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Vineyards and the volcano (Source:

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Founded in 1987, this park covers an area of ​59,000 hectares. Its goal is to protect the area of ​the volcano, which is a Regional Park. The environment is very rich and manifold: in it live orange trees, lemon trees, tangerines, agaves, prickly pears, bananas, eucalyptus, palm trees and of course vineyards. Over 500 meters of altitude we can find trees of pistachios, almonds, hazel, chestnut and oaks, beeches, birch, pine. And yellow, fragrant broom of Etna. The fauna consists of small mammals such as foxes, hedgehogs, martens... and birds such as woodpeckers, finches, hoopoe... But even reptiles such as the viper, and butterflies such as the Aurora Etna (Anthocharis Damone).

Sciare di Santa Venera, Etna northern versant (Source:

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Here some data (2006): Vineyard area in Etna Park 3,000 ha Vineyard area with structural difficulties (such as steep slopes, terracings... ) 2,700 ha Area with terracings 2,250 ha Wineries with vineyard area including from 0.2 ha and 1 ha: Wineries with vineyard area lower than 0.2 ha: Wineries with vineyard area greater of 3 ha: Wineries with vineyard area including from 1 and 3 ha:

50% 40% 2% 8%

2009 DOC area (Sistema infocamere ic-deis data) WINE Vineyards/mq Grape prod/kg
ETNA BIANCO ETNA BIANCO SUPERIORE ETNA ROSSO 598.987,00 194.999,00 3.944.756,00 4.738.742,00 352.527,00 71.029,00 1.873.155,00 2.296.711,00

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2010 DOC area (Source: Sistema infocamere ic-deis) WINE Vineyards/ mq Grape prod/kg
ETNA BIANCO ETNA BIANCO SUPERIORE ETNA ROSATO ETNA ROSSO 754.366,99 225.295,00 2.246,07 4.093.718,94 5.075.627,00 461.942,00 113.696,00 1.600,00 2.175.027,00 2.752.265,00

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2011 Total area DOC (Source: SIAN) provisional data
updated to June 4th, 2012

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