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1 WORD FORMATIO N 1)-nce -ary -sion -ive -ition -ic -th -al -nt 2) ician -ish -ity -ery

-fy -ing -en -ment 3) ship -or -ory -ist -able -ee -ate -ess -er 4) ite -age -sy -y -cy -ice -ise -ction -ation -ude 5) -ed -ness(1) -ise -less(1) ible 6) ful -free -ous -ght -gth -ness(2)-less(2) -*NO Suffix Instructions: disimaabpreanti-

2 mis- renon- pro-

3 ilundermalsub-

4 iroverdeinter-

5 un- ultraex- coneoproto-

6 in- supermultipseudo*NO Prefix

A) Throw one dice to determine the vertical coordinate and one to determine the horizontal. Then think of as many words as you can to combine a prefix and a suffix from each square. You can write the words in the corresponding square on the grid. NB: The Jokers, NO Prefix and NO Suffix cannot be used at once and each joker can only be used to make five words maximum !! Remember to distinguish between words which are built from these prefixes and suffixes and those which simply contain these letters: e.g deactivate =de+ activate (an example of word building), whereas deterrent does not really contain the prefix de . Award yourselves half a point for words of the second type and a full point for words of the first !