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Ignore the Awkward by Uffe Ravnskov

Ignore the Awkward by Uffe Ravnskov


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Published by: 2361983 on Sep 12, 2012
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The mind is like a parachute - it works only when it is open

Frank Zappa

To suppress or distort information in science may produce many unfortunate
consequences. Huge amounts of money and personnel are wasted in the pursuit of blind
paths, millions of healthy people are converted into patients and perhaps worse of all,
new, more fecund ideas are suppressed, either by the inventors themselves or by their

Progress in science depends mainly or entirely on disagreement, but if new ideas
that go contrary to established ‘knowledge’ are considered as a sign of ignorance or
stupidity, nothing happens. Nevertheless, let me, against all odds, present a hypothesis
that is able to explain the many observations that are now impossible to fit in with current
wisdom. I have explained it in my previous book, ’Fat and Cholesterol Are GOOD for
You!’ Because it may be somewhat difficult to understand, for people without knowledge
about human anatomy and pathology, I shall try to do it again in another way. You can
find a more scientific explanation and more references in a paper that I published recently
together with my colleague Kilmer McCully.1

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