Poetry for ESL leads


Three Poetry Exercises
December 31, 2008 — Nijma If you want to exercise your creative muscles more in the new year, here are some poetry exercises:

This French poetry form can be used with any cultural group or skill level of English. My beginning ESL students love it. The format is: Line 1: States a subject in one word (usually a noun) Line 2: Describes the subject in two words (often a noun and an adjective or two adjectives) Line 3: Describes an action about the subject in three words (often three infinitives, or a three word sentence) Line 4: Expresses an emotion about the subject in four words. Line 5: Restates the subject in another single word that reflects what has already been said (usually a noun) Example (in French and English): Chien Optimiste perpetual Attend son maitre Il entend des pas… Joie! Dog Perpetual optimist Waiting for his master He hears steps Joy

Form Poems
(from Zee)

Compression channels one’s creativity. It’s a syllabic poem, 2-4-6-8-2 syllables per line. Example: The Courtship of Medusa He came up behind her and braided her wild locks. “Who are you?” She turned to see him harden.

Poetry slams
Zee: Nijma, I’m not a typical slammer…I’ve slammed sonnets…yes, trust is key. We found starting with one’s name helps. Also, a fellow poet friend of mine has an awesome “breathing” exercise. Inhale nose, exhale nose = air inhale mouth, exhale nose = fire inhale nose, exhale mouth = water inhale mouth, exhale mouth = earth Each energy has its benefits Each in turn is a good warm up.

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