Washington Elementary School District No. 6
The Washington Elementary School District is committed to achieving excellence for every child; every day; every opportunity.

Arroyo Elementary School 4535 West Cholla Street Glendale, AZ 85304 September 11, 2012 Dear Parents, This letter is to inform you of a situation that involves a teacher. On Friday evening, September 7, 2012, we became aware that John Todorich, physical education teacher, was arrested for allegedly luring a minor by use of the Internet. We had received information on Thursday, September 6 that he was being investigated. The teacher was placed on administrative leave early Friday morning, pending the investigation, and he was subsequently arrested at home on Friday. Mr. Todorich has been a teacher in our District since 2005. At the time he was hired and again in 2011, he received fingerprint and background clearance from the Arizona Department of Public Safety. WESD will cooperate fully with the investigation. This is a law enforcement issue and, more than likely, we will not be privy to the details. We must allow the investigators to do their jobs and allow due process to occur. A substitute teacher has been hired to cover Mr. Todorich’s classes. As always, the education, welfare and safety of our students is our main priority. These situations are extremely unfortunate for everyone, but we must continue to be focused on teaching our students and let law enforcement do their jobs. The Phoenix Police Department has requested that you contact them if you have any questions concerning the investigation. Thank you. Sincerely,

Philip Liles Principal
Washington Elementary School District #6 •
Governing Board: Chris Maza, President • Aaron Jahneke, Vice President • Bill Adams, Member • Clorinda Graziano, Member • Tee Lambert, Member Dr. Susan J. Cook, Superintendent

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