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So, do you mind if I say something about this one ?

Are you willing to let yourself be convinced on this one ?

Well, if Ive understood you rightly, what youre getting at is that.

Hm. Thats an interesting questionlet me see now

Well, correct me if Im wrong , but what you seem to be saying is that

So, does anything spring to mind, then ?

Yes. Thats it in a nutshell.

Hm. Im still not convinced on that to be honest..

Do you see what Im getting at ?

Do you take my point ?

Perhaps we should move on to another point now

Well, I wasnt really thinking of that, in fact

Er..Im afraid I dont quite see what it is youre getting at

Actually, one thing thats just occurred to Hm. Any chance of a compromise on that me is that.. point ?

Sorry. That was a slip of the tongue: what I meant to say was that

Actually, somethings just dawned on me

Right. Although its not something Ive really thought about I suppose Id have to say that

Actually, I think weve more or less exhausted that topic.

No, Im afraid Im still sticking to my original idea which was that

Well, I must say I have my doubts about that

Right. I was thinking along those lines too, in fact..

Thats just what I was going to say: you took the words right out of my mouth !

Well, then again, maybe on second thoughts

Hm. Its a little hard to decide right off the top of my head, but, lets say

Oops, sorry, my mind just went ablank there for a second

Oops ! Now where was I ..I lost the thread there for a momentOH yes :