NATIONAL POST: September 12, 2012

Monsters still walk amongst us Re: Canadian Immigration Fraud Investigations Hit Record High, Sept. 10. Kudos to the Ministry of Immigration and Citizenship for cracking down on those who have gained the prized gift of Canadian citizenship through fraud and misrepresentation. It sends a clear message that Canadian citizenship is precious and simply not available to those who have gained it illegally. Given the new vigour of such an approach by the Ministry, one would also hope that the very few remaining cases of alleged Nazi enablers will also be top of mind. These assumed collaborators, concentration camp guards and secret police volunteers engaged and/or enabled the Nazi genocide machine to work all too well, resulting in the murder of countless millions of innocent men, women and children. They then entered Canada without divulging their hideous war time record and acquired Canadian citizenship. These monsters still walk amongst us. Surely they ought to be number one on the crackdown list if this new initiative is to have any real meaning. Bernie M. Farber, Thornhill, Ont.

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