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D-Link USB
ADSL Modem

Before Your Begin

This Quick Installation Guide gives step-by-step instructions for setting up the D-
Link DSL-200 ADSL Modem. The model you have purchased may appear slightly
different from those shown in the illustrations. For more detailed information about
the ADSL Modem, its components, making network connections and technical
specifications, please refer to the User’s Manual included with your ADSL Modem.
Check Your Package Contents
These are the items included with your DSL-200 purchase:

• DSL-200 ADSM Modem (USB interface)

• CD ROM include Driver and User’s Guide

• Quick Installation Guide

•USB Cable

•RJ-11 Cable

If any of the above items are missing, please contact your reseller.
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without notice.

Install Modem Driver
Before starting the software setup process, close all windows and quit any
application programs you are running. The installation procedure presented
here is the same for MAC 8.6, MAC OS 9.x and MAC OSX 10.1.x and above.

You need to install the device drivers first and then perform the
hardware installation steps below.

1. Insert the DSL-200 Installation CD into the CD-ROM drive. To view

the contents of the CD, open CD ROM from the desktop. Select the
folders “ MAC ” on the CD.

2. In the Device Driver Folder, locate the Installer application and

invoke it by double-clicking on it.

3. The “Welcome” screen will appear. Click Next to proceed.

4. The “License Agreement” screen will appear. Click Accept.

5. When all necessary files have been copied, the “Finished” screen will
appear. Click Finish. MAC OSX 10.x operating systems will request
restart. MAC 9.x does not require a restart

6. The USB driver is now installed. Before using your USB

ADSL modem, connect the modem to the computer using the
proper USB device cable and connect the DSL line to the
USB ADSL modem.