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McMahon Release on Murphy Attack Ads

McMahon Release on Murphy Attack Ads

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Published by Helen Bennett

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Published by: Helen Bennett on Sep 12, 2012
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Murphy Hopes Distortion-Filled TV Ads Will Rescue Campaign

New ads from Murphy and his Washington allies cannot cover up Murphy’s failed record; McMahon campaign responds with new radio ad entitled “Rough Few Weeks”

NORTH HAVEN, CT – Linda McMahon campaign manager Corry Bliss today issued the following statement in response to two new television ads from Congressman Chris Murphy and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee:

“Congressman Chris Murphy and his Washington cronies are sadly mistaken if they think they can resuscitate his flailing U.S. Senate campaign by spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on false and unsubstantiated television attack ads. The people of Connecticut will see these ads for exactly what they are: a desperate congressman and a bunch of Washington insiders trying to manipulate Connecticut voters in an effort to guarantee another go-along, get-along politician another term in office.

“It’s no surprise that Congressman Chris Murphy’s special interest pals are willing to come to his rescue by echoing his own baseless, negative attack ads, considering he has spent almost his entire adult life as a professional politician voting how his leaders tell him to vote 98% of the time. We should all assume that Congressman Murphy’s record of follow-the-leader will continue if he were to be elected to the U.S. Senate.

“How ironic that the DSCC is attacking Linda McMahon’s record of creating hundreds of Connecticutbased jobs when their own candidate, Congressman Chris Murphy, hasn’t created one single job in his entire life. Even worse, since Chris Murphy was sworn in as a member of Congress, the number of unemployed workers in Connecticut has more than doubled from about 81,000 to more than 163,000. It’s shameful that Connecticut’s unemployment rate now outpaces the national average, and Chris Murphy has done nothing to reverse the state’s sinking job market during his six years in Congress.

“Considering Chris Murphy’s failed record in Congress, no one should be shocked that Linda McMahon is the only candidate that has put forward a comprehensive, detailed Jobs Plan centered on a middle-class tax cut that will put an extra $500 a month in the pockets of the average Connecticut family next year. Assertions that Linda’s Jobs Plan provides tax cuts for anyone other than middle-class families are false

and are simply an attempt to distract from Congressman Murphy’s recent vote to raise middle-class taxes. Linda’s plan will have absolutely no effect on her taxes. None. Under her plan, Linda will pay exactly the same rate next year that she paid this year; claims to the contrary are misleading and based on faulty Washington math.

“Ultimately, no matter how much money the Washington insiders decide to waste propping up the ethically challenged Congressman Murphy by mimicking his own ad buys, their dollars will never change the fact that he has failed to come up with a jobs plan after nearly 5,000 days in elected office; he missed nearly 80% of his work meetings while collecting his $170,000, taxpayer-funded salary; and he benefitted from his position in Congress by obtaining a home equity line of credit at a below-market rate from a bank that contributed to his campaign and received a $400 million bailout in the TARP bill Congressman Murphy backed. Connecticut voters are rightly outraged by Congressman Murphy’s record and will likely make that outrage known on Election Day.”

In addition to the above statement from Bliss, the McMahon campaign today released a new radio ad entitled “Rough Few Weeks”

The ad, a direct response to the false, negative ads from Congressman Chris Murphy and the Washington insiders supporting him, outlines the facts about both Linda McMahon and Chris Murphy’s records.

“Apparently for Congressman Murphy, desperate times call for desperate measures,” Corry Bliss, Linda McMahon campaign manager said. “All the falsehoods and all the distortions about Linda cannot change the fact that Congressman Murphy skipped nearly 80% of his committee meetings and used his position to get a special home loan deal.”

The radio ad, transcribed below, will begin airing statewide today.

Click here to listen to the new radio ad.


ANNCR: It’s been a rough few weeks for Congressman Chris Murphy.

First came the revelations that during the financial crisis, Murphy skipped nearly 80% of his committee hearings.

Then newspapers reported Murphy was sued for not paying both his rent and his mortgage.

But somehow despite his bad credit rating, after Murphy was elected to Congress, he got a special, below market loan… that ordinary people couldn’t get.

So now, Murphy is attacking Linda McMahon with lies and distortions.

But here are the facts: like most American businesses, Linda’s company did lay off some workers in the 2009 recession. But Linda’s company recovered and now employs more people than ever before.

Every employee is offered excellent benefits, including health insurance.

And Linda’s tax plan only cuts taxes for the middle class – Linda’s own taxes would not change at all.

So remember the truth when you see the Murphy attacks.

LINDA: I’m Linda McMahon, candidate for US Senate, and I approve this message.

ANNCR: Paid for by Linda McMahon for Senate 2012.


Paid for by Linda McMahon for Senate 2012

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