THE ORCHARD KING The title of this romance is the ORCHARD KING, it’s about a certain young lady

whore mother was sent out of home for marring who met no respect to her father. Her mother-Elizabeth had told her why they had moved to NewZealand, a far land from that she was born. Mary, Elizabeth’s daughter, stood in the citrus orchard, which literally beloged her grandfather Mary had stopped there to see the layout of the orchard; globe-shaped trees, grapefruit, lemons mandarins and tangelos. When she retuned Bach home, her mother warned her not to attempt to go to the place because she wanted to avoid her father know she was a lived and had daughter. On the other had ,Elizabeth had told her daughter how rude her grandfather was. Having had a place called Valencia, Mary wanted to se the place. That place was her grandfather’s property. And without him knowing she went on visiting him until at first she was one of the lickers, but she was definitely not nor even a thief on second daughter. They , then kent on chatting, until at lost he invented her the take round to the place. At the end of the walk he invited to come back. He didn’t not hesitate on that knowing that she was going to have an opportunity to talk to her grandfather and get to know how really he is. She went back home and told her mother what had happened, and took the most by inviting her mother to come witch her but Elizabeth certainly did not accept. She ask her parents the car, she did when she went there at first time. When she arrived at Valencia. She was introduced to rex , who was actually her grandfather the boss of the orchard . She behaved or if she didn’t want to sound the she and mother existed.

When she was introduced to rex, he gazed on her or if he had met her before on that day she noticed the grandfather had remarried. So she had a news to her mother. Mary become very interested when knew that her grandfather was writing a book the memoirs that had to with a history of citrus-fruit-growing in the Aisborne district. All that was probleming

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