BUSINESS STANDARD NEWS PAPER - SIP Topic of Project- Brand perception of Business News papers- A study with reference

to Business standard Newspaper Research Objectives 1) To find out awareness levels of Business Standard 2) To find out Brand perception of different business Newspaper
3) To find out the attributes which discriminate between Business Standard and Other

Newspapers 1) Do you read business Newspaper? a) Yes b) No 2) Which business newspaper do you subscribe to? a) Business standard b) Economic Times c) Business Line 3) On a scale of 1-3 indicate your awareness level of Business Standard? 1) Aware and currently subscribing it 2) Aware of it 3) Never heard of it 4) On a scale of 1-3 indicate your agreement level with the statement that reading Business standard will benefit you? 1) Agree 2) Moderately agree 3) Do not agree 5) On a scale of 1-3 please indicate your importance level for the content of Business newspaper? 1) Highly important

/ Mr.2) Important 3) Least important 6) Which attributes will you choose while subscribing or reading a newspaper? (Please rank your preferences by assigning 1 to the most liked feature and 3 to the least liked) Brand image Easy availability Editorial/Opinion International tie-ups Columns Financial news coverage Stock market news coverage Macroeconomics news coverage Marketing news coverage Logistics news coverage IT and Telecom news coverage WE HEREBY THANK YOU FOR YOUR KINDEST FEEDBACK. / Mrs. / Mdm. / Ir. / Prof. AND FINALLY WE APPRECIATE IF YOU CAN LEAVE US YOUR BASIC CONTACT INFO: Dr. / Ms. Name: Telephone / Mobile: E-mail: Would you like to receive correspondence (by e-mail) from us? a) Yes b) No .

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