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Adv B: Post test ideas: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) Presentation skills -(combine with Baraberrie ) Story with word-cards- U8-10 Sarcasm Role-plays

and classic putdowns (and the art of the put-down ?) Fairy tale headlines + other quirkies/ headline schtick etc !! (re-skim !) Other debates- space exploration / lowering drinking age- (copy context and cut bits etc) (INVENT ROLES !)_ 6) Business Meeting Agendas 7) Windows on the world 8) Headway Celebrities/ card game- (check no bits missing) 9) Wishlist- blank map- holiday design include world maps and Russia ! (check for other maps !!!) 10) Narrative tenses/ consequences 11) Neologisms 12) Plagiarism trial / first page only ? 13) Funny questions schtick ? Used before ?: Case Study/ Jewellery Baraberrie Investment Committee Politicians and journos Values Auction (see Net for new !) Anti-love song Love story mad-lib