solar Plexis. Seizures are no stranger to a stoner, But this time, we all thought he was a goner, When we carried him in, And laid him by the bin, We saw he just had an uncommonly large boner. Little Tommy was awfully fond of his clock, He could even tell its tick from its tock, But it stopped ticking one day, So Tommy asked his Father if he may, Instead spend the holidays playing with his cock. Remember Farmer Johnson and his wife, Old Marge? We’ve all heard stories of how her pussy was uncommonly large, While all the other girls’ were thin, And wouldn’t allow anything much but skin, Farmer Johnson would, on many nights, enter in a barge. Yesterday at the supermarket, I met my ex-flame, And though I don’t regret the past, ‘twas indeed a shame, Her ass was still curvy, her tits real tight, And y’all might wonder why I let her go ‘thout a fight, Little did I know, That she was more than my Ho, In fact, the heavy traffic to her pussy was to blame.

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