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Vince Ryan Harris County Attorney FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 11, 2012

Contact: Office of Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan Terry ORourke 713-755-5101 (office) 713-302-7594 (cell) 832-724-2361 (cell)

HARRIS COUNTY ATTORNEY VINCE RYAN APPROVES END TO VOTER DEATH PURGES Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan today issued a legal memorandum finding that the purge of allegedly dead voters directed by the Secretary of State was not lawful. Ryan determined that the Harris County Tax Assessor-Collector Don Sumners refusal to remove any voter from the voter rolls of Harris County based on the Texas Secretary of States transmission of a list of voters suspected of being deceased is well founded and supported by the law. The notice from the Secretary of State did not make the required determination that the voters on the list were deceased, Ryan said. Many people have come forward astounded that the government had notified their families that they were dead. Two Assistant County Attorneys in my office received this notice. This action by the Texas Secretary of State is outrageous, wrong, and unlawful. A copy of Ryans legal memorandum is attached.