Master’s Words

The Quan Yin Method
is an

Eternal Universal Law

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, Three-day Retreat, Los Angeles, California, USA, December 17, 1998 (Originally in Aulacese) Videotape #640


t’s not that I invented the Quan Yin Method; I just know it. This method has existed since the beginning of time, when the universe was first formed. And it will always exist. It is not a method; it is like the way of the universe, a universal law that we must follow if we want to get back to the Origin, back to our true Self, back to the Kingdom of God or our Buddha nature. Just like a science that’s very precise or just like two plus two equals four, one cannot do anything different to achieve it. If one knows that two plus two equals four, then two plus two equals four. No matter how we speak of it, even if we argue, it’s still two plus two equals four. Similarly, in the universe there are some precise laws like that. And whoever knows them is only discovering, not inventing. If we discover them and follow them, the result is very precise. Of course there are many different ways to do things: There are faster ways, there are slower ways and there are superior methods. The Quan Yin Method is a flawless way, but I discovered it and did not invent it. It belongs to God; it belongs to everyone. The Quan Yin Method works very fast; all kinds of karma from so many past lives is burned immediately. It’s impossible for us not to succeed. It’s impossible for anyone who follows the Quan Yin Method not to become a Buddha. It’s impossible, as impossible as taking two candies, placing them next to two other candies and saying that they don’t make four. That’s impossible. Similarly, in practicing the Quan Yin Method, it’s impossible not to succeed, not to progress spiritually, not to become enlightened, and that is good. But there’s something strange about this method: You can practice it without believing in it. Just practice; meditate twoand-a-half-hours a day and wisdom will naturally appear. Then we
2 The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178

understand things ourselves. We’re our own Master. Just practice this method and it will come. It’s the same as putting the two candies next to the other two candies; there will always be four. It doesn’t matter whether we believe the math teacher or not. Even if he says so, it doesn’t matter if we believe him. Just put two candies next to two candies and you will get four!

Pearls of Wisdom

The Quan Yin Method
is the Most

Advanced Science

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, Taipei, Formosa, October 25, 1988 (Originally in Chinese) MP3-CG03


piritual practice is the highest science. If you practice the Quan Yin Method with me, you will be practicing the highest science and logic. It’s not a superstition or a prostration to deities or spirits for merit. It’s not mysterious or ambiguous. One doesn’t have to jump up clumsily or talk nonsense without even knowing what one is raving about. That is being possessed. What is Maya? It’s a kind of power with little knowledge. What is Buddha? It’s the one with scientific wisdom. That’s all. The more we practice spiritually, the more we understand science. If we only study science without practicing spirituality, our scientific knowledge will be limited. Spiritual development will take us beyond science and ahead of scientists. They’ve been to the moon, but we can go beyond the moon. They wanted to make more discoveries and travel to more planets but without success. After much effort they eventually brought back some rocks and had many scientists gather together to study these rocks. They cut the rocks and studied them, saying, “Yes! These are really rocks!” [Laughter] It was no fun. They spent tons of money and mountains of effort. If they had put their effort, money and devotion into spiritual development instead, they would have known many scientific things and become saints very quickly.

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Published: February 1, Golden Year 4 (2007) Founded: August, 1986 Published By The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association Publisher: Hsieh Hsin-lin A Little Message: In speaking of God, or the Supreme Spirit, Master instructs us to use original non-sexist terms to avoid the argument about whether God is a She or a He. She + He = Hes (as in Bless) Her + Him = Hirm (as in Firm) Hers + His = Hiers (as in Dears) Example: When God wishes, Hes makes things happen according to Hiers will to suit Hirmself. The Supreme Master Ching Hai News magazine is published on the Internet in the following languages: Aulacese, Chinese (in both traditional and simplified versions), English, French, German, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Mongolian, Portuguese, Spanish and Thai. Please refer to the Quan Yin WWW sites of The News magazine for related websites.

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S p e c i a l

R e p o r t s

Two Retreats with Master - What a Blessing!
By Duisburg News Group (Originally in German)


t the end of Golden Year 3 (2006), Duisburg Center was blessed two times by the visits of Supreme Master Ching Hai. With the announcement of Master’s forthcoming visit in December, initiates, full of energy and pleasant anticipation, set to work for this long-sought moment. Within the shortest time possible the center was tidied up and lovingly decorated. Initiates from all over Germany were invited. On December 16 – we could hardly believe it – Master appeared! Everyone sparkled with indescribable joy and happiness. We meditated diligently and Master visited us frequently during the meditation sessions. She told us lots of jokes. The atmosphere was very pleasant and filled with happiness. Our Master emphasized the importance of selflessness and humility and that we should behave like saints. Master was very happy with our center and highlighted the delicious food. Upon Master’s departure She assured us that She would come back. Many initiates stayed until Christmas to celebrate our traditional Christmas retreat. Yet no one expected that something even bigger was waiting for us: We got the message that there would be a European retreat at Duisburg Center for the New Year! In order to make possible an unforgettable retreat for initiates from all over Europe, several working teams were immediately set up. On New Year’s Eve, Master arrived and appeared in the center’s meditation room, blessing all with Her presence. She looked very elegant “wearing” a golden Christmas curtain and adornments from the Christmas decorations in Her room. In high spirits, we celebrated an unequaled turn of the year with our most beloved Master. On the first day of the New Year, Master came several times to visit us during our meditation sessions. She spoke about an Arabian television channel that had started broadcasting its program in English in order to show the world the beauty of Arabian culture, thus demonstrating
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S p e c i a l

R e p o r t s

one more step to bring different cultures together for a life in harmony and peace. Master also talked about the absurdity of the still continuing armed conflicts in the world. She remarked that it is unbelievable that a human being who was brought up with love and dedication might have to become a warrior because of the war in his country and then might be annihilated by a tiny bullet in a matter of seconds. Such a death on the battlefield freezes the soul in a shock-like state for hundreds or even thousands of years. War belongs to a vicious circle that has to be stopped, no matter what it may cost. Soldiers should become peace-soldiers and help those in need. Time is short now, while other higher developed planets are waiting for the Earth to evolve. We should tackle urgent issues such as the change of global climate now, together. Master expressed Her hope that the New Year will be a year of peace news, and that the peace agreements accomplished in the past year mark the beginning of a development towards peace in the whole world. Seeing us coming from all over Europe and sitting in harmony and peace together, Master remarked that we are all connected telepathically. Our group is an example for the world in the sense that peace and harmony are possible. What we can accomplish in a small group can be accomplished in the whole world. That evening, we enjoyed the beautiful sounds of music as initiates from all over Europe performed instrumental music or songs, or both. Master and everyone listened attentively to the heartwarming and uplifting musical pieces. Several were moved to tears by the beautiful melodies. This was already an exceptional evening, but then we received the most special musical interlude of all: Late in the night Master came and sang lullabies for us. Those were unforgettable moments. She told us how Her dogs were brought into sleep that way. We listened with devotion to the beautiful voice of our Master, and then meditated the whole night. The following day we started as usual with a nourishing breakfast provided by the kitchen team, who had worked very hard throughout the whole retreat and always provided delicious international dishes. Master stayed one more day with us, visiting with us in the meditation room and answering our questions. Then Master had to leave. As always, it was difficult for all of us to accept that this retreat with Master was over. But reflecting on the wonderful days we had, our hearts were filled with gratefulness.
6 The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178

Panorama of Events


Sailing to the Other Shore
Seattle News Group (Originally in English)

[Seattle] In November, Golden Year 3 (2006), a video seminar was held at Seattle Public Library’s beautiful Microsoft Auditorium. Decked with glorious displays of Master’s creative art works - jewelry, clothing, paintings, books and videos, the venue was bright and attracted the audience. They were also captivated by the introduction of Master and Her lecture that were presented on a big screen. Twenty people signed up for the convenient method of meditation with two inquiring about full initiation. The Seattle brothers and sisters worked cooperatively to bring about this well planned and smooth flowing seminar. All felt Master’s constant presence and encouragement very strongly. It was like a gust of warm wind that speeds up the sail to deliver the people with affinity to the other shore.


Positive Response to Animal Film Show on Campus
By Taipei News Group (Originally in Chinese)

[Taipei] Students at the National Chengchi University enjoyed a glimpse into the true relationship that could develop between humans and animals though a heartwarming adventure
The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178 7

Panorama of Events

presented in the Disney film “Eight Below” that was shown in the campus international conference hall on December 21, Golden Year 3 (2006). The event, attended by 130 guests, was part of a series of films shown by the Taipei Center to promote vegetarianism. It was jointly held by the University’s Physical Fitness Society. Delicious vegetarian food was also served. Following this film, the DVD “The Real Heroes” was played and an introduction of the 24 hours SMTV website was given. The guests, that included university students and military instructors, were greatly touched by the movie, which was based on a true story. One of the instructors distributed Alternative Living flyers and document folders in his class, hoping to draw attention to the benefits of the vegetarian diet. Many students expressed the wish to eat more vegetarian food and less meat. Ten students wanted to learn the Convenient Method of meditation, and some requested more information about the Quan Yin Method. We sincerely invited them to visit our Taipei Center. Hopefully the film show has helped more people understand the self-sacrificing spirit of animals and that they are truly the most loyal friends of human beings.

Meatless Weekend
By Nantou News Group (Originally in Chinese)

[Nantou] On December 16, Golden Year 3 (2006), a “Golden Age Healthy Vegetarian Festival” was held at the New Era Art Resort & Spa, sponsored by the Nantou County Health Bureau, Puli Employment Service Center and Nantou County Council. Twenty businesses and nonprofit organizations were invited to participate in the event, including The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association. We offered a delicious treat of vegetarian food and snacks, and played Master’s videos. Master’s art creations including Longevity Lamps and paintings, which won great
8 The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178

Panorama of Events

admiration and acclaim from visitors, were also exhibited. Aware of the natural and healthy trend in people’s diet, the sponsors launched the Meatless Weekend following up on the Meatless Monday campaign initiated by Dr. Robert Lawrence of John Hopkins University. Their aim was to encourage people to eat vegetarian on weekends and holidays, so as to alleviate the burden on the body and contribute to animal protection and world peace. Fellow initiates cordially explained the significance of the Meatless Weekend to the guests and visitors, many of whom signed their names on a banner to support this cause. By the end of the day, the long banner was filled with signatures. During the seminar, Ms. Li Chiou-liang, a dietitian, demonstrated the preparation of a delicious and nutritious vegetarian breakfast. Dr. Liu Deng-jie from Puli Veterans Hospital, in a lecture on health, shared his insights on how to maintain good health and confirmed the importance of vegetarianism from the perspectives of diet, religious faith and spiritual practice. Video excerpts from the DVD “The Real Heroes,” as well as from our TV program “A Journey through Aesthetic Realms” which covered the Meatless Monday campaign by Dr. Robert Lawrence and the promotion of vegetarianism on school campuses by Dr. Antonia Demas of Cornell University, were shown. After the seminar, a secondary school teacher said that a lot of the information about health and nutrition in our TV program would be suitable for students, and she hoped to borrow the DVD from us. Ms. Li Chiouliang also hoped that she could use the TV video about vegetarianism in her future talks on organic vegetarian diet, in order to encourage people to adopt vegetarianism and a simple lifestyle. A visitor was so impressed by Dr. Liu Deng-jie’s talk that he wanted to purchase a CD or DVD of the talk to share with his family.

Experiencing a New Lifestyle of the Golden Age
By Tainan News Group (Originally in Chinese)

[Tainan] Tainan citizens experienced a new lifestyle of the Golden Age as well as God’s blessing at a soul-awakening activity held at the Municipal Cultural Center by The Supreme

Director Chen Xiu-cheng of the Tainan Municipal Cultural Center
The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178 9

Panorama of Events

Master Ching Hai International Association’ s Center in Tainan on December 31, Golden Year 3 (2006). The Sunday event, focusing on “Health, Art and Spirituality,” coincided with New Year’s Eve, attracting large crowds of all ages. From morning, visitors arrived with their family members to enjoy the richly diverse program that included a health seminar, an exhibition of Supreme Master Ching Hai’s art creations, a presentation of Master’s poems, vegetarian food tasting, and a video demonstration of vegetarian cooking. We distributed Alternative Living pencil pads, beautiful document folders, and information and medical findings on the healthy vegetarian diet. Five Supreme Master Television posters were displayed and SMTV cards handed out to visitors. Our kitchen team prepared nearly fifty delicious dishes, as well as 350 sumptuous and tasteful meal boxes to offer free to the visitors. The guests were surprised and overwhelmed by our cordial reception. “The Supreme Master Ching Hai is the teacher of all. From today’s activity, we can see how immense Her unconditional love is towards all beings,” said some


The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178

Panorama of Events

visitors. Two hundred copies of the vegetarian cooking demonstration DVD, which was shown continuously at the venue, were prepared as gifts for interested visitors. Dr. Mei Xiang-yang, the keynote speaker of the health seminar, spoke on “Meaningful Living.” He highlighted from medical perspectives the features of the human body to explain the importance of a compassionate vegetarian diet, while sharing facts on diets and medical science. The audience was captivated by what he was saying right to the end of the lecture, which must have brought many benefits to them. The most heart-warming program was “The Poetic World of Supreme Master Ching Hai,” a mini-concert held in the afternoon. Master’s music compositions and five poetry anthologies were presented by the Tainan initiates in lively and interesting forms, through a violin recital, singing, poetry recital, musical drama and dancing. The poems and songs vividly illustrated Master’s boundless love in guiding sentient beings back to their heavenly home. A female doctor of Malaysian nationality was full of praise for Master’s poetry, which she found to be unsurpassed in its rich ethereal style. At the end of the event, many local visitors learned the Convenient Method of meditation, embarking on their way to the Heavenly Kingdom. That day, Director Chen Xiu-cheng of the Tainan Municipal Cultural Center came to the venue to welcome the fellow initiates and present a speech on stage. He said sincerely, “The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association is a unique group. Its members are cordial and harmonious. Today’s activity manifests and conveys the distinct ideal of Truth, virtues and beauty. I hope that our people here can enjoy this serene and blissful atmosphere.” After the event, a staff member of the Cultural Center said that the health lectures presented by our Association have benefited many citizens. He complimented the Association for its well of talent and for the brilliant and wonderful cultural activities it has held at the Cultural Center, which has set a new trend in Tainan’s art and cultural world.

The Poetic World of “Pebbles and Gold”
By Formosa News Group (Originally in Chinese)

[Hsihu] Fellow initiates in Formosa celebrated the release of the Chinese edition of Master’s poetry anthology Pebbles and Gold at Hsihu Center during their first two-day retreat of the year on the January 13-14 weekend of Golden Year 4 (2007). At a creative event held on the beautiful Sunshine Lawn at noon Sunday, the Divine Love poetry recital team captivated the audience with a phenomenal performance marked by a smooth rhythmic flow and accompanied by two graceful dancers. The dedicated performers wholeheartedly expressed the magnificent meaning of Master’s poems. This innovative effort to announce a new book release turned out to be an exceptional performance. Of the two professional dancers, the brother initiate is a member of the renowned Hantang Yuefu Music Ensemble while the sister has studied modern dance for many years.
The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178 11

Panorama of Events
In this their first joint performance, the dancers used their body language to express the aesthetic beauty of Master’s poetry and to offer a new way to experience the meaning of Her poems. After the performance, the brother dancer expressed his inner feelings. “Master’s poems are simple yet intense. Some reveal true feelings freely while others are delicate and gentle. Initially it was a challenge to get the feel of it. But as I tried to enter the inner spiritual world of the Poet and to get connected from within, inspiration came,” he said. “I felt that I was dancing like floating clouds and flowing water on a stage that extended beyond the lofty and spacious sky. I swayed to the feelings of freedom, free of any choreographic limitations. All I wanted was to become part of the noble and profound thoughts of the Poet.” The artistic performance featuring static and dynamic elements has successfully imprinted Master’s poems in the hearts and lives of all initiates, holding them enthralled with its spiritual profundity.


Events Datebook

keep pace with the planet’s ongoing spiritual elevation, the local centers of The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association are holding more and more video seminars and other Truth-sharing events. You are welcome to join in these activities with your friends and relatives. For the latest schedule of our activities, please visit the following URL:
12 The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178

Fe a t u r e

R e p o r t s

nd Peace a d ng Worl r ti Celebra w Yea e ppy N a Ha

olden Year 3 (2006) has already brought a better world, with a lot of good news. There are the beginning steps of peace in the Middle East between Palestine and Israel. Iran and Iraq have shaken hands with each other. In Northern Ireland, the Irish Sinn Fein and the Loyalist Democratic Unionist Party continue to make progress towards sharing a unified government. In Asia, the peace agreement was signed in Nepal; Pakistan and India began to jointly support a peaceful Kashmir state; and China and Japan are re-evaluating 2,000 years of history in friendship. In Africa, the government of Sudan agreed to a joint peace-keeping force formed by the UN and the African Union to help quell tensions in war-torn Darfur. And a rival faction in Chad signed a peace agreement with the country’s president on Christmas Eve. In the Americas, leaders from nations across South America met to discuss the creation of a pan-South American union, similar to the European Union. And the year was filled with many more shining examples of “Love thy neighbor.” It certainly has been a great year of peace building! To celebrate the continued expansion of world peace, fellow initiates from around the world came together in local centers to commemorate with a festive meal, songs and performances. For instance, one center used the “Happy Birthday” tune to sing verses with the names of recent peace-developing countries, including Israel, Palestine, Nepal, Chad, Pakistan, India, China, Japan, Ireland, South America, Sudan, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq and Indonesia: Happy New Year to (Nepal), Peace Grace, Cease-fire, God bless you, dear (Nepal), Happy New Year to you. On Christmas Eve, Master went to Paris and London Centers respectively, to celebrate with local initiates in remembrance of Jesus Christ for His compassion for all sentient beings. On Christmas, Her pets were the most lucky and happiest ones with the gifts from Master especially for them. On New Year’s Eve, Master gave everyone a countdown surprise through a live broadcast
The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178 13


Fe a t u r e

R e p o r t s

on Supreme Master Television, after She arrived in Germany on December 31 to ring in the New Year with our fellow practitioners. Her warm New Year’s wishes were conveyed as follows: Happy New Year! Happy New Year, the whole world! Happy New Year and Peace on Earth, to all of us! The New Year is there already. I’m sorry if we are one year older, like it or not. But good news: you are one year wiser! Yes! And we are one year nearer to Heaven, and one year nearer to world peace! Isn’t that good news? Let peace happen this year, the Year of the Pig,* because pigs are very peaceful creatures. * This refers to the 12 animal zodiac signs of Eastern astrology. 2007 is the Year of the Pig.

With God’s grace and blessings bringing more and more peace to the world, brothers and sisters happily celebrate the New Year in local Centers all around the planet.


The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178

God is You
By Ti Zhe (Originally in Chinese)


When people think of You, The worldly dust disappears. Your Glory shines away all doubts. Oh! Master, The Wisdom is You. When people look at You, The conflicts of right and wrong flees. Your Love melts old enmity. Oh! Master, The Love is You! When people listen to You, Their pain is healed. Your voice comforts numerous souls from agony. Oh! Master, The Mercy is You! When we deeply fall in love with You, Our body and mind are in peace, Uniting with You in the Oneness instantly. Oh! Master, The whole Universe is You! Thinking of You, Looking at You, Listening to You, And loving You, Angels sing the sweetest love songs From time immemorial. Thinking of You, Looking at You, Listening to You, And loving You, Our souls are triggered The deepest memory with You. Oh! My dearest Master, The God is YOU!!
The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178 15

Media Reports

Kamasha, Issue 1/2007, Germany (Originally in German)
Good television for a fulfilled life

Satisfying Television - Fill up on it!


here’s a future in good news: Kamasha has friends! Recently, we introduced the American Internet magazine Happy News, and as of September 2006, there is even a television channel bringing only good things to the world. Supreme Master Television is from the USA and has been broadcasting throughout Europe since September. “Positive News”, “Information Side Column about the Advantages of a Vegetarian Diet” and programs such as “How to take care of Supreme Master Television is a free digital our animal friends” make the difference in the satellite channel from Eutelsat Hotbird programming. The satellite channel was started 6, 13° East available on DVB compatible by spiritual teacher and artist Ching Hai from satellite receiver. Au Lac. She is known for the transmission of the Quan Yin Method, a meditation on light Note the following parameters: and sound. Welcome to the world of positive Frequency: 10853 MHz journalism! Transponder: 117 Polarization: Horizontal FEC: 3/4 Symbol Rate: 27500 More information at:


Good News from Germany
Compiled from SMTV News, Episode 119


eier, a German city magazine of Mannheim and the surrounding area, wrote in a recent column that it would follow the example of Supreme Master Television and proliferate good news as well! The column stated that Supreme Master Television “airs only positive news from
The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178

Media Reports

around the world, especially about people and animals. In Germany, we’ve had access to the channel since September, and Meier is going to take that example to heart in this column and spread only good news.”
aMeier – Das Stadtmagazin – Mannheim & Co” (Meier City Magazin for Mannheim etc.), November 2006 (Originally in German)

There is also a cover story about SMTV, Supreme Master Ching Hai and the Quan Yin method in issue December 2006 of the “Living Art,” a free Info-Magazine about alternative lifestyle, including alternative health, art of living and consciousness, etc. It is edited and printed in Freiburg, Germany.
Living Art, Freiburg, Germany, December, 2006 (Originally in German)

Supreme Master Ching Hai TV Programs

Watch SMTV on Your Handsets
Supreme Master Television is viewable online through your computer or mobile phone with hi-speed internet connection. For information on how to watch Supreme Master Television online, please log on:

The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178 17

Series of Shining World Leadership

Enlightened Government Creating a Bright Future
Reports according to Master's order and rating


Courageous Example of Leadership in Latvia
By United Kingdom News Group (Originally in English)

ebruary 22, Golden Year 3 (2006) Latvia’s President, the Honorable Dr. Vaira Vike-Freiberga, took the courage to apologize for her country’s behavior during World War II. During a reception hosted by the President of Israel, the Honorable Mr. Moshe Katsav, she said: “I regret the participation of Latvians in the extermination of the Jews during World War II.” This statement cleared the doubts of the Latvian Jewish people of the country’s commitment to democracy. According to the Baltic Times, she said: “Regrettably, there were people in Latvia who took part in the Nazi campaign to annihilate the Jewish population in Europe. But there were also a number of brave souls, of whom about 500 have been officially documented in Latvia, who risked their own lives and the lives of their loved ones to hide and protect their Jewish friends, neighbors and acquaintances, as well as complete strangers.” Dr. Vaira Vike-Freiberga was born on December 1, 1937 in Riga, the Latvian capital. She is the first female President of Latvia and was elected in 1999 and re-elected in 2003. She lived in refugee camps during her childhood days in Germany and was later moved to Morocco before settling down in Canada at the age of 16. She then successfully established her academic career as professor of psychology, specializing in the relationship between thought and language. Her scholarly work had earned her numerous awards from academic and Latvian organizations worldwide and she was renowned for her collections of Latvian folk songs. In 1998, she returned to Latvia to head the Latvian Institute, a non-profit government organization whose goal is to raise the profile of Latvia and Latvians around the world, which she most successfully accomplished. Latvia is a small Baltic nation of 2.3 million people, which was once economically and politically uncertain. Under her wise leadership, it has now has been transformed into a democratic
18 The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178


Series of Shining World Leadership

Enlightened Government Creating a Bright Future
Reports according to Master's order and rating
country that enjoys political stability and strong economic growth. President Viki-Freiberga played a prominent role in the country’s entry into the EU in May 2004. Since then, combating corruption problems and uplifting the Latvian legislation to European standards have become the country’s priorities. In response to environmental issues, the government has set precedence to improve drinking water quality, the sewage system, household and hazardous waste management, as well as the reduction of air pollution, which will enhance the living quality of Latvians. In this new Golden Era, Latvia’s President, the Honorable Dr. Vaira Vike-Freiberga, has shown a wonderful example of courageous, humble and peace-making leadership. We wish her more and more success in her efforts to build a prosperous and peaceful nation.

New Zealand

Positive and Noble Leadership
By brother initiate Terry Prince, Christchurch, New Zealand (Originally in English)


he first female elected Prime Minister of New Zealand, the Honorable Ms. Helen Clark, has lead a remarkable life, and has been widely acclaimed as one of the country’s greatest and most influential leaders. She was born to a conservative farming family and spent her early life growing up in the
The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178 19

Series of Shining World Leadership

Enlightened Government Creating a Bright Future
Reports according to Master's order and rating
countryside where she was a shy and quiet youth. Her interest in politics developed during her years at university, where she was a top student, eventually gaining a Master’s degree in political science. Her involvement in the Vietnam War protest movement and her commitment to anti-racism campaigns in that period are two examples that illustrate the high values she had developed. After becoming a Minister of Parliament in 1981, she requested the government to make commitments to improve the living standards of ordinary people, to recognize the rights of minorities, and to promote tolerance and social peace. She then called on the New Zealand government to work for international peace and for the disarmament of nuclear weapons. Her consistent advocacy for peace was recognized in 1986 when she was awarded the annual Peace Prize from the Danish Peace Foundation for her efforts in promoting international peace and disarmament. She accomplished much as a Minister, notably the Smokefree Environments Act while Minister of Health, the Employment Equity Act while Minister of Labor and providing more government housing to those in greatest need when Minister of Housing. In 1999 Helen Clark was elected as Prime Minister of New Zealand, and due to her interest and involvement in the arts, also became Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage. She still holds these positions in Golden Year 3 (2006), achieving many positive results in the years between. For example, the Honorable Ms. Clark’s government has greatly restored New Zealand’s welfare system. This has been achieved through schemes such as “Working for Families”. This program aims to reduce child poverty, to support low and middle income families and to ensure an adequate standard of living for all. In addition, the benefit system has been altered, and financial support for the unemployed, the sick, single parents, the elderly and other vulnerable groups in society is readily available. The government subsidizes housing costs for those on lower incomes and ‘smoke free’ legislation has been strengthened. Furthermore, the Honorable Ms. Clark’s government has altered the industrial relations law in favor of ordinary workers, and has raised the minimum wage six times in six years, while interest free loans have been made available to tertiary students.1 Although these are just some of the accomplishments the New Zealand Government has achieved under the Honorable Ms. Clark’s leadership, they serve to demonstrate the vision she and her government have for the country. New Zealand has been positively involved in world affairs for many years and this has been continued by the Honorable Ms. Clark’s government, through peacekeeping missions, international aid and providing a positive example of leadership for other countries in the world. For
20 The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178

Series of Shining World Leadership

Enlightened Government Creating a Bright Future
Reports according to Master's order and rating
example, New Zealand refuses the entry of nuclear powered or armed ships into its territory, and refused to participate in the invasion of Iraq without the request of the United Nations. At the same time, the government has given peacekeeping, development and aid resources to overseas countries, operated a compassionate policy towards refugees, and dismantled the strike wing of the New Zealand Air Force. Ms. Clark worked very diligently, both in her studies and in numerous mundane jobs during her time as a student, in order to support herself with a basic standard of living. She has carried this strong work ethic into her later life, and does not place great importance on material possessions, instead seeking positive life experiences and serving as a public figure. As Minister of Arts, Culture and Heritage, and as an arts enthusiast, she has energetically supported the arts and the artistic community in New Zealand. We thank God for the peaceful country Hes has given us. We hope and pray that our leaders continue to lead the country in ever more noble and positive ways, to set a higher example of shining world leadership for the rest of the world, while learning from other noble teachers and leaders on this planet.
Resources: Edwards. Brian, “Helen: Portrait of a Prime Minister” (2001), Exisle Publishing Limited, Auckland, New Zealand.
(Footnote) 1 Helen Clark. (2006, December 10). In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 23:19, December 10, 2006, from

Hong Kong

Governing Society with Loving Care
By Hong Kong News Group (Originally in English)


he government has stepped up efforts in building a more enlightened society in Hong Kong through embarking on a comprehensive plan to protect the environment, to enforce the smoking and tobacco control policy, and to provide a better health care and housing policy. This program has improved the quality of people’s lives in Hong Kong.
The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178 21

Series of Shining World Leadership

Enlightened Government Creating a Bright Future
Reports according to Master's order and rating

Environment Protection
The Hong Kong Government has created a series of strategies to control pollution and to protect the environment, including tighter control on vehicle emission, introducing cleaner fuel vehicles, and adopting a sewage strategy to combat water pollution. Hong Kong is now the leading city in Asia to implement vehicle emission control and fuel quality standards. It is also the first city in Asia to introduce ultra-low sulphur diesel fuel for its vehicle fleet. To combat water pollution, the government’s sewage disposal strategy has commissioned “24 kilometers of large tunnels under the central urban area and a sewage treatment plant at Stonecutters Island,” to “chemically enhance primary treatment for up to 3.5 million cubic meters of flow per day.” (From Living in Hong Kong) In order to improve the living environment and air quality, on July 25, Golden Year 3 (2006) Chief Executive Mr. Donald Tsang officially launched the Action Blue Sky Campaign, reinforcing the government’s determination to improve Hong Kong’s air quality. “Each small step taken by each individual to support the clean-air in our daily lives can help reduce air pollution,” Mr. Tsang said. Thirty companies and schools also attended the Energy Conservation Center 2006. “Through these publicity and education activities, we hope to gain the full support of the public and the business community, particularly the River Delta Region, in order to achieve our Blue Sky Campaign common goal: Clean Air for a Cool Hong Kong,” Mr. Tsang added.

Smoking and Tobacco Control
In order to fulfill the vision of “to promote a smoke-free culture in Hong Kong so as to safeguard the health of the community,” the Legislative Council of the government passed the Smoking (Public Health) (Amendment) Bill 2005 (“the Bill”) into law on October 19, 2006. “With the passage of the bill, the vast majority of indoor areas of workplaces and public places, such as restaurants, offices, schools, hospitals, karaokes and
22 The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178

Smoke-Free Exhibition and Green Hong Kong Campaign

Series of Shining World Leadership

Enlightened Government Creating a Bright Future
Reports according to Master's order and rating
bars which are frequented by people of different ages are required to ban smoking from January 1, Golden Year 4 (2007). Under the new law, all ‘public pleasure grounds’ are designated as no smoking areas.” (From Smoking (Public Health) (Amendment) Bill 2005). Also to make known the legislative requirements, the Tobacco Control Office of the Government plans to launch a series of publicity and public education activities, such as announcements in the Public Internet (APIs) or producing television and radio shows, conducting workshops, giving out pamphlets and other educational materials to the public. In addition, the Tobacco Control Office will also promote its tobacco cessation service, and work with the Tobacco Control (Smoke-Free Restaurants) Working Group to publicize the new legislative requirements. In terms of Health Care and Housing Policy: “The aim of the Government’s Health Care Policy is that no one should be denied adequate medical treatment through lack of means.” (From Living in Hong Kong) Hong Kong people have enjoyed good health, supported by the Family Health Service, the Port Health Service, the Student Health Service, the School Dental Service and many other community health services implemented by the government. These preventive services Health Care Project have contributed to Hong Kong’s remarkable low infant and maternal mortality rates, comparable to the best in the world.

Health Care and Housing
The government has created the Public Rental Housing Policy to support families who cannot afford private rental accommodation. There are about 2.14 million people living in public housing. In 2004 and 2005 the government spent 7.4 percent of its total expenditures on the public housing program, which is a major social achievement. “Since 1978, over 423,000 subsidized sole flats have been sold to households of eligible families/persons at discounted prices under the government’s various subsidized home ownership schemes.” (From Living in Hong Kong “Housing”) The Hong Kong Government has a long-established philosophy of “maximum help and minimum interference,” and is also well known for its efficiency, transparency and fairness. The government is ready to help people under that philosophy, and determined to build a better future for Public Housing Project Hong Kong.
The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178 23

Positive Improvements on the Planet China
Stepping Ahead to a Society Governed by Justice
By a fellow initiate in China (Originally in Chinese)

n December 28, Golden Year 3 (2006), China’s Supreme Court announced its decision to take back death penalty review rights from the local higher and military courts. On January 1, 2007, this power was formally reinstated to the Supreme Court more than 20 years after it had been delegated to the higher courts. This move by the PRC government, toward building a society governed by law, demonstrates a strong determination to honor its pledge to cherish life and protect human rights. More than 60 different offenses can incur capital punishment in China, making it the country with the highest number of death sentences and executions. For years, the judicial process has suffered from the intervention of administrative orders or personal opinions of political leaders. Moreover, the previous structure, which had transferred review rights to the lower courts, opened up possibilities of ruling by personal decisions and resulted in such legal abuses as the arbitrary use of the death penalty by local courts as well as the use of diverse criteria in capital punishment sentencing. The recent reinstatement of the death penalty review rights to the Supreme Court is highly significant in that it signals progress from “ruling by personal decisions” to “ruling by law.” It is hoped this move will reduce the number of death sentences and executions in China. However, addressing the issue from its root, abolishing the death penalty requires more than the persistent effort of the government. It also needs the support and understanding from the changing concepts of an entire population, moving away from the past revengeful concept of “a life for a life” that had become deep-seated in people’s minds over thousands of years. The occurrence of crimes committed by those who were once innocent children is partly society’s responsibility. Offenders should therefore receive not only punishment, but should also be treated as patients. Only then will the society and country truly benefit by guaranteeing the rights of every citizen and further creating a harmonious society.


The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178

While on the Path

Miraculous Changes in My Life
By brother initiate Roman, Slovakia


uring the years and after my university study, I was very ambitious and one of my main goals was to become really rich, to have my own companies, a big house, a few cars, exclusive holidays, etc. I proclaimed it publicly. My mind was fully occupied by this and forced me to realize it. I worked hard but without any extraordinary success. I even lost a lot of money trying to invest my savings. After one big financial loss, I felt physically and mentally exhausted, without any vision or goal for the future, (except to pay my debts), and completely empty. At that time (December 2003), instead of working I just surfed the internet all day long. I encountered some spiritual teachings and texts about meditation, but nothing really impressed me until I found the Supreme Master Ching Hai website. I could not stop reading it. I read the sample booklet, many of the online News magazines, and a lot about the Quan Yin Method of meditation. The teachings went directly to my heart. Everything seemed to be so simple, so clear and full of light, love and wisdom. Since that time my life has turned around 180 degrees, my old priorities were thrown away and replaced by new ones. I was able to become a vegetarian, day by day, just after having read Master’s teachings! Before that time, I had also been a casual smoker and sometimes drank alcohol at parties with my friends. I felt that it was not right and tried to quit several times, but I could never really do it. But now as easily as became a vegetarian, I also knew that I would not smoke or drink alcohol anymore. My family, parents, grandparents, etc. lived a very traditional way of life, so it was really hard for them to accept my vegetarianism, especially because it all happened a few days before Christmas. My friends and colleagues also did not understand it. After a few month of being a vegetarian I felt that it is time for the next step. So I called the nearest meditation Center (about 500 km from my town) and learned the Convenient Method. Days and months after that I tried to meditate, but it was quite hard for me to do it regularly. I fought with myself and with people around me. After several tumbles and many months, I finally overcome that. But also in this period the power of our Master helped me and guided me. As I read more and more I tried to live a better life, to meditate every day, and keep the precepts. Anyway it took me two years to be initiated. Nevertheless as people around me saw the permanent changes in me, they also changed. The less I tried to change them, the more they changed. Not long after that, my mother, sister, girlfriend and one colleague became vegetarians. My father started to eat more fruit and less meat. Other colleagues also minimized their meat consumption. Now I am “freshly-initiated” and when I look back and summarize, I have nothing to say but “THANK YOU DEAR MASTER”.
The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178 25

Beautiful People


Beautiful Events

Billionare with a Big Heart
From SMTV News, Episode 53

eorge Soros was born on August 12, 1930 in Budapest, Hungary. At the age of 17, he left for England after surviving Nazi occupation, and later graduated from the London School of Economics. In 1956, he moved to the United States. Mr. Soros is one of the largest philanthropic donors in the world, having donated nearly $5 billion to support democracy in the former Soviet bloc, Africa and Asia. Already this year, he donated 50 million US dollars to help fight poverty in Africa. One of his first major gifts was in 1979 to the University of Cape Town in South Africa, which supported black students to attend college. Mr. Soros is chairman of the Open Society Institute and founder of a network of philanthropic foundations that are active in more than 50 countries in different parts of the world, such as Central and Eastern Europe, Africa, Latin America, Asia, and the United States. These foundations are dedicated to improving education, public health, and human rights, as well as social, legal, and economic reform. While he modestly notes that each person has his or her own path to walk, in his own experience Mr. Soros found that a willingness to recognize and correct mistakes is a positive approach in moving forward. In defining what makes a good world leader, Mr. Soros’ views are that it’s important to stay grounded in the truth and to have people around you that also maintain this perspective. He encourages people to think for themselves and not to follow leaders blindly but to support good leadership. Mr. Soros believes that “dedication to humanity makes a difference” and in his own special ways, he is dedicated to working together with others to make abetterworld.
26 The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178


Beautiful People
From SMTV News, episode 57


Beautiful Events

Nelson Mandela


hen it comes to spreading light and hope in working for peace and social justice with patience and perseverance, one person truly stands out as a shining world leader: Mr. Nelson Mandela. As one who dedicated much of his adult life to protect and promote universal human rights, Mr. Mandela was imprisoned for 27 years due to his activities as an anti-apartheid and freedom leader. Born in July 1918, Mr. Mandela completed his college studies through correspondence classes while working and then went on to study law. During the time he was in prison, his main objective was to bring peace to the black majority in South Africa and give them the basic human right to vote. His wish was realized on April 27, 1994, during South Africa’s first democratic election. At that time he was inaugurated and became the first black president of South Africa to represent the ANC (African National Congress). He then went on to coordinate the peaceful transition of the country’s representative democracy. President Mandela has earned international respect for his role in bringing peace to the country and to the people of South Africa through his leadership. Amnesty International spokesperson, Bill Shipsey, said: “Mandela, through his fight and victory against apartheid, showed the world that no problem is too difficult to solve.” Mr. Mandela has been honored over the past four decades with over 100 awards. In 1993, he was the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize and most recently was presented with the 2006 Amnesty International’s Ambassador of Conscience Award. Mr. Mandela accepted this prestigious award “as a step toward fighting injustices in the whole world.” Nelson Mandela retired in 1999 and went on as an elder statesman to dedicate much of his time to human right issues and addressing the AIDS epidemic. He continued to do advocacy work and at the age of 85 announced that due to his health he would retire to spend more time with his family. However, this did not deter him from traveling to Bangkok to speak at the XV International Aids Conference in Thailand. He is still active with the Make Poverty History campaign, United World Colleges and even appeared in a Public Broadcast announcement for the International Olympic Committees “Celebrate Humanity” campaign during the 2006 Olympics. It is with gratitude and respect that we would like to thank Mr. Nelson Mandela for his lifelong journey to promote human rights and for providing inspiration to millions of people to continue to strive for universal good. Source: The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178 27

Beautiful People


Beautiful Events
From SMTV News, Episode 58

Elena Poniatowska Amor


here are many ways to touch people’s hearts and inspire their lives. Elena Poniatowska Amor has done so through an amazing writing career that spans more than 50 years. As a dedicated journalist with the Mexican newspaper Novedades, Ms. Poniatowska’s writing has been recognized through numerous awards, and her works, which champion equality, humanitarianism and human rights, particularly for women, have been translated into many languages Besides her career as a journalist, Ms. Poniatowska has written more than 20 novels, numerous short stories, essays, a play and “testimonial narratives” (chronicles of events compiled from eyewitness interviews). In 1979, she received the National Journalism Prize of Mexico, awarded in recognition of writing achievements and contributions to the community. Ms. Poniatowska also received a Guggenheim Fellowship in 1993 and the Mazatlan Prize for Literature twice. At the age of 74, Ms. Poniatowska continues to live and write in Mexico. Through her noble works and several decades of inspired and touching writing, Elena Poniatowska has shed light on human rights and Elena%2BPoniatowska%2BAmor%26hl%3Den%26lr%3D%26sa%3DG humanitarian issues, benefiting the world in which we live.

From SMTV News, Episode 59

Meryl Streep


ell known for her incredible talent as an actress, with a versatile range that covers everything from drama to comedy, Meryl Streep has touched the lives of millions both on and off the

The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178

Beautiful People


Beautiful Events

silver screen. She was recently selected as the 2006 recipient of the Sherry Lansing Leadership Award. This is a special honor to recognize women who are pioneers in their field. After receiving her Master’s degree from Yale Drama School, Meryl Streep’s abilities as an actress earned her 13 Oscar nominations and two Academy Awards. In 2004 she won the American Film Institute (AFI) Life Achievement Award, which honors an actor’s lifetime contributions to enriching American culture through motion pictures and television. Meryl Streep’s passion for acting is matched by her passion off-screen to help create a better world. In 1986, she co-founded Mothers and Others with Wendy Gordon as they started a proactive newsletter with their neighbors to raise awareness about environmental hazards posed by pesticides used on fruits and vegetables, especially those impacting the health of mothers and children, and to promote positive education and research to secure safer, more ecologically sustainable foods. Through their focused efforts in spreading the word in a positive light, they helped with the successful passage of the 1996 Food Quality Protection Act, designed to protect children from unsafe pesticides, and in 1997 the Environmental Protection Agency announced a National Agenda to Protect Children from Environmental Threats. This organization expanded to become The Children’s Environmental Health Network, dedicated to the safety and well-being of all children. More recently Meryl Streep has dedicated herself to promoting humane treatment of women and girls around the world by supporting the nonprofit international organization Equality Now. Its mission is to “work to end violence and discrimination against women and girls around the world through the mobilization of public pressure.” The hope is to increase awareness about sensitive topics such as rape, domestic violence and other similar issues. Meryl Streep has also joined Marisa Tomei and Sarah Jones in a public service announcement, inviting others to participate in actively working towards positive solutions. Through the respect accorded her as a highly gifted and accomplished actor, Meryl Streep is able to influence many people to make positive changes to the environment and to elevate people’s awareness to relieve suffering worldwide.

The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178 29

Beautiful People


Beautiful Events

First Lady Silvia Gasparovicovà is a web-based organization involved in the movement to help underprivileged children around the world. Every year, it presents an award to one special person who has shown a unique love for this type of philanthropic work. The 2005-2006 Goodwill Ambassador Award goes to the First Lady of Slovakia, Mrs. Silvia Gasparovicovà . Mrs. Gasparovicovà was involved this year in two special Slovakian children events. The first project, “Lonely Toys for Hopeful Hearts,” received contributions of toys, movies and books from the people of Slovakia to give to children’s homes, emphasizing that these are to be acts of goodwill. At the award ceremony, Mrs. Gasparovicovà also announced the launch of a new project: Computers4Kids. This charity program passes along laptops and computers from local companies to less privileged children. The very best wishes with abundance of God’s blessings to First Lady Gasparovicovà for all her efforts on behalf of the children and people.
From SMTV News, Episode 77


From SMTV News, Episode 60

Romina Picolotti


s an environmental lawyer and human rights activist, Ms. Romina Picolotti has dedicated her time and energy to improve the environment and promote democracy. In many ways Romina Picolotti helps the poor reclaim their rights, and she has been instrumental in challenging multi-national corporations over their policies. For these endeavors Romina Picolotti was awarded Norway’s Sophie Environmental Prize 2006. Gunhild Orstavik, of the Sophie Foundation chair, said in announcing the US $100,000 prize (Euro 83,000): “She shows how human rights operate not
The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178

Beautiful People


Beautiful Events

in isolation from, but intimately connected with the environment.” In recognition of her work regarding the defense of human rights and environmental issues, she was awarded the Peter Ciccino Award. This came in part due to her work to protect human rights of indigenous peoples in Nicaragua. She obtained an injunction from the Organization of American States against the government of Nicaragua to halt private ventures in indigenous areas of the Atlantic coast. This set a new precedent for advocacy of environmental issues at human rights tribunals. Romina Picolotti also worked with an international task force of human rights advocates in Cambodia. In keeping with her focus to address racism and environmental issues, most recently she has been active in representing Argentinean communities affected by the construction of two controversial paper mills on the Uruguay side of the Uruguay River. Romina Picolotti is the president and co-founder of the Center for Human Rights and the Environment (CEDHA). In a recent announcement, at age 35 she was appointed as the new head of Argentina’s Environmental Secretariat, soon to become a full Ministry. For all her ongoing commitment to protecting human rights, democracy and the environment, Romina Picolotti is a role model for all those striving to make a better world.

From SMTV News, Episode 60

Michael Thompson


n his way to work one morning, Michael Thompson , a miner who had been part of Australia’s largest fire and rescue service for five years, noticed a truck driver driving oddly on the other side of the road. After turning his own car around, he drove up alongside the driver. To his surprise, the driver was unconscious. Thompson parked his car on the side of road and ran toward the uncontrolled truck. He managed to get inside and pull the hand brake. Ambulance personnel were called to the scene. Thompson just said, “I’m no hero, mate; any decent person would have done the same.” This indeed is a typical but genuine response from those who do extraordinary things.
The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178 31

Golden Age Technologies
World’s Biggest Tent to House an Indoor City in Astana
By sister initiate Grace, Hsinchu, Formosa (Originally in English)


he final shape of the world’s biggest transparent tent was revealed in a 3D model by Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev. The area within will be larger than 10 football stadiums and will house a city with squares and cobbled streets, canals, shopping centers and golf courses. It is located in the capital Astana. The 150m-high (500ft) dome, Khan Shatyry, is designed by UK architect Norman Foster. The tent is being made from special materials that absorb sunlight to create the green house effect inside. So when the outside temperature is -30oC(-22oC) the citizens of the Kazakh capital can play outdoor tennis, take boat rides or sip coffee on the pavement cafes, just as if they were in the middle of summer. “Nothing of the sort has been done before, and from the engineering point of view it’s an extremely difficult project,” says Fettah Tamince, the head of Turkey’s development company Sembol that is building the tent. Mr. Tamince is nevertheless confident the company can complete the construction in just 12 months.
References: 1.BBC news, 2. (They also provide Russian version website.) 3.

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The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178

Golden Age Technologies
By Duisburg News Group (Originally in German)

- Potentials and Perspectives
e from mer l mad oly it bow rks® biop originates A fru reWo n r u is polyme ch as cor Nat Th . es su hoto: PLA resourc r. (P from h or suga LLC) starc reWorks Natu

Biophan-Film made from polylacticacid (PLA). It makes the fresh product look even fresher. (Photo: Treofan)


hat is the fate of a plastic soda bottle that is thrown away and not recycled? It is crushed and shredded until it likely makes its way to the oceans where, broken down into tiny particles, it then ends up inside of living organisms: a danger for our environment. Something in this picture is not right. Hanswerner Mackwitz, the director of the Alchemia-Nova Research Institute for Innovative Phyto Chemistry in Vienna, Austria puts it like this: “When I manufacture a plastic product that has a half life of 450 years and yet use it for only a few weeks or days, then something is wrong.”1 New technologies and even finished products have dealt with this dilemma in the form of bioplastic. Raw materials for bioplastics are the starches and oils from plant sources such as corn or sugar beets. Today we have the capacity to manufacture plant based molecular chains that are on a par with their petroleum based counterparts. Under certain conditions, most bioplastic materials completely decompose within 8 to 12 weeks.2 The fact that we are rapidly approaching global peak oil3, (the point at which the planet reaches the maximum oil production and after which the rate of oil production on Earth will enter a terminal decline) and thus the disappearance of cheap petroleum as the basis for plastics could mean that this new generation of packaging is on the rise. PLA (polylactic acid) plastics could replace the very successful PET (polyethylenterephthalat) plastics, although it is currently 20% more expensive. The market for plastics is growing at 5% per annum. Every year, more than 200 million tons of plastics are produced worldwide. In Germany, 14 million tons of various packaging are produced every year and plastics make up 40% of the total. 1.8 million tons are destined for short-term use such as bags and disposable containers. The potential for bioplastics in Europe is up to 6 million tons of disposable packaging4, yet its market share of the total plastic consumption is still less than 1%. European Bioplastics representing the bioplastics industry in Europe states that the market boomed in 2006. As biopackaging is introduced to supermarket chains throughout Europe, the manufacturers expect a growth up A shopping bag derived from plant starch. Bags of to 100% in 2007 compared to 2006.5 this kind are used by many Bioplastic packaging is already available in supermarkets in England, supermarkets across Europe. They are hygienic, odorless and
practical and decompose with compost. (Photo: BASF)
The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178 33

Golden Age Technologies
the Netherlands, Italy and Austria. Such plastics offer a higher permeability of oxygen and water evaporation than do traditional plastics and this characteristic keeps fruits and vegetables fresh for at least three additional days. Great Britain is playing a leading role in finding practical applications for bioplastics. In that country, organic salads and veggies have been sold in plastic containers made of renewable resources since the BSE scandal. The slogan has been “Organics come in organic packaging.” The project in Upper Austria known as Loop Linz has been in operation since Golden Year 2 (2005). It aims to bring sustainable packaging to the market and is supported by the regional government as well as other organizations. Loop Linz was initiated by the above mentioned Research Institute for Innovate Phytochemistry and has demonstrated that this technology already works on a practical level. Various items in supermarkets are sold in the new bioplastic packaging made of plant starches. The production of this new packaging results in 50% less CO2 output.6 The company Pro-Tech7 has already launched biodegradable eating utensils made of renewable materials.8 Gardeners are also able to purchase 100% biodegradable sheeting that serves as mulch and is available either from specialty stores or online.9 To gain a perspective into future developments, we go back again to Hanswerner Mackwitz from the Research Institute for Innovate Phytochemistry in Vienna: “We envision a successful polyculture with an intelligent management of the flow of materials from plants, soil and beneficial organisms that makes even greater use of the crop matrix.” For example in Austria, we have many stone fruits but have made use only of A Walkman casing based the flesh of the fruit, not the stone. That would change. The hard on bio-polymers was ays launched by Mitsubishi and outer core of the seed can be transformed into an abrasive stable tr Compo f AgroResin® a Sony in Japan. These new eo h is mad idea, whic materials are also being which can be used to polish metals for example. The soft e of Gren fiber composit ral explored by Nokia and ral natu interior of the seed can be turned into high grade oil or into natu Motorola. (Photo: Kaeb) oil ade from that is ml such as palma) teria nide cosmetics. These are “treasures” that up to now have gone re ma hoto: G fiber (P to waste. The idea is to observe a plant as an entity in its environment. How can we make utmost use of the plant? For example, up to now we have only used the seeds of the sunflower plant and the fruit and wood from fruit trees. But what is contained in the blossoms, fruit, seeds, roots, stems and leaves? Knowledge of the plant’s biology will help to develop systems that make use of new material flows. The goal is “to develop solutions that are oriented to a particular region and are utilized with a cascade effect.”4 We are at the beginning of the Golden Age and it Biodegradable sticky tapes. (Photo: Innovia films) is now time to harmonize with Mother Nature, especially ade of in r coat m es in terms of our resources. The technology is here and is A w0%tecorn. Versace usform 10 d
34 The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178
extrude Ingeo® fibre PLA. orks NatureW Studio) (Photo: GB

Golden Age Technologies
waiting to be implemented by humans in a wise and responsible way. We owe it to our home planet and to our children.
References: 1 2 3 (the point at which the planet reaches the maximum oil production and after which the rate of oil production on Earth will enter a terminal decline) Translator’s Note 4 5 6 7 8 9

Fuel Cell Vehicles Hit the Road
By Duisburg News Group (Originally in German)


he public transportation system of the city of Berlin, know as BVG, has made a worldwide debut with a bus equipped with liquid hydrogen fuel cells. According to their website, the bus is part of the BVG’s standard fleet operating within the city. Liquid hydrogen fuel cells represent the ecological trend of the the future: there are no exhaust fumes and the raw material it is created from is unlimited. The project is being sponsored by the government.1 The principle behind fuel cells has been around for longer than commonly supposed. It was developed in 1830 by Sir William Robert Grove (1811-1896). The underlying chemical reaction changes hydrogen and oxygen to water; in the fuel cell, the chemical energy of the fuel is directly transformed into electrical energy. The result is a higher than average efficiency (up to 83%) . Sir William Robert Grove discovered the principle when he was experimenting with going from water to hydrogen and oxygen by means of electrolysis (separation of a chemical compound by an electric current ). He noticed that the process could also be reversed. The problem then, and still today, is the necessary materials. For example, platinum is required as a catalyst (the substance that increases the rate of a chemical reaction without itself undergoing any change ). Now that this technology has found application in space travel and that corrosion resistant materials have been developed, it is receiving more attention than ever as interest in environmentally friendly fuels peaks. The Berlin bus is one example. 3 4 5
1 2

The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178 35

Master Says

Allah Is Great!
Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, Special Seminar in Thailand, November 28, 2006 (Originally in English)


hank God - thank Allah - that you can come. (Speaking to the Persian initiates) Blessed be Allah that Hes helps and loves you so much, that you can come here and be our brothers and sisters. Please thank Allah - everyone. (Audience: Thank You, Allah!) Allah is Great. Say that: “Allah is Great.” (Audience: Allah is Great!) This is how to say it in the Persian language: “Allah is Great. God is Great: Khoda bozorg ast.” (To the audience) Can you say it? Please: “Khoda bozorg ast.” (Audience: Khoda bozorg ast!) Allah is Great! (Audience: Allah is Great!) Wonderful. Thank you, thank you! Allah means God in the Persian language. It’s not a strange God; it’s just the name in Persian. In English, it’s God and in Persian it’s Allah. So you can say “Allah is Great” or “God is Great.” Without Allah, nothing happens. Without Allah’s blessing, we cannot do anything. So we always have to thank God and thank Allah. That is correct. Don’t ever forget; don’t forget to always thank God! I am so happy you came. Allah must love you very much! Good for your country. Oh my God, you must be very sincere. When you are sincere and want something, Allah will help, always! It’s no problem. Never forget God.

Spiritual Opportunities for Beings on This and Other Planets
Q: Is the planet Earth the only physical planet? If
not, are there other physical planets in the solar system? M: Yes. There are many more physical planets where there are people similar to us.
36 The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178

Master Says

Q: I’ve heard from Your discourses that there are beings on other planets in the solar system
such as the Moon or Venus, and their consciousness is higher than human beings’. M: No, not necessarily. I’ve said before that some other beings in the Moon are either Third Level or Fourth Level; the beings in the Sun are similar. But they are not developing like we are. Some of us do not have as high a level as they do, but we are catching up with them now. And some of us are higher level than some of the beings in the Moon or in the Sun, for example, because they are invisible beings. Any invisible being or physical being is either born as lower level or higher level. And if they don’t have a spiritual teacher to teach them, they stay like that. They have no problem at all, but they just don’t change. In this physical level, we have the advantage that in the human body it’s quicker to progress in spiritual practice if you have a spiritual Master to guide you. But on this physical planet there’s a lot of suffering. In the Moon, or the Sun or some other planets, they don’t know what suffering is. They don’t have that word in their dictionary. They don’t even have a dictionary! They don’t need verbal language. They enjoy peace, happiness, stability and spiritual bliss, and they enjoy telepathy. In a way, they are highly developed. But we have the advantage of having the body and having this suffering to motivate us to practice quicker. In the Moon and the Sun, for example, they don’t have any problems. They enjoy bliss all the time. They don’t feel the need to practice. So it’s very seldom that they can jump to the Fifth Level like a human being here; we can jump to the Fifth Level. But what a price we have to pay here! Even being a Master, what a price. A master on even an astral planet isn’t ever persecuted there. And the beings over there, even astral planet beings, are more sensitive to the teachings, more open, more accepting and more receptive. Anything on this physical planet is hell; it’s difficult because we have this body. The body is a beautiful vehicle, but it’s also a great hindrance. It makes all kinds of trouble. It makes war within nations, it makes war within religions, it makes war between religions, it makes war between nations; it makes war between family members, between husband and wife. Just because this physical body has the mind and brain and has been programmed so many different ways that two programs are never alike - and so we clash with each other most of the time. That’s how we have problems on this planet. But this is a very good instrument also, just that it’s like a knife with two ends: difficult to maneuver.

The Heroes of Allah
T: There is another question. M: Yes. (Master listens to the Persian language) I feel it’s so beautiful, but I don’t know what
it is.

T: That is a piece of poetry. M: No wonder! I wanted to cry when I hear her speak, even though I don’t understand the

The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178 37

Master Says

T: The meaning of it is, “I was full of sadness not knowing that You were coming, but when
You came all my sadness went.” M: Wonderful! That’s very wonderful. (Applause)

M: (To translator) You cannot translate now? Is it too beautiful? T: Yes I can; I’m just so touched. This initiate’s husband and her eldest daughter send their
love to You, Master. And they have been so cooperative, doing their best to make sure that everything is in place so these guys can come here.

M: Send my love to them and my “thank you.” T: Also, her daughter has done some paintings of You meditating and full of Light, from
a vision. And the husband said that he hopes we will have more families of vegetarians coming.

M: Yes, more will be coming. Just keep your meditation strong and pray to Allah every day.
It will come.

Q: Master, thank You so much for changing my life so greatly. Today is the best day I’ve ever
had in my life. (Applause) M: (To translator) Tell them I also thank them, all the families here. It’s they who change their own life. It’s their high level of spiritual understanding that makes them recognize whatever they think is right. That means they have it within themselves. They will bring a lot more blessing to their country. They will bring good change into their nation and to their people. They are the heroes: All of you are the heroes of Allah. (Applause)

Q: I’d like to thank You, Master, for Your protection. When our mother passed away, we could
feel it. M: That’s wonderful.

Q: We are grateful. We felt Your grace, all of us in the family, when it happened. Thank You. M: It’s wonderful because you should feel happy that she has gone to a higher planet.

Spiritual Practice Reveals Allah’s Omnipresence
Q: With the Quan Yin Method, I have a significant change in understanding about what prayer
is. Because of the law of karma on Earth, how can we use prayer to help other people? M: Our meditation is the best prayer: direct contact with the source of all blessing, and all protection and all love, which is Allah. God or Allah knows what we want before we even say it because Hes is omnipresent. So if we contact that even more, we can even know that Hes knows. What I mean is that before we have contact directly with Allah or God through the
38 The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178

Master Says
Quan Yin Method, we prayed to Allah but we didn’t know whether or not Allah heard. We think that Allah knows but we don’t know. Now we know that Hes knows; we contact, we feel it and we know it. Before, Hes knows that Hes knows, but we don’t know that Hes knows. And now Hes knows that we know that Hes knows. And we know that Hes knows that we know that Hes knows; it’s clear! That’s the difference. So meditation in the Quan Yin Method is the best prayer; it’s the direct prayer. Before the Quan Yin contact, Allah always knows what we want, and Allah always tells us what to do, but we don’t understand it. But now after the Quan Yin contact, we intuitively feel what Allah wants us to do, how Hes helps, and how Hiers grace operates every minute of time in our life. We are more aware of God’s will. The more we practice the Quan Yin Method, the more we are aware of God’s instruction, because it’s at the level of the soul, which is the greatest intelligence. It’s not like before we practiced the Quan Yin Method that God doesn’t help or God doesn’t hear or God doesn’t bless, it’s just that we’re not receptive enough to see or to put it into action. So now we are more aware all the time, more every day.

Peace Will Come, As We Wish
Q: Master, I love You very much and I know You are the manifestation of God on Earth to help
people. I had been practicing meditation for 25 years and I love the light, so when I saw you on Supreme Master TV I knew that You’re the One. M: Oh, really! That’s wonderful. You Persians, you are all so beautiful, like the ancient beauties, so beautiful and so pure. I told the Chinese and the Aulacese yesterday that the spiritual practitioner of the Quan Yin Method will move mountains and level the oceans with their power, without doing anything. So just be patient; meditate and world peace will come. (Applause) There have been great changes in China, great changes in Formosa and great changes in Au Lac. I cannot tell about too many different countries; I just tell you about the countries that I know. Great changes! Great improvements in these countries that no one imagined would happen before, for instance, that Formosa and China shook hands with each other. Every day now, the Chinese can come visit Formosa. This never happened for so long, and it happens now. (Applause) Think positive and meditate; it will happen. It will happen. (Applause) The good things will happen because God really knows. God knows what we want. We just wait and see.

Q: I want to say that I owe You my life, and I thank You for everything. M: You’re welcome, love. So, did something good happen to you? Q: A lot of good things. I have been initiated since September, and my life has changed since
I did the Convenient Method. Day by day, I see changes. It may not be apparent to other people, but inside I feel calm and I feel peace, and I owe it to You. M: It’s alright; you owe it to yourself. You’re good.
The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178 39

Master Says

Q: You have made me confident and clever, and I thank You very much, Master. M: That’s wonderful; you’re welcome. Of course you thank me. But actually I feel you should

thank yourself and I should be thanking you, because you make the world different through your practice. If I’m alone I cannot make much difference, but because of you the world changes. In fact, even though it feels like we have war everywhere, it’s not like that. We have less war now than a few years ago, more than 50% less. And it’s going to be less and less and less all the time, because the people are already waking up. They’re fed up with war. They’re fed up with violence. They realize now that only love, only peaceful means can really bring happiness to people, including themselves, including the leaders! So, even though it seems like still a lot of war, we have less now. In just a few years, it will become less and less and less. And world peace is really possible. It is possible; it will come. (Applause) So everything changes. People change; the situation changes. Peace will come, as we wish; peace will also come. The world has to change! It will change; it will come. People have to realize it one day. After so much suffering, people will realize that it’s useless to have war. Then peace must come within nations also, and things will open. Borders will open, countries and nations will open to each other and people will shake hands. Leaders will support and understand each other, and peace definitely will come - and very soon! (Applause) Yes, there is much good news. We just have to be peaceful and we just have to be good. Then, everything else will come. We just have to be positive about other people, about other nations, about the government and about anything. Just put out the positive, and things will become better. Things will change. Don’t worry, alright?

Master and Disciple Can Become One, without Attachment
Q: In my meditation yesterday I had an experience, and I think because it is related to everyone
here, I’d like to ask Your permission to share it with You. M: OK.

Q: I saw in my experience that You elevated me to a higher level of consciousness. And I am M: You’re welcome, very welcome. (Applause)
sure You have done this for everyone here, so I would like to thank You for that.

Q: You have taught us that to go to a higher level of consciousness, we need to let go of the
desires that belong to this world. The question is, do we get to a point where we have to let go of our Master as well? M: (Master laughs) If you want, of course you can let go of me, no problem, anytime! It’s just that before you can run, you hold my hand to walk first, and later you run alone. But you don’t have to let go if you don’t want to. We are friends; why let go? Let go of physical attachment only, but spiritually we become one together. Not “one” like everything here is one. Not one like that, but we’re connected so that I can help you to go up where I am going.
40 The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178

Master Says And it comes at one time that you become a Master of yourself. But when you let go, I don’t know. It depends on the people. I don’t know if some can let go. After twenty years they’re still crying when they see me! (Master jokes) I don’t understand these guys. So maybe you can teach them how to let go. I guess we become like very deep friends; we have a deep friendship. So we will not feel attached about the physical body or nearness, but we feel very close together.

P: Thank You, Master. I am glad because I was worried that You would say, “No, you should
not depend on me anymore after a while.” I’m glad that I don’t have to let You go. M: That’s different; it’s not attachment, it’s just a oneness of feeling. For example, some people are so attached to things like alcohol and money, they worry all the time about these things and they cannot even live their life. They become slaves of money, or alcohol. That is true attachment. And that even destroys them. But our friendship makes us both happy. It’s not like you cannot live without me, but you like to live “with” me, or to see me. Attachment is when, for instance, some man cannot live without a woman. Every day he needs her. Or, a person who cannot live without money: Every day he wants more and more. That’s different. We can live without each other. You go back to your country, and I stay here or somewhere else. We are not together, but you’re happy. You think of me and you feel that we’re together. And you like to see me now and again. That’s OK, it’s not attachment. It’s just happiness and enjoying each other. That’s unconditional friendship. If we see each other, we’re happy. But if we don’t, we go home and we think of each other. It’s not binding so that’s not attachment at all. And the thing is, the more we think of each other, the more we’re happy, and the more elevated. So it’s a good thing.

We Are Muslims in the True Spirit
(Talking about the Muslim outfit) It is the most comfortable clothing. And I think the Muslim people are very smart; their clothes are convenient everywhere. Sometimes it’s cold and I also put a scarf on my head and I wear that. Once a Muslim woman came up to me and asked, “Are you Muslim?” I said, “Yes. I am! I am, in the true spirit, yes.”

The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178 41

Vegetarian Era

Islam and Vegetarianism
By Brother Initiate Zamir Elahi, UK (Originally in English)

Bismillah-hir Rahman-nir Rahim1 (In the Name of God, Compassionate and Merciful) A closer examination of Islamic teachings reveals that Islam is a deeply compassionate religion, especially regarding animal welfare. In particular, Islam does not prohibit vegetarianism. It is noteworthy that many Islamic countries are now waking up to the benefits of a vegetarian diet and seeing that vegetarianism is supported by the Islamic faith. For instance, the fundamentalist Islamic country of Iran is also home to the Iranian Vegetarian Society, which is very active in promoting the benefits of a pure vegetarian diet in the modern Islamic world, both in terms of health and the well-being of animals. In 1995, a Muslim Vegetarian/Vegan Society was formed in the UK2, which promotes vegetarianism in accordance with the Koran’s teachings and demonstrates how kindness and compassion to animals are virtues expounded by Islam.

The Holy Koran and Compassion towards Animals
Numerous verses in The Holy Koran refer to the sanctity of animal life and the equal rights of an animal to have a peaceful life, seeking God and developing towards God consciousness, very similar to human beings on the planet: “There is not an animal (that lives) on the earth, nor a being that flies on its wings, but (forms part of) communities like you. Nothing have We omitted from the Book, and they (all) shall be gathered to their Lord in the end.” (Sura 6:38)3. “Seest thou not that it is Allah Whose praise all beings in the heavens and on earth
42 The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178

Vegetarian Era
do celebrate, and the birds (of the air) with wings outspread? Each one knows its own (mode of) prayer and praise, and Allah knows well all that they do.” (Sura 24:41) Animals form communities at the same time offering their services to humankind. In no way does The Holy Koran suggest that we should become their executioners: “…We have made animals subject to you, that ye may be grateful. (Sura 22:36) He it is that has made you vice-regent (inheritors) in the earth.” (Sura 35:39) The Holy Koran emphasizes that animals and humans have equal shares of Earth’s resources (see Sura 25:48-49, 32:27, 79:31-33), also saying that in God’s eyes they are equal to humans, and Hes communicates with them exactly as Hes does with humans: “And your Lord revealed to the bee, saying: ‘Make hives in the mountains and in the trees, and in (human) habitations’” (Sura 16:68) The Holy Koran uses the same Arabic word, “Wahi,” for God’s revelations to all Hiers Prophets, including the Holy Prophet Mohammed (pbuh4). This form of address is also used in the case of the bee, indicating that animals have a sufficient degree of psychic endowment to understand and follow God’s messages. Furthermore, there are numerous verses in the Holy Koran where God emphasizes the use of fruits and vegetables to sustain both humans and animals alike (Sura 6:141, 6:151, 16:67, Sura 23:19) as well as to promote better health and living environments for Muslims.

Hadith – Life Teachings of the Muslim Prophet and Saints
Hadith (meaning “traditions”) in Islam refers to the recorded teachings of the Prophet Mohammed. The Hadith is commonly taught in Islamic culture as a part of Islamic theology. Many Hadith scriptures from the life of Prophet Mohammed as well as other Muslim Saints convey a depth of compassion and kindness towards animals and suggest that the primary duty of all Muslims is to care for the well-being of animals. The Prophet also emphasized the importance and effects of a vegetable-based diet, even forbidding the use of animal skins: “Do not allow your stomachs to become graveyards!” “A good deed done to an animal is as meritorious as a good deed done to a human being, while an act of cruelty to an animal is as bad as an act of cruelty to a human being.” “All creatures are like a family (Ayal) of God: and He loves the most those who are the most beneficent to His family.” “He who takes pity {even} on a sparrow and spares its life, Allah will be merciful on him on the Day of Judgment.” “Allah will not give mercy to anyone, except those who give mercy to other creatures. Where there is an abundance of vegetables, a host of angels will descend on that place.”

The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178 43

Vegetarian Era
Many Sufis (esoteric Muslim practitioners) maintain that vegetarianism is in complete accord with Islamic doctrines and principles. The Sufi Qadiri shaikh Abdul Karim Jili, commenting on Ibn Arabi’s advice to avoid animal fat during retreats, stated that “animal fat strengthens animality, and its principles will dominate the spiritual principles.” Similarly, the Chishti Sufi Inayat Khan, who introduced Sufi principles to Europe and America in the early 1900s, observed that vegetarianism promotes compassion and harmlessness to living creatures, and that a vegetarian diet aids in the purification of the body and refinement of spiritual faculties. The recent century’s Sri Lankan Sufi Qadiri teacher Bawa Muhaiyaddeen also encouraged vegetarianism, stating that arrogance and anger may decrease if one eliminates meat from the diet. He taught that consumption of meat promotes the development of animalistic qualities, whereas consumption of plant and dairy products promotes peaceful qualities; and he noted that Islamic rules pertaining to animal slaughter have the effect, if properly observed, of reducing the number of animals killed for food. On this and on the concept of Qurbani (sacrifice of animals) in Islam, Bawa said: “At one time the Rasul5 of Allah said to his cousin ‘Ali, ‘O ‘Ali, you should not eat meat. If you eat meat for 40 days, those qualities will come within you. Because of that, your human qualities will change, your compassionate qualities will change, and the essence of your body will change.” “During that time, the Arabs used to have cattle, camels, goats, ghee, dates, wheat flour, and all those things. They had no vegetables or curries. Those times were times of eating flesh. Then Mohammed the Rasul came. He could not stop them from eating flesh completely, because this was their only food. He could not tell them not to eat flesh, because they would have killed him. Therefore, he had to tell them slowly and explain it to them little by little.” “The qurban, or the commandment of saying the Third Kalimah6 when ritually slaughtering animals, was also sent down to stop this murdering. And like this, the difference between Haraam (not permissible) and Halaal (permissible) was sent down. All the Prophets came in order to gradually correct the people, to gradually reduce the number of murders, to reduce the actions against God’s commandments, and to gradually reduce arrogance. Gradually, little by little, these were lessened.” The 15th Century Sufi poet Kabir Sahib unequivocally condemned meat eating. Characterizing it as the ultimate failure of compassion, he stated that even the companionship of meat-eaters was harmful to the soul. He emphasized that instead of killing animals we should “slaughter” the five passions of lust, greed, attachment, anger and pride: O Muslims, I see you fasting during the day, But then to break your fast you slaughter cows at night. At one end is devotion, at the other murder – How can the Lord be pleased?


The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178

Vegetarian Era

My friend, pray cut the throat of anger, And slaughter the ravages of blind fury, For he who slaughters the five passions, Lust, anger, greed, attachment and pride, Will surely see the Supreme Lord face to face. (from “On Eating Meat,” excerpt from Kabir, the Great Mystic)

From the teachings from the Holy Koran and as well as the Prophet Mohammed and other Muslim saints, it’s clear that Islam regards compassion towards animals as a responsibility of human beings. Recent research has even shown that the practice of animal sacrifice (qurbani) for certain Islamic festivals is no longer recommended, out of consideration for the animals’ suffering as well as human health concerns. The Holy Koran is very clear that the act of sacrifice is a symbolic gesture of human generosity and giving alms; and that killing animals and offering their flesh in no way offers any salvation for humanity: “Their flesh and their blood reach not Allah, but the devotion from you reacheth Him. Thus have We made them subject unto you that ye may magnify Allah that He hath guided you. And give good tidings (O Mohammed) to the good.” (Sura 22:37) In the wake of higher awareness regarding these issues, some Muslim scholars7 have suggested that a day will come when Muslims will substitute other means of giving alms instead of the rite of animal sacrifice. This short article shows that despite common beliefs and practices by many Muslims, Islamic faith and teachings strongly recognize the sanctity of animal life. Islam never intended that humans would kill animals in order to consume their flesh. The Holy Koran and many Muslim Saints emphasize the benefits of a meatless, vegetable-based diet and their impacts on human life as well as the ecology of the planet Earth. Interested readers are encouraged to follow the references quoted below for a deeper analysis of Islamic views on animals.
For more information and references to the above article, please visit:

The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178 45

Vegetarian Era

Vegetarian Elite of Islam
Picture Name
Rabiah Al Adawiyah

Nationality/ Title
Iraqi female Sufi Saint Spanish Islamic scholar, Sufi Master and philosopher




Nationality/ Title

d. 1356

Shaykh Nasir Indian Sufi Saint ad-Din Mahmud

MuhyiDdin Ibn Arabi


British-Indian Al-Hafiz B.A. imam (scholar who 1914 - 1993 knows the Koran Masri in its entirety) Iranian Mana and Sufi Sect Shi’ites Safa (vegetarian Islam sect)

Muhammad Al-Ghazali

Iranian Islamic scholar and Sufi Saint


Sadegh Hedayat

Iranian novelist


Muhammad Rahiim Bawa Muhaiyadeen

Sri Lankan Islamic circa 1900 author and Sufi - 1986 Saint


Muslim Master

circa 15th Century

Sultan Bahu Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya Indian Sufi Saint and Chisti order 1238 - 1325 Master Bulleh Shah Hazrat Mouyinu- Indian first Master 1138 - 1229 of Chisti order Ddien Chisti

Muslim Sufi Saint 17th Century

Muslim Sufi Saint

circa 1680 to 1758

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The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178

Selected Questions and Answers

Meditation Is a Must to Complete Our Life
Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, Tel Aviv, Israel, November 21, 1999 (Originally in English) DVD #671

Q: How can a person combine the spiritual way of life with hard work and pressure? M: It’s not a combination. It’s a way of life; it’s a must! You have forgotten to include it in
the so-called “our life.” Our life is missing a little part, that is, the “contemplation” part and the “quieting down the mind” part. That’s why our life is so incomplete, so tiring and has so much suffering; so we must remember this little part. Then it’s more whole, that’s all. It’s not a combination, it’s a must. It’s already there, but you have forgotten. Sometimes we read the Bible or the Torah, and we see all the experiences of God, of Heaven, of the past spiritual Masters or spiritual disciples of the Master, and we wish: “I would give anything to have the same experience.” “I would give anything to see God, to see the Light of God, to hear God.” Don’t you think so? Then, give a little. Give two hours a day or even one hour a day. That’s not much! We have 24 hours to work for the physical body and for the world. Only one or two hours for God is not a combination; it’s not a compromise: It’s a way of life. We must, to complete our life. Actually, it does not take much of our time. For example, the time we take to gossip on the phone, we cut it out. We sit for ten minutes or half an hour, to connect with God, to “gossip” with God, to complain to God or demand something. These are the times we must talk to God. We have only one Father, and we don’t talk to Hirm. And when Hes talks, we don’t listen. Isn’t that the life? We listen to everyone except Hirm, and then we complain that Hes doesn’t hear our prayer or that Hes doesn’t hear our request. Hes does! And Hes answers all the time. We just don’t take the time to listen. We must quiet down in order to hear Hirm.
The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178 47

Selected Questions and Answers

Children Are Naturally in Contact with God
Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, Tel Aviv, Israel, November 21, 1999 (Originally in English) DVD #671

Q: Do you think that children could experience God? M: Yes, yes! We have many children from six years old who
talk to God all the time! They can do it more or better than adults, because they are more pure or more simple; they have not the problems and the troubles that we have as we grow up. We have to take care of so many things, and we’ve been troubled so much by our job, our business and all the demands. But children don’t have anything to do: They are so carefree. So they very easily get to God, instantly, anytime! They are much better than we are. That’s why children should learn, because when they learn as a child, they’ll never forget, and they’ll always keep the constant contact with God, better than us. All our children are better than our adults. I think some of you must remember from when you were very young, from the day you were born until the age of three or four. Some of you still remember the contact with God you had all the time. But as we grow older, to ages four, five, six or seven, we begin to learn too many physical experiences. Then the experience with God and the contact with God fades every day. And now we’ve grown up and we’ve forgotten completely. Children are always in contact with God, at least very young children,

up to the age of four or five. Because the connection has just faded a little, it’s very quick to reconnect it. And that’s why the Bible also mentioned that, “You have to become as a child again in order to enter the Kingdom of God.” You have to put down everything and sit in complete concentration on God. That’s difficult, but I can show you how, and I can make it easier. If you know the way, it’s easier.


The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178

Selected Questions and Answers

Let God Be the Healer
Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, Tel Aviv, Israel, November 21, 1999 (Originally in English) DVD #671

Q: Having been informed that as a healer I am not fit to be initiated, I would very much like the Master
to advise me how I could join the spiritual experience.

M: I am not telling you to stop your healing, as a healer. I just want to show you a greater way to

be a healer, to be a greater healer, the one that Jesus was, the one that when people just touched His garment, they were healed. And Jesus did not even claim it! He said, “Your faith has healed you,” and “My Father has healed you,” because He had no more ego. He didn’t lay hands on people any more; He didn’t pray for people any more. He didn’t do anything! Everything is the Father’s doing. Hes is the greatest Healer of all time, and that is the status where we should be: all of us, because we are the children of God. We have all this power; the whole universe belongs to us. Anything you want to do, you can, but you have to be One with this power, be One with God and let God do it, not be just one individual healer who has to use physical means to heal people. So I want to show you to be a greater healer. If you are ready for that, join us. If you are not ready for that, stay where you are and enjoy your work. If you enjoy it, do it. Do whatever is best for you; do whatever makes you feel happiest. You don’t have to come to me, if you are happy where you are. Do whatever suits you at this moment. If you want to join us, we welcome you. There’s no attachment, no condition, no money, now or hereafter, nothing! I am here to serve you. But if you enjoy where you are, it’s OK, too. We are all OK in the eyes of God. Depending on what we want to do, Hes helps us. If you want to stay a nurse, it’s good. But if you want to learn to be a doctor, you have to forsake this work and study further. (Applause) In all the Bible, you don’t hear that any Prophet heals anyone by physical means. Anyone who is in their presence, if it is the will of the Father, they will be healed through being near the Prophet, or near the Master or through praying to the Master, even if they’re thousands of miles apart. If God wills that person to be healed through the Master, it will be done. But the Master doesn’t do physical things. That’s why Jesus didn’t claim any of the miracles He made. People claimed! People said, “Oh! He healed the sick. He healed the blind.” In fact, it was because they knew it was through Him that they were healed. But Jesus or any Master such as Abraham or Mohammed never deliberately did things to claim, “OK, it’s me; I healed you.” No, because to do that would defame our Father; it would be very arrogant, I’m sorry to say. If you are near our brothers and sisters who learn the same method and who practice the same way as me, you will hear a lot of miracle stories like that from them, and they will tell you that it’s I who do it. But I always tell them again and again, and now, that I don’t do anything. If there’s any benefit that comes through me, it is the Father

The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178 49

Selected Questions and Answers

who does it! I can’t ever do anything without Hiers will. So every time my people come to me or write me a letter and thank me for any cure of sickness, any miracle or whatever great illness they have escaped, I always thank the Father, because I know it is Hirm and Hiers doing. I know for sure! No one else is there except Hirm, or the Mother, the Mother or the Father.

The Purpose of Life on Earth
Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, Tel Aviv, Israel, November 21, 1999 (Originally in English) DVD #671

Q: What is the meaning of life on Earth, in Your opinion? M: That’s a very long, long, long question. But I’ll make it short. The meaning or the purpose of
life on Earth, is to find God. You’d be surprised. I will explain. Because we were with God all the time, throughout eternity, we enjoyed bliss and Heaven, we were always happy. We had everything. And we took it for granted, because there was nothing else to compare: no suffering to understand bliss, no sadness to appreciate pleasure, no hardship to understand the ever-ready blessing and all the comfort that God gives to us. So, God sent us here to re-learn again and to enjoy Heaven again, so that when we go back there, we enjoy. We understand both sides of nature. (Master gestures to indicate the directions of Heaven and Earth.) That’s what it is. So if we do not find God in our life to balance this or to return to Hirm, we will suffer a lot, because this is not our life; this is not our house. The physical dimension is just a temporary experience so that we return to Heaven, to enjoy God more and enjoy Heaven more.


The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178

Selected Questions and Answers

Stay Away from Addictive Activities and Atmosphere
Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, Paris, France, April 25, 1993 (Originally in English) Videotape #360

Q: In the sample book it mentions that gambling is one of the things that is forbidden. Does this only
refer to gambling in the casino, or any game?

M: Any game that involves a large sum of money and is involved with the kind of competition
between people that breeds an addictive and also a kind of competitive atmosphere is considered gambling.

Q: So, football, for example? M: Football is OK! If you play football with an attitude of sport, as companions, for pleasure
only, then it’s all right. But when they play football and they hit each other when they lose, it’s no good. I think in any game, we should just remain with the attitude of a gentleman. In the casino, when you lose too much money, you tend to lose your dignity. Also, many people who lose money in the casino come home and then even sell the house, sell the property, sometimes sell the children and wife, just because they get crazy. There’s also another invisible side to gambling. For those people who like gambling, there are many astral beings or disembodied spirits who hang around them all the time and always push them to do more. So they can never get out of it. Therefore, we had better keep away from such atmospheres. That’s why the people who begin to gamble, they hardly can get out. Because those disembodied spirits who love gambling always stand around them and sometimes use their bodies to satisfy their desire for gambling. That’s the reason why people find it difficult to quit. It’s the same with alcohol and other heavy drugs, even cigarettes. That’s why we should stay away from these harmful addictive substances and atmospheres. If you have the eyes to see in such places where drugs are heavily used or there is heavy gambling, there are a lot of “mauvais” (meaning bad or immoral) astral beings. The people who love gambling or drugs or other addictive activities, even if they struggle to stop, they cannot do it. This would be harmful to us. But, for example, if you are very spiritually developed, and then for some special reason you play a game once or something like that, of course it’s not that terrible. You will not be affected by it. But for ordinary people or spiritually weak persons, it’s better to stay away from that, because it becomes addictive.
The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178 51

The Sentient World of Animals

Benefits Inmates and Stray Dogs
By Hsinchu News Group, Formosa (Originally in Chinese)

Prison Dog Program

r. Huang Rong-rui, the warden of Hsinchu Prison, loves dogs. After his pet dog died, he turned his attention to stray dogs, befriending the four-legged friends that wander around the prison premises. In time, the dogs began to show up regularly at a chosen site, waiting to be fed. Warden Huang and the stray dogs he cares for Warden Huang once saw a TV program on how a US prison allowed inmates to raise and train stray dogs. This inspired him to create a firstof-its-kind prison in Formosa that offers shelter to stray animals and places inmates in charge of feeding, managing and training them. He hoped that through interaction with animals, inmates could learn self-control, emotion management and respect for life. The trained dogs could be made available for adoption and this would help take care of the problem of stray dogs as well. The plan received immediate, overwhelming support from the Formosan Animal-Assisted Activity and Therapy Association (FAAATA), which helps choose suitable dogs from animal shelters and provides professional instruction to interested inmates on how to take care of them. The inmates first built a kennel by welding scrap metals together. The prison then organized a training program for seven selected inmates who loved dogs or were experienced in raising dogs, and assigned a dog to each of them. Professional FAAATA instructors currently hold weekly classes for the inmates on dog-caring and training. Over the past month, the dogs and their trainers have developed a loving relationship. The trainers work at the kennel from 9 to 4 each day, feeding, training, bathing and keeping the dogs free of bugs. Each of the dogs can now recognize his or her partner and perform according to instruction. The inmates have learned much from the program. One of the participants, Mr. Luo, said that although considerable effort was required to establish an affectionate and trusting relationship with a prison dog, he had mastered the special skills of taking care of, beautifying and training a dog. He plans to hone and make use of these skills after he is released from prison. The success of the Prison Dog plan has encouraged the prison to draw up plans for training drug dogs to prevent the smuggling of drugs into prison. Though launched not long ago, the Prison Dog plan in Hsinchu has proved to be remarkably successful. Prisoners have regained self-confidence, assimilated the concept of loving animals, and learned to love themselves and respect life. Furthermore, the once abandoned but now professionally trained dogs are able to accompany aged inmates or those serving long prison terms to give them comfort and psychological support. They can also assist the prison staff in patrolling and ensuring prison security. In addition, they are available for adoption by other people. Hopefully the Prison Dog plan can be introduced to every prison in Formosa and benefit both inmates and stray dogs.
52 The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178


A Dog that Says No
By Formosa News Group (Originally in Chinese)

The Sentient World of Animals

to Secondhand Smoke


r. Huang, living in Changhua, Formosa, has a golden retriever named Guru that covers his nose with his front paws as soon as he smells tobacco smoke. Sometimes he even flicks cigarettes from people’s hands. Guru is a watchdog at a shopping center run by Mr. Huang. One day, a cigarette-puffing youth deliberately exhaled smoke into Guru’s face. As soon as he caught the smell, Guru instinctively laid flat and still on the ground, placing his front paws over his nose. Only then did Mr. Huang notice that Guru found tobacco smell repulsive. Occasionally, shoppers smoking for a long time in the mall send Guru into a bout of sneezing. At this time, he courageously stands up and, catching the smoker off guard, taps the cigarette from his hand with his front paws. Guru’s cute appearance and celebrity carriage make him a perfect candidate for antismoking advertisements, as he is certain to evoke a widespread positive response.

Photo provided by SDTV

An Anthropoid Pictorial Exhibition
By Japan News group (Originally in Japanese)


n November Golden Year 3 (2006), an exhibition of paintings by anthropoids was held at Nagoya Higashiyama Zoo, Japan. These works of art were created by chimpanzees, gorillas and orangutans in Japan and foreign countries. In the Higashiyama Zoo there is an orangutan called Aki, and her paintings attracted the most attention. Aki first gave birth last year in March, when she was twenty-two years old. However, the baby died twelve days after the birth. After the death, Aki remained crouched down on the spot, depressed and hugging the baby for four days without eating anything.

An Anthropoid Pictorial Exhibition with the painter’s photo under each painting

The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178 53

The Sentient World of Animals

When the animal handler saw that, he wanted Aki is concentrating on her art work. to help her to overcome her sadness; he gave Aki crayons and drawing paper. Since then, Aki started drawing. Aki holds the crayon or pen in her hand and has drawn on a number of sheets of paper every month. By doing that, she has become happy. Since then, she has painted thirty pieces. According to the animal handler, Aki likes to use red, black and green to draw lines on full sheets of paper to make it colorful. The visitors at the exhibition were surprised at how fantastic, colorful and powerful the paintings were. They couldn’t believe that these paintings were created by anthropoids.

Learning from a Mother Ape
By Little White Bird of Happiness, Tokyo, Japan (Originally in Japanese)

with Disabled Arms


he existence of Sayaka, a wild ape with disabled arms, straining to raise her child in Takasaki Mountain, has touched the hearts of many people in Japan. In Takasakiyama Nature Zoo there is a gathering place for wild apes, which allows them to come down from the mountain at a fixed time everyday to be fed wheat and potatoes. This helps to stop the apes from damaging the crops, and at the same time is a great tourist attraction. Sayaka is a female ape whose arms are both handicapped. She was born with her arms bent inwards, thus unable to use her fingers to climb trees or hold things. Baby apes must hold onto the tummy of their mothers, so having this kind of disability usually means death for the infant. However, Sayaka’s mother raised her by preciously carrying her in her arms. Because she could not pick up food with her hands like the other apes, Sayaka’s body is small from lack of food, and her place in the group is also weak.
54 The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178

The Sentient World of Animals

In December Golden Year 1 (2004), the 11-year-old Sayaka became pregnant for the first time. In human years, this age is around the late 30s. Because apes usually start giving birth at age 5, Sayaka’s was the oldest case in Takasaki Mountain. Since that time, we noticed a change in the way Sayaka ate her food. Before, at the gathering place, she would bring her mouth down to lick the wheat off the ground. When pregnant, she would stand right in front of the zoo keeper handing out the food with her mouth opened as wide as possible to take in as much as she could. It was as if she was thinking of the child in her womb. Sayaka had a difficult delivery. It lasted 2 days instead of the usual 2 hours. She made every effort to take care of this baby, but due to her handicapped arms and loss of too much energy, she dropped the newborn. That night, she returned to the mountain with her child but it was the last time that the baby was seen. After that, Sayaka remained worn-out for a while, and she had been seen crawling to come down to the gathering place. In June Golden Year 3 (2006), Sayaka had her long-awaited second delivery. The baby was a boy, and was named “Genki” (meaning “vigor”). Full of a mother’s pure love, she’d hold her baby to breast-feed him and groomed him with her disabled arms. Mother apes are renowned for their love towards their children. This was even more apparent in Sayaka’s case, which was no less than that of a human being’s. I talked with Mr. Kawano, a guide who has watched the apes for more than 30 years. He said that Sayaka had become a little stronger, by giving birth to her child. He also mentioned that it always hurt him to see Sayaka watching Genki fearfully as he played high in the air. At times she sensed danger but could not grab her child to protect him like the other mother apes do. Sayaka seemed to be especially close to Mr. Kawano. He often secretly gave her a small potato from his pocket. It seemed to me that Sayaka had sensed Mr. Kawano’s kindness towards her disability, and had placed her absolute trust in him. In their relationship, it seemed that there was no difference of human and ape. I have two young sons. Remembering the way I used to get all upset over small things, I could not help feeling embarrassed when I compared myself to Sayaka, who was living innocently and straining to raise her child. I have a home, everyday I have something to eat, and my family and I are all healthy. More importantly, I have a Master who looks after me and guides me towards the right path. I feel so blessed and appreciative of all that I have.
The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178 55

Master Tells Stories

Emptiness Zen Sickness
Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, European International Three-day Retreat, Hamburg, Germany, August 25-27, 1995 (Originally in English) Videotape #497



student once asked Zen Master Joshua, “Master, if I have nothing in my mind now, what shall I do now?” He meant that his mind was already empty, relaxed and without desire, lust or want of anything anymore. And the Master replied, “Throw it away!” But the student insisted, saying, “I have nothing, Master! So how can I throw it away?” And the Master answered, “OK, then, keep it!” (Master and everyone laugh.) The student said that he had nothing, but then he insisted so much. So, the Master said, “OK, then keep it.” He had too much to throw out. Many people think that they’re empty and that they’ve attained the Tao or realized Buddhahood and so on. They think they have no more desires - nothing, nothing, nothing - and that since they wear baggy clothes and shave their head, they’re OK, meaning they’re all empty. But actually, it’s not so. Emptiness is not from the outside; it’s from within. So as soon as you realize that you’re empty, you’re not because there’s still a realization there. And the Zen smell is very strong. People call it “Zen sickness.” So in case you have that, you’d better go see a doctor and have it removed. When we’re just ordinary people, we don’t know so much and we know we don’t know. Yet as soon as we meditate for just a short time, we think we do know. But after some more time, we know we don’t know again. So that’s the best time, when we don’t know; that’s the time when we do know best. Because if we’re still full of knowledge and knowing and so on, it means we’re really still only half-way realized. So actually, all the things I’m telling you are just to amuse you and to pass our time together so that when you go home you feel that your emotions, your human mind and heart, have gotten something from the Master. But all this is garbage: Whether beautiful garbage or bad garbage, it’s all garbage. The things you realize are inside, not from my words. Of course my words of encouragement and reminders perhaps sometimes help comfort you in some situations and help change some of your undesirable personality traits. But that’s not enlightenment.
56 The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178

Master Tells Stories
Enlightenment has nothing to do with personality, good or bad, moral or imperfect. Enlightenment is just our pure Self; it never changes, never becomes better, never becomes worse, has never been ignorant and never has to become enlightened again. It’s always there. It has always been, it will always be and it is now. All these stories and explanations and all my so-called secular knowledge are just for amusement, just so that we have contact with each other on a personal level and so that we’re happier together. But don’t carry too much garbage with you; that’s not the true teaching. The true teaching is always without language, and you always know it. You know it inside: precisely, perfectly, without any explaining and without any words exchanged. But meanwhile, we both have to pretend. We need all this so that I have a job to do, so that you have a reason to come and you have some good memories to bring home with you. That’s all.

Master Tells Jokes


Ripe Old Age of 150

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, February 3, 2003, Florida, USA (Originally in English) DVD #755


hree Irish men, tipsy from the pub, came out and were stumbling home late one night when they found themselves in the graveyard somewhere on the road home. One of the guys said, “Hey, John! Come over here! It’s Michael Grady’s old grave, God bless his soul. He lived to the ripe old age of 87.” And John said, “That’s nothing! Come here; there’s a Sean here. It says here that he was 95 when he died!” And then the third one said, “Oh, forget him! Here’s a fellow who got to be 150!” So everyone went over there. “What’s his name?” As they stumbled over to look, they had to find a light to see what else was written on the stone marker. It said: “150 miles to Dublin”!
Please visit the following websites to enjoy the original sound tracks of these jokes, and you may also share the joy of Master’s humor with those around you:
The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178 57

Creating a Compassionate and Vegetarian Global Village

Worldwide Effort to Share Master’s Merciful Message

Alternative Living
With deep compassion for animals and concerned about repeated outbreaks of epidemic diseases among animals and humans, Master has offered the world a fundamental solution to the problem by personally designing a friendly but convincing leaflet entitled “Alternative Living” to remind people to choose the vegetarian diet and stop killing in order to overcome global medical crises and save our fellow beings. Master has also instructed all initiates to share this message with their brothers and sisters in every corner of the world. In response, the practitioners have initiated an all-out effort to share Her words of love. Below are reports on activities related to this project conducted in various countries.


Billboards for Promoting the Vegetarian Diet
Combined report by Formosa News Group (Originally in Chinese)



he Changhua Center has rented a billboard in a neighboring section of a freeway to display the Alternative Living message. While negotiating with the advertising agency, we incidentally found that its owner was a vegetarian. He was very supportive of our effort to promote the vegetarian diet and offered to lease the billboard at almost 40 percent discount. Today, the huge billboard displaying beautiful animal figures has already stood on the roadside of the freeway. It appears even more prominent when illuminated by bright spotlights at night. Fellow initiates are very happy and grateful.
The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178

Creating a Compassionate and Vegetarian Global Village
In a follow-up to its massive distribution of Alternative Living promotional items such as leaflets, fans, document folders, the Nantou Center has rented billboards for long-term prominent display of huge waterproof posters of the Alternative Living message along intersections of the freeway and other busy roads. We have also rented bulletin boards and outside walls of post offices to display the posters. As there is a constant flow of people at these places, they are very effective for promotional purpose.


The Appeal of Vegetarianism Reaches All Ages
Combined report from Seoul, Daegu, Daejeon, Gwangju and Andong News Groups (Originally in Korean)


Standing banner: “Vegetarianism saves our earth and environment.”


s the weather became cooler in September of Golden Year 3, Korean initiates started distributing Alternative Living file-holders at university campuses nationwide instead of the Alternative Living fans. To better reach out to the students, initiates came up with multi-faceted ways to deliver the message of compassionate living, which included using a mobile promotion car that played Master’s video on a screen, placing laminated posters on the sides of key roads, and dressing up as a clown to hand out flyers. The response was enthusiastic. Since mid-September, initiates have passed out more than 80,000 file-holders in university cities such as Seoul, Daegu, Daejeon and Gwangju. Most students read the message printed on the folders carefully and discussed the contents with their friends. Some volunteered to distribute folders at a crowded night feast; some offered useful tips on good distributing spots and many
The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178 59

Creating a Compassionate and Vegetarian Global Village
expressed their sympathy for the animals while watching the video “The Real Heroes.” Some even visited our local Centers for more information. Initiates also paid visits to environment-related clubs at each university, where they explained the purpose of the Alternative Living message while handing out flyers and file-folders to the club members. At Seoul National University, members of a club called The Companions of Vegetarians had successfully requested school authorities to designate every Wednesday as a vegetarian day, meaning that the school made a vegetarian menu available every Wednesday at the student restaurant. Now they are planning to establish a vegetarian-only restaurant on campus. Hoping that more and more students would become vegetarian-conscious, initiates put up Alternative Living posters at each bulletin area. Over about a two-month period, a total of 80,000 file-folders were distributed at university campuses and other academies nationwide. To the youth receiving them, the word “vegetarianism” soon became familiar as they showed openness to the new ideas and trends, and quickly accepted the Alternative Living message of non-violence and love.

Farming Cooperative Festival
The 2006 Consumer/Producer Get-Together to Support Korea’s Farms was held at the Sangju Environment and Agriculture School. Impressed by our previous promotion work and our message, the president of the school, Mr. Oh Duk Hoon, contacted the Andong Center and invited initiates to participate in this event. Along with distributing Alternative Living flyers and file holders, free “soy meat” samples were also offered. It turned out that our booth created the biggest sensation of all. Guests showed a sincere and avid interest and many asked scrupulously about every single ingredient. Children in particular were so fond of the veggie meat substitute that they were reluctant to leave. Marveling at how their children were enjoying the food, parents were motivated to take flyers and other information. During the event, a few visitors such as the mayor of Sangju and the president of the National Consumer’s Cooperation also honored us by coming to our booth and tasting the food as well as picking up Alternative Living information. In particular, President Oh from the Sangju Environment and Agriculture School spent a long time in deep conversation with initiates and agreed that there is
60 The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178

Creating a Compassionate and Vegetarian Global Village
no alternative to saving the environment except vegetarianism. Initiates were most excited to hear that the president gave them permission to hold regular expert seminars and cooking classes on vegetarianism in this well-respected school.

Green Korea
On November 17, Golden Year 3 (2006), Gwangju Center participated in the 2006 GwangjuJeonnam Green Korea Support Night, a very meaningful event sponsored by Green Korea, a large environmental organization. For this event, initiates were once again contacted by the organizer to participate due to their previous large-scale promotions of vegetarianism. Apart from offering vegetarian foods for all participants, initiates also provided Alternative Living flyers and sample booklets, displayed Master’s magazines and books, and played “The Real Heroes” DVD and videos from PETA. Green Korea staff said they would do their best to help our promotion. A middle school teacher asked for dozens of Alternative Living folders to distribute to students and acquaintances. Other guests also liked the folders and carefully read their contents. Some children paid great attention to the film “The Real Heroes.” They expressed a wish to be completely vegetarian and work on behalf of animal rights in the future. Seeing such positive responses from the children, initiates could feel the presence of Master’s love and blessings. They sincerely wished that all the children could be real heroes of the Earth by practicing vegetarianism.

On November 1, 172 Korean companies and 74 overseas companies came together at the AT Center in Seoul for a four-day convention called Food Korea 2006. Seoul Center practitioners also set up a vegetarian booth replete with Alternative Living publicity and a vegetarian sampling
The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178 61

Creating a Compassionate and Vegetarian Global Village
party. Throughout the convention, an endless beeline of people was drawn to our booth for food tasting. Of particular note were the many young school-age visitors who seemed to appreciate the vegetarian food the most. In the same month, the initiates also participated in Korea’s largest tourism expo, Gyeonggi International Travel Mart. There, food sampling as well as Alternative Living flyers were provided. The tremendously positive response was heart-warming. One manager of a chicken franchise restaurant expressed his astonishment at discovering our veggie chicken meat. Dropping by our booth every day to receive various pieces of information, he finally said he was inspired to switch his business to become a vegetarian chicken franchise!

The Solution to the Avian Flu
An outbreak of the avian flu spread throughout South Korea from November 2006 to January 2007. To provide positive information about this problem, initiates printed the article on avian flu from News No. 162 and placed it in the mailboxes of affected areas as well as the larger cities. We pray to God that all citizens become aware that vegetarianism is the ultimate solution to this disease so that such a bloody and sad incident will never happen again!

eKorean initiates add “Avian Flu: Nature’s Wake-Up Call for Humanity” contents to the Alternative Living flyers and put them into mailboxes.


God’s Loving Message Well Received in Perth
By Perth News Group (Originally in English)


n November 19 of Golden Year 3 (2006), fellow practitioners of the Perth Center set up an Alternative Living booth at a popular shopping complex called Harbor Town close to the heart of Perth City. Master’s sample booklets, Alternative Living flyers and shopping bags
The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178

Creating a Compassionate and Vegetarian Global Village
were given out free of charge to the public and they were well received by all. Responses to the Alternative Living message were dramatic and varied. A man remarked that animals would be over-populated if all people of the world were vegetarian. An initiate gently explained to him that if all humans were vegetarians, not only would the animals be grateful to us but indeed many environmental and world hunger issues could also be solved. An infrequent city visitor, who hardly ever came to the city (as it was a three hour drive from where she lived), was glad to have the opportune meeting at our Alternative Living booth and expressed her interest to understand more about the Quan Yin Method of meditation. She spent some time watching Master’s DVD and returned shortly after finishing her shopping for more magazines and information. A rough-looking group of teenagers with tattoos appeared to be uninterested in Master’s message when approached by an initiate, but one returned shortly afterwards to ask for Master’s book! Despite peer pressure, his inner search for higher teaching and divine love spurred him on to want to know more! How encouraging it was to see the interest in Master’s teaching our Alternative Living booth had inspired. It was so heart-warming to witness one little girl aged about eleven collecting many of Master’s magazines at our booth. She even came back for more and seemed to be searching for other items associated with Master to gather. Just before we had packed-up, she returned for the third time and asked if she could have Master’s DVD “The Real Heroes”! We were all touched by her inner quest and longing for Master’s words! We promised to send her more of Master’s books and Master’s photos to fulfil her predestined acquaintanceship with Master! Many vegetarians came forward and commended the volunteers from the Perth Center on their effort in spreading vegetarianism. Information on the vegetarian diet and vegetarian eating places were exchanged. Overall, it was a fruitful and enriching day for all!

United Kingdom London

Sowing Seeds of Wisdom across South East England
By UK News Group (Originally in English)


nitiates from surrounding Centers worked relentlessly in collaboration with UK based humanitarian groups such as Viva (Vegetarian International Voice for Animals) and the Vegetarian Society over
The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178 63

Creating a Compassionate and Vegetarian Global Village
the past year to promote vegetarianism and to raise awareness to the plight of farm animals, as well as to spread Master’s teachings. We started with The Yoga Show at Olympia in London on September 15-17. This 3 day event was a tremendous success. Over 4000 leaflets on Alternative Living, SMTV promotion and Quan Yin meditation were handed out at the entrance along with a free Alternative Living bag. We covered the walls of our stand with large banners of SMTV and Master’s picture. Displays of vegetarian promotional literature and spiritual books took up most of the space on the tables. We also showed a pre-recording of SMTV. Initiates dressed in animal costumes brought a lot of excitement to our booth. They handed out vegetarian recipes and balloons. Other freebies included pens, mouse pads and Alternative Living bags. Next we participated in a series of Mind, Body and Soul Exhibitions throughout the UK: September 23-24 in Colchester, October 7-8 in Brighton, October 21-22 in Cambridge and November 11-12 at Olympia in London. The organizers of these events, being a vegetarian family themselves, have been very generous to our group by offering us a free booth at every of their exhibitions in exchange for our help in handing out ‘goody’ bags at the entrance. These bags contained literature from exhibitors which included our own Alternative Living leaflets, SMTV promotional literature and Quan Yin meditation flyers. People who attended were genuinely interested in our messages particularly the spiritual one. We played a DVD of Master’s lecture to attract the crowd and many left with information about our local Centers. We also received a variety of positive responses from the crowd. In Brighton, a little boy around 6 years old stopped right in front of the TV and for a while he was absolutely transfixed to the screen as if totally immersed in Gods love. Many people came and told us they had either heard of Master or attended Master’s lecture before and were very pleased to meet Her again.


The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178

Creating a Compassionate and Vegetarian Global Village
Since the very first day, a girl from next stall had been often staring at Master’s lecture to the extent that sometimes she forgot to take care of her own customers. When the exhibition ended, we gave the girl a copy of Master’s sample booklet and the DVD that had been playing as a gift. For us to see the satisfied smile on her face was truly the best gift from God. In Cambridge we noticed that benefit was brought to the public in many different ways. In sharing the message of vegetarianism as an alternative way of living, there was a gentleman who told us that they were attracted to the alternative living idea by our T-shirts. On several occasions where family visitors came to our stand, children seem to recognize the more noble way of alternative living straight away and were more excited than their parents in showing their response to the recommended vegetarian diet. There was a brother who was surprised to see the amount of protein found in gluten which can substitute the meat protein, while many female visitors were eager to receive the free vegetarian recipes. Of the many who watched Master’s DVD lecture most were excited after being told that they could receive more information about Master from SMTV or from the website and that they could also take home a free sample booklet on immediate enlightenment. There were many inquiries about learning Quan Yin Method of meditation. One lady who works for a company that participated in the event was impressed by our group and seemed to recognize Master’s teaching as what she has been looking for. She has been vegetarian for more than three months and showed interest in the initiation. In London, people who visited our stall were impressed with our displays and many enquired about the vegetarian diet as there was a lot of literature from Viva and the Vegetarian Society. Vegetarian recipes were a hot item as people were attracted to the colourful design. All brothers and sisters felt so much love and blessings from Master and were all grateful to have been able to serve through such activities, to promote the vegetarianism and spread Her teachings.


Wisley Gardens National Apple Day and Organic Show
By Surrey News Group (Originally in English)


n October, Golden Year 3 (2006), we participated in a four day Horticultural show. The morning we arrived to set up the skies were dark and the rain poured down until the large SMTV banner
The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178 65

Creating a Compassionate and Vegetarian Global Village
went up on the back wall of our stand. Within ten minutes the skies were blue and the sun was shining, leaving no doubt in our minds of Master’s loving presence. The stall was decorated with animal pictures from the Alternative Living flyers, and colourful nutritional information. On one table there was a range of informative flyers for the public to take, and of course our association SMTV flyer which was handed to most visitors to our stand. Our stall was continuously crowded with people. Interest shown by the young and old was encouraging. After sampling the vegetarian food provided, many people were very surprised how tasty it was, and on learning about the benefits of this compassionate way of life, many of their fears about the vegetarian diet were gone. We were delighted with the positive response and grateful for Master’s boundless blessings to everyone.

Master Tells Jokes

Your Cat Might Be Trying to Call
Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, February 3, 2003, Florida, USA (Originally in English) DVD #755


t the police department, the phone rang. “Hallo, hallo!” the policeman answered. “I’ve lost my cat!” And the policeman said, “I’m sorry, sir, that’s not the job of the police. We’re too busy!” The person said, “But you don’t understand. This is a very intelligent cat! He’s almost human; he can practically talk!” So the policeman said, “Then you’d better hang up. He might be trying to call you!”


The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178

Between Master and Disciples

Boundless Grace that Takes the Suffering of Sentient Beings
By sister-initiate Xiaohong Wang, Missouri, USA

Dear Master, How are You? I was so glad and grateful to be able to see You again in Thailand! Everything about You was so beautiful that I could hardly take my eyes away from You. Your every word, every look, every move and every smile touched my heart, my soul and made me love and adore You even more. Hearing that Your wrist was hurt, that You had to go through surgery, and seeing Your scar on the big screen, I cried. It reminded me of an accident I had in the summer of 2006 where my wrist became injured and swollen. At that time, I was inconsiderate and kept praying to You to take away the pain, even after going home. It took about a month for the swollen part to disappear, but I did not feel any pain at all. Dear Master, now I realize that it was so unfair to You. I injured my wrist but You had to bear the pain and sufferings for me. I would like to touch Your wrist and ask, “Does it still hurt? Can I take the pain from You?” But Master, You are forever giving, enduring, and never let us bear any pain for You. So the only way I can repay You is to work hard on spiritual practice, spread Your love and teachings, change my own bad habits, and be a good kid for You. Dear Master, the time spent with You was the most beautiful time in my whole life. Thank You for Your divine love; thank You for letting me live in miracles every day; thank You for taking care of my entire family; and thank You for taking me Home. Yes, I really long to go Home; it’s my biggest wish in this world. I wish You health, peace, inner joy and happiness! Wish You to be forever young and beautiful like now!

The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178 67

Love in Action

God’s Miracles Restore Life to Drought-Stricken Kenya
Overseas telephone interview conducted by Formosa News Group (Originally in Chinese)

rought has been looming over Kenya for many years, threatening the lives of millions of people in this east African country. Supreme Master Ching Hai was extremely concerned about the situation and instructed fellow initiates to help local inhabitants drill wells in order to secure a water supply. Fellow initiates immediately went to Kenya to establish necessary contacts and start well- drilling projects. So far, we have successfully drilled three wells in Kangundo, Masai and Nakuru Prison in western Kenya*, thus alleviating the water shortage problem for tens of thousands of local people. Thanks to God’s loving grace, the fourth well was recently drilled in Ukokolani, about 256 km from the capital Nairobi, to ease the severe water shortage caused by parched conditions. As soon as the drill began to rotate with a rumbling sound, heavy rain began. Overjoyed inhabitants told us that there had been no rain for three years in this area, but as soon as we came to drill a well, there was a torrential downpour. It was indeed a miracle! According to the manager of the drilling works company, Kenya has been inflicted with drought for a long time. Yet, each time his company signed a drilling contract with our Association, there would always be some rain, even a light one on a sunny day. This was an auspicious sign. We remember Master once said that rain is a blessing from Heaven. Therefore, these auspicious signs represent God’s infinite love and grace for Kenya. With God’s grace, the drilling went smoothly and the well has recently been opened for use. It has benefited thousands of inhabitants in the Ukokolani area, who are extremely grateful to Master for Her love and concern. It was wonderful news that as our wells were successfully drilled one after another, the rainy season in Kenya has come surprisingly earlier than usual this year, and rainfall has been abundant. Everywhere we look, we see lush scenes of new life and greenery that have replaced the dry and sandy scenes of
68 The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178


Love in Action
drought. The local people attributed it to miracles by God! We believe that, blessed with God’s love, Kenya will become better and more beautiful, its people will enjoy better livelihoods, and the nation will advance toward a bright and hopeful tomorrow. * For details on the drilling of the first three wells in Kenya, please refer to our reports in News 169, 174 and 175.

Receipts showing expenses for the fourth well in Kenya totaling US$20,000.

Letter of Appreciation
Excerpt from the Letter of Appreciation from Ukokolani Community, Kenya (Originally in English) We the people of the Ukokolani community write this letter to express our deepest gratitude to you for your kindness to us. Making safe, clean and reliable water accessible to all of us is truly a miracle! We live in one of the driest areas in Kenya, and water has always been our biggest problem. When it rains, we all draw water from a seasonal stream which originates from the Kyulu Hills. When rainfall decreases, as it did in the last ten years, that stream dries up, and people walk up to 10 kilometers in search of water. Our community has over the years suffered water borne diseases because the water from the stream is usually contaminated, being the only source of water for all the people as well as animals, both domestic and wild. With the provision of water from the borehole, we will take care of our domestic water needs adequately. We will also do small scale farming to supplement our diet, and it is our hope that our community’s health, and living standards will greatly improve.

Yours most sincerely, (Signature) UKOKOLANI COMMUNITY

The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178 69

Love in Action

Bringing Master’s Unconditional Love to Mae Tao Clinic
By Bangkok News Group (Originally in Thai)

Baby ward


upreme Master Ching Hai’s boundless love manifested in a humble medical clinic on the Thai-Burmese border. After reading an article about the Mae Tao Clinic, which offers a widerange of free services to Burmese refugees and other ethnic groups, the Supreme Master Ching Hai immediately contributed US$10,000. Thai fellow initiates traveled to the clinic on December 23, Golden Year 3 (2006) to deliver Master’s contribution and an award letter, which were very gratefully received by Dr. Cynthia Offering the contribution of US$10,000 to Maung. Dr. Cynthia Maung at the Mae Tao Clinic Dr. Cynthia has received many awards and international recognition, including a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize and the Time magazine title of “Asian Hero”. For her compassion and dedication to helping those in need, Time magazine honored her as a “Healer of Broken Souls”. Dr. Cynthia knows first-hand what it’s like to be a refugee, as she herself fled from Burma into Thailand in 1988. After transforming a barn into a medical clinic, she started to provide free treatment for other refugees with just a few supplies An appreciation letter from and medicines. The clinic has blossomed into a loving community Dr. Cynthia Maung that now serves over 70,000 people a year, offering patients a 100bed hospital, operating facilities, a blood bank, an eye care unit, a pediatric and maternity ward, with birth certificates and marriage licenses. Dr. Cynthia has also established a school to educate 4,000 migrant children. On December 23, on behalf of Master, we presented the contribution to Dr. Cynthia, along with some of Master’s publications. When we arrived at the clinic, journalists from BBC World Service ( and New Era Journal Company were already there waiting to interview us about Master and Her Association. They had heard about and were interested in Master’s donation which was broadcasted that night. We also conducted an interview with Dr. Cynthia for Supreme Master Television. She answered our questions with great humility and also emphasized her work of educating patients on
70 The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178

Love in Action
how to protect and take care of themselves in order to reduce sickness. Since it was late already, we returned the next day, and with the assistance of Mr. Aung Pur, the clinic Administrator, we took video footage and photos around the clinic. It was a wonderful surprise to learn that he has been a vegetarian for 10 years. Almost all of the patients are Burmese, Karen and Mon. The patients pay only 30 Thai Baht (less than 1 US dollar) for the first visit; after that everything is free of charge. During our visit, we learned that many workers from nearby factories come every Sunday to donate blood. This is the biggest help and sacrifice they can offer. We were touched to see their willingness to help the small ethnic groups in Mae Sot. Although the clinic is not big and is less comfortable than other hospitals, it is still able to help a lot of patients and save many lives because of the dedication of Dr. Cynthia and her staff. We very much appreciate the unconditional love and sacrifice of the staff in Mae Tao Clinic.

Our interview with Dr. Cynthia Maung

Fellow initiates were interviewed by BBC World Service and New Era Journal Company

Patient ward


Heroes Who Rescue Animals
Compiled from SMTV News, Episode 95 & 97

Whale Rescue Team
This is a group of dedicated volunteers who have been doing fantastic work for the last twenty years, rescuing animals such as whales, dolphins, seals, sea lions and sea birds that have become entangled, beached, marooned, poisoned, or trapped. Emmy-award winning journalist and animal activist Jane Velez Mitchell with Supreme Master Television interviewed Peter Wallerstein, the founder and president of the Whale Rescue Team in Venice Beach, California, USA. During the interview, Peter said that he was lucky to find something in life to do that actually has a positive effect in helping to save animal lives and raise the standard of marine animal care in the community. He also said that the best thing for people to do is to become vegetarians or vegans. That is the easiest and most effective solution to end a lot of animal suffering, whether it is a cow, a chicken, a turkey, a fish or a marine mammal. Peter became a vegan thirty-five years ago for ethical reasons, because of the inhumane
The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178 71

Love in Action
ways animals are slaughtered and treated in factory farms. However it also has good environmental and health benefits. Helping yourself is helping the animals, the environment and the entire world as well. Being vegan is as important as the rescues for Peter, because it’s consistent and across the board compassion for all life. Upon learning of the life-saving work they do for the animals, Supreme Master Ching Hai made a contribution of US$10,000 to the Whale Rescue Team, so they can continue Emmy-award winning journalist and animal their noble work. When Jane presented the check to Peter activist Jane Velez Mitchell (left) presented a check of US$10,000 from Supreme Master in the interview on December 10, Golden Year 3 (2006), he Ching Hai to the Whale Rescue Team and wholeheartedly expressed his appreciation to Master Ching Hai, conducted an interview with Peter Wallerstein because he and his team have little (right), the founder and president of that organization. time to fundraise and the money will be used to save many more animals. He said that the contribution would be used to buy a new rescue truck to replace the old one of 230 thousand miles and with which they saved thousands of lives in the past decade. Peter also sent a follow up letter to Master to express his gratitude again and said that the contribution not only helps them with their financial needs, but also encourages them to continue their work to assist injured, sick or orphaned marine wildlife.
An appreciation letter from the Whale Rescue Team
Harp seals are lovely sweet marine animals that spend most of their lives in the sea, but also go out on ice floes. They have short, thick, white fur with black patches and a cute face. The young are all white. The areas they live in range from northern Russia to Newfoundland and the Gulf of St. Lawrence in Canada. In spring the harp seals migrate up to 2,500 km to where they can feed during the summer. In the fall, they return to the south before the new ice forms. Although being threatened by other animals such as sharks, killer whales, polar bears, and walruses, reduced availability of food due to over-fishing by humans or climate change, accidental catches in fishing gear, and maybe even environmental contaminants, harp seals’ greatest enemy, sadly, is the human being. Even today, they face this danger of barbaric hunting by humans. Each year, hundreds and thousands of baby harp seals are killed by bludgeoning, shooting or skinning alive at the age of three months or younger in commercial massacres for their furs.
72 The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178

Love in Action
The world is becoming more and more aware of this situation, and is urging the Canadian government to absolutely stop this inhumane practice. The European Parliament took a decisive step by issuing a declaration, signed by 425 European Union lawmakers, demanding the European Union ban all trade in two types of seals, the harp and hooded. This ban, for seals of any age, would put a virtual end to the Canadian seal hunt. Among the many organizations that are trying to stop the massacres, is an all volunteer, non-profit organization that focuses on ending the Canadian harp seal hunt, so these beautiful Ian Robichaud ( middle) and Susan Hirsh animals are permitted their right to live. They promote a Canadian (right) of receive a check of US$10,000 as a contribution from seafood boycott, distribute leaflets, write letters and emails to the Supreme Master Ching Hai. relevant politicians, and hold demonstrations. They do everything within their power to convince the Canadian government that these animals should be allowed to live. On December 11, Supreme Master Television interviewed Ian Robichaud and Susan Hirsh of about their work to save the seals and presented them with a contribution of US$10,000 from Supreme Master Ching Hai to further their efforts. They expressed their gratitude to Master Ching Hai in the interview and in a following up letter, they wrote, “We are touched by the light You shine onto the world and inspired by Your excellent work and good spirit on behalf of all animals and planet Earth…. An appreciation letter We will utilize the resources You have provided us with Your donation to encourage people to seek alternatives to Canadian seafood, especially those from alternatives that do not result in death for any creatures.”

Loving and Protecting Our Animal Friends
From SMTV “Animal World,” Episode 43


arm Sanctuary is a national, nonprofit animal protection agency founded in 1986. They view and treat animals as friends. Their mission is to open peoples hearts and minds to create a more compassionate and loving world. Farm Sanctuary volunteers believe that treating animals with love and kindness is good for the animals and even more importantly, good for people in order to instill the desire to strive together for a better, brighter world for all beings. Through rescue, education and advocacy, Farm Sanctuary is saving and nurturing countless animal lives. Over the past 20 years Farm Sanctuary shelters, located in New York and California, and their dedicated volunteers have rescued and rehabilitated thousands of animals from the intense
The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178 73

Love in Action
cruelty brought about by factory farms, stockyards and slaughterhouses. Through their informative educational programs, millions of people have been informed about the abuses of industrialized farming and presented compassionate cruelty-free alternatives. Farm Sanctuary uses farm tours, documentaries, videos and many other proactive educational tools to educate and motivate people towards compassionate life styles. The Veg for Life Campaign and Guide to Veg Living promote and encourage a vegetarian way of life. Another on-going project, the Humane Education Program, is specially designed for students and teachers to bring compassion into the classroom. Since A letter of appreciation from 1986 Farm Sanctuary has been very active Farm Sanctuary for Master’s in preventing animal cruelty through legal US$10,000 contribution. protection and policy changes. Upon learning of Farm Sanctuary’s noble work, Supreme Master Ching Hai made a generous contribution of US$10,000 to further support their compassionate endeavors for the animals. The check was presented to Mr. Gene Bauston, president and founder of Farm Sanctuary, on October 18, Golden Year 3 (2006). Mr. Bauston, a vegan, has spent a lot of time reaching out to people and encouraging them to see animals as living feeling creatures, not as pieces of meat. He expressed, in an interview with Supreme Master Television, his appreciation for Master’s support An interview with Mr. Gene Bauston, president and founder and contribution, and Her work to make the world a better place.
of Farm Sanctuary.

United Kingdom

Master Supports Popli Khalatbari Charitable Foundation to Touch the Lives of Children Worldwide
From SMTV News, Episode 101 & 54


upreme Master Ching Hai contributed US$10,000 to the Popli Khalatbari Charitable Foundation (PKCF). It was sent to Diana Khalatbari, Trustee and General Manager in the United Kingdom in mid December, Golden Year 3 (2006). In 1998, Diana Khalatbari formed the Popli Khalatbari Charitable Foundation to honor the spirit of her daughter Popli and to touch the lives of children worldwide. In 2005, PKCF completed a vocational school in Tehran to assist underprivileged adolescent children. After
The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178

Love in Action
the 2003 earthquake in Iran, PKCF also started the “Bam Fund” to build what has become a beautiful school for 400 children. PKCF supports a number of other projects both in and outside of Iran. For example, the 7th Tir Orphanage in Tehran provides a loving environment for 100 physically disabled girls, taking care of their daily living needs and providing uplifting educational support. Another example is the Shariaty Day Center, where 100 girls with Down Syndrome are able to interact and form friendships together while developing skills such as knitting, sewing and arts and crafts. In the UK, PKCF is involved with three unique and caring programs. The first is an organization called Crisis, which helps provide positive solutions to homeless people through an innovative approach that strives to raise selfconfidence and restore self-esteem so that the individuals can fulfill their God-given potential. Second, PKCF Vocational schools contributed by Popli lends its support to Kids Company, founded by Camila Khalatbari Charitable Foundation Batmangheldjh. The third PKCF project is the Chicken Shed Theatre, a unique organization that literally transformed an old chicken shed into a performance theater with the belief that the performing arts should be open to all. Through her tireless commitment and dedication to spreading a message of hope and kindness to those in need, Diana Khalatbari’s work has touched the hearts and lives of many children and has inspired many adults to open their hearts and contribute to a better world. What started as a small foundation has grown: In addition to Iran and the UK, the Foundation now has chapters in Washington, D.C., Los Angeles and New York. Ms. Khalatbari was highly appreciative of the contribution from Master, and was very much taken by the compassion of the Supreme Master Ching Hai and Her work. In the appreciation letter, she wrote, “We cannot overstate the significance of Your contribution. Your donation makes a noticeable impact on what the Foundation can aim to achieve this year and for this we extend our heartfelt thanks.”

Receipt and appreciation letter from Popli Khalatbari Charitable Foundation
The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178 75

Love in Action
The Philippines

A Trip to Deliver Master’s Gratitude and Love to the Filipino People
Compiled from SMTV News and the Formosa News Group’s Report (Originally in English)


n December, on behalf of Master, representatives of Supreme Master Ching Hai visited the Philippines to deliver contributions and to express Her gratitude to the beautiful people and organizations who have been rendering unconditional love and help to others. On December 15, in a conference room at the Astor Hotel, Association representatives presented US$50,000 to Earthsaver’s Dream Ensemble. Madam Cecile Alvarez received the check and said Madam Cecile Alvareztoreceived the Receipt from Earthsaver’s US$50,000 contribution Earthsaver’s she would make use of the grant to help people Dream Ensemble Movement in need through the arts. Mr. and Mrs. Barry Gusi, a coordinating secretary of the Gusi Foundation and Mr. Morato, president of the Gusi Peace Prize Foundation, were present to receive the check of US$50,000 presented to their organization. Mr. Gusi said that he was very touched by Master’s generosity, and that he and the foundation would use the money to personally Mr. Gusi (right) received the US$50,000 help the people affected by contribution to Gusi Peace Prize Foundation Receipt from the Gusi Peace the most recent typhoons. Prize Foundation Later, together with Mr. Morato, in Mr. Ramos’s office another US$50,000 was presented to his Peace and Development Foundation. Mr. Ramos expressed that he would use this grant to continue his plan for fighting poverty and to bring peace to the world. His Excellency Fidel V. Ramos, Former President of the Philippines was also awarded the “Shining World Leadership Award” for humanitarian leadership. The award was presented to him by the Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association, US$50,000 was presented to the Ramos to honor his benevolent role in statesmanship and for assisting Peace and Development Foundation the Aulacese refugees.
76 The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178

Love in Action
In 1995, due to loss of funding from the UNHCR, the Aulacese refugees were threatened with “forced repatriation” and would be sent back to Au Lac. This put the refugees under unbearable pressure. President Ramos His Excellency Fidel V. Ramos, Former President of the Philippines was awarded the “Shining became aware of their plight World Leadership Award” and compassionately allowed them to stay indefinitely in the Philippines, under the supervision of the Catholic Church. He also issued an order granting permanent residence to 5,000 Aulacese who had entered the country before 1979. (For a detailed report of his benevolent actions, please refer to News #175 “Series of Shining World Leadership” section.) On December 16, another four contributions were presented. Receipt from the Ramos Peace and
Development Foundation

The US$50,000 contribution to St. Paul University in Quezon City was received by the Sister Lucilla Baldado, president of the university.

Receipt and Appreciation letters from St. Paul University in Quezon City

There was a warm, welcoming party at St. Paul University in Quezon City to express gratitude to Supreme Master Ching Hai for sharing Her love and financial support. The choir of university students sang a song about the happy upcoming Christmas. Then a 12 minute brief biography of our Master and Her relief efforts in Philippines was played. Everyone was so touched; some even shed tears by what Master had said and done and Her dream. The atmosphere was very uplifting. Then US$50,000 was presented to St. Paul University, Quezon City, and US$50,000 to the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP). The president of St. Paul University, Sister Lucilla Bishop Cortez received the US$50,000 contribution to Catholic Bishops Conference Baldado said in her speech that Supreme Master Ching Hai’s of the Philippines.
The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178 77

Love in Action
help would really benefit their various institutional programs, such as their scholarship grants for the poor but deserving students, as well as the humanitarian activities for community extension. Master Ching Hai hopes that US$15,000 of the US$50,000 contributed to the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines would be given to the retiring Bishops to take care of them for having served God and helping people. Certificate of Appreciation from In this ceremony, the “Shining World Leadership Award” was St. Paul University, Quezon Catholic Bishops also presented to Bishop Angel Lagdameo, in recognition of the Catholic City, and the the Philippines Conference of Church’s outstanding efforts in providing the much needed support and care for the Aulacese refugees throughout their plight in the Philippines, and for inspiring love and compassion in others. (For their loving actions, please refer to News #175 “Series of Shining World Leadership” section.)

Father James Reuter received the “Shining World Leadership Award” and Master’s Award Letter on behalf of Bishop Ladgameo.

The 82-year-old Father James Reuter received the Award and Master’s Award Letter on behalf of Bishop Ladgameo. He also told a story about the Aulacese refugees. He said they were very good people, they loved peace and worked hard, and no one would regret taking them and allowing them to settle in the Philippines. It was also a very moving moment. For helping the poor and needy students, US$30,000 was given to the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Santa Maria. The Municipal Mayor, Jesus Ato R. Matel received the contribution. The ceremony at the Polytechnic University, with an audience of almost 1,000 students, was magnificent. Supreme Master Ching Hai also supported Mr. Joe Lad Santos with a contribution of US$40,000 for his plan to develop a series of educational programs, such as setting up computers and related equipment to help the poor and uneducated in the country. This check Santa Maria’s Municipal Mayor (in white) received the US$30,000 contribution for the was c/o Filipino Institute of needy students at the Polytechnic University Komiks Arts and Sciences. Appreciation plague and receipt from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines of the Philippines An additional US$10,000 was
The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178

Love in Action
given to The Commission on the Filipino Language to encourage continuing developing a noble idea of life to beautify the whole world. Mr. Joe Lad Santos received the contribution and recited one of Supreme Master Ching Hai’s poems that had been translated into the Filipino language.

Mr. Joe Lad Santos received the US$40,000 contribution for the Filipino Institute of Komiks Arts and Sciences and US$10,000 for The Commission on the Filipino Language

Receipts from Filipino Institute of Komiks Arts and Sciences and The Commission on the Filipino Language

On Sunday December 18, a TV interview was held on Madam Cecile Alvarez’s program “Culture Awakening”. The children who perform on her program are all disadvantaged, such as orphans, abandon children, street kids, handicapped, etc. She and her organization (Earthsaver’s Dream Ensemble) train them to become artists, in order to be self-sufficient. “Supreme Master Ching Hai is an early Santa Claus,” Madam Cecile Alvarez told her audience on the “Culture Awakening” program which was pre-taping for Christmas Eve. The show invited the secretary of DSWD (Department The TV interview on Madam Cecile Alvarez’s program “Culture Awakening” of Social Welfare & Development) and representatives of Master (From left) Madam Cecile Alvarez, the Ching Hai to be guests on the program. The interview focused on secretary of the Department of Social Welfare how the DSWD assist people and appealed to the public to help the & Development and representatives of Master Ching Hai Mayon disaster victims. The Secretary of DSWD expressed her appreciation to Supreme Master Ching Hai for theUS$100,000 contribution and for the assistance from Her relief team. During the interview Master’s contribution (US$330,000 in total) to some peace-making organizations, to the Catholic Church and to some universities to help the poor students was also mentioned.

Continued Relief for Typhoon Victims in Body and Soul
Combined report by Formosa News Group (Originally in Chinese)


n December 3, Golden Year 3 (2006), typhoon Durian swept across the Philippines, causing
The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178 79

Love in Action
the greatest devastation in twenty years to southeastern Luzon Island. Supreme Master Ching Hai was extremely concerned upon hearing this tragic news. She immediately contributed US$100,000 and instructed fellow initiates of The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association to render relief according to the needs of the disaster victims. On December 5, our fellow initiates arrived in Legazpi, the capital of Albay Province, and promptly launched a series of relief effort. After finding out the needs of the victims, they purchased emergency supplies in the Philippines and delivered them to the affected area on December 7. On December 8, fellow initiates met with the Mayor of Legazpi in his office and learned that over 30,000 victims in two more heavily affected counties – Guinobatan and Daraga – were urgently awaiting relief. He hoped that his fellow countrymen in the neighboring regions could also receive help. Therefore, fellow initiates immediately prepared to launch the next relief effort. (Please refer to News No. 177 for earlier reports on this relief work.) On December 9, Legazpi was hit by a torrential downpour brought by another typhoon looming in the region. Many of the shelters were in poor condition and some did not have a roof. Fellow initiates helped the Social Welfare and Development Center relocate the victims and distributed the relief materials until December 11. Adhering to Master’s instruction, fellow initiates included salt and soy sauce in the relief supplies. The beneficiaries were extremely touched that Master was so loving and considerate to have sensed their needs and thought of giving them salt. All the relief provisions contributed by Master were delivered directly to the victims, so that they could enjoy the gifts of love at the earliest time possible. After the distribution work was finished, staff members of the Social Welfare and Development Center held Master’s photo in their hands and said repeatedly, “Thank You very much, Supreme Master Ching Hai!” In an interview with a local radio station, a brother initiate on the relief team conveyed Master’s concern about the disaster situation in the Philippines. Fellow initiates received Master’s encouragement on December 12. While grateful for Master’s blessings, they were also more determined to do their best to accomplish this relief work. During this time, with the help of Mayor Noel Rozal, fellow initiates were able to have the transportation to go to Maipon, one of the worst affected villages in Guinobatan County, where a mudslide took away nearly 300 lives. On this trip to the devastated village at the foot of Volcano Mayon, they ran into a sandstorm and found access cut
80 The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178

Love in Action
off by destroyed bridges. Under God’s arrangement, we were lucky to meet villagers eager to show us another route. Playing Master’s Buddha Chanting during the journey, they made their way through water to reach the affected area. There they learned from the villagers that the black soil under their feet was once paddy fields with farmhouses and luxurious residences of rich people who loved country life. This drastic change had awakened people to the ephemeral nature of life. Fellow initiates then traveled to Daraga County. Here, Mayor Gerry R. Jaucian told them that, according to past experiences, relief efforts by NGOs usually ended about three weeks after the disaster. As almost two weeks had passed since the typhoon struck, he anticipated that Daraga County would soon be facing difficulties. He hoped that groups like The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association would continue to help them. The worst-hit area in Daraga was Busay Village, where a mudslide had left almost 200 people dead or missing. Despite the natural disaster, the victims remained touchingly optimistic and steadfast in their faith in God and Hiers arrangements. When they received relief supplies from the fellow initiates, their faces lit up with cheerful and grateful smiles at Master’s timely assistance. Having accomplished their relief efforts in three areas in Albay Province, on December 20, fellow initiates proceeded to another affected area in Naga City in Camarine Sur Province. Mayor Jessie Robredo was very grateful to our relief team for their assistance and requested copies of Master’s sample book and DVD. He wanted to make Master’s teachings available in libraries so that more people would benefit. During the fourth week after the disaster, fellow initiates journeyed from village to village to study the situation and ensure that relief materials had been delivered into the hands of the truly needy victims. Villagers in this area were mainly poor farmers who suffered heavy losses when their crops were destroyed by the typhoon. Master’s aid was no doubt most precious and timely for them. A village chief said that before going to bed the night before, she had prayed to God for help as food supplies were running low. She had not expected to see our relief team in her village by the following afternoon. Master’s loving concern for the victims was God’s answer to her prayer, she said. The next stop was Del Rosario Village. With Christmas approaching, fellow initiates hoped that the victims could celebrate the occasion without material shortage. They purchased rice, instant noodles, salt, soy sauce and Christmas candies, and worked through the night to pack them in packages with help from volunteer workers. They also played at the Village Office some English songs sung by Master, so that everyone could work more efficiently amid a joyous atmosphere.
The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178 81

Love in Action
In response to the Village Chief’s curious interest in this beautiful Lady who seemed to have descended directly from Heaven, fellow initiates gave him a DVD introducing Master and some News magazines. He immediately watched the entire DVD on his computer, and instructed his staff members to cooperate with our team, so that the relief materials could be distributed before Christmas. The relief operation in the Philippines concluded on December 26. All participating fellow initiates were deeply touched by Master’s love. Master once said that She too is working by our side when we are conducting disaster relief activities. Fellow initiates realized that, through distributing relief supplies, Master not only is saving the suffering souls stricken by disaster but also is constantly by our side infusing us with lots of love and blessings. Without water or electricity, and faced with many ordeals, fellow initiates have nonetheless reaped a rich spiritual harvest. From the grateful smiles of the victims, we truly felt that it is important for sentient beings to love and care for each other.


The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178

Love in Action
Expenditures of Relief Efforts Rendered by Supreme Master Ching Hai and Her Association to the Victims of Typhoon Durian in the Philippines
Description Water Food (rice, noodles, milk powder, biscuits, condiments) Medicine Relief cash Transportation expenses Packing expenses Miscellaneous expenses (telephone, advertisement, accommodation, meals, repair tools, etc.) Amount (Filipino Peso) 385,686.00 3,545,011.80 518,558.44 39,369.25 218,866.42 28,557.50 160,284.40 Pesos 4,896,333.81 (US$98,955.82) Receipt No. A1-A2 B1-B7 C1-C4 D1-D4 E1-E21 F1 G1-G27


Flood Relief Work in Johor State
By Johor Bahru and Kuala Lumpur News Groups


ear the end of year 2006, southern Malaysia was hit by heavy rains which caused the worst flooding in a century, with tens of thousands of people being displaced in the states of Johor, Malacca, Pahang and Negeri Sembilan. Upon receiving Master’s loving instructions to send help, fellow initiates immediately went to bring relief to the most affected areas.

Batu Pahat, Yong Peng, Kota Tinggi and Segamat in Johor
On December 23, one team of Singapore and local fellow initiates went to distribute quilts, towels and blankets at the MCA relief center in Batu Pahat, which housed about 200 victims; the People’s Hall in Parit Sulong with about 900 victims; and two disaster relief centers in Sri Medan where there were about 500 victims. This team also visited a relief center in Yong Peng which
The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178 83

Love in Action
accommodated about 800 victims. In Kota Tinggi, another group of fellow initiates also delivered 1000 loaves of bread and some biscuits to about 800 victims. As some victims had already gone home, staff workers of the relief center helped them to deliver the food to the needy. On the following day, one team went back again to some relief centers in Parit Sulong and Sri Medan, bringing with them very much needed items such as milk powder, sanitary items, diapers, biscuits and milk. Another team went to distribute drinking water and biscuits to some relief centers in Segamat, which housed about 1000 victims.

Muar, in Johor
Tap water had been completely cut off in the whole Muar district for several days. Many houses were submerged in water. All the victims had been evacuated from their homes and temporarily placed in 88 relief centers throughout Muar. Most of the places in Muar were well under control with the set up of the shelters, food, drinking water and material aid coming from NGOs, the private sector and government bodies, except for the Kepong area with about 4000 victims. No supplies had reached there because outside communication had been cut off. At that time, they could only be reached by helicopter. On December 23, we have provided some of the necessities required (e.g. biscuit, cereal and Milo drinks, instant noodles, blanket, drinking water) for the victims at Kepong. We also delivered 200 loaves of bread and 3 dozen jars of fruit jam to one relief center at Bukit Pasir which had 500 victims. The Muar Welfare Department expressed their appreciation for our relief work. On December 24, we assisted to load basic necessities from us, governmental bodies and other nongovernmental groups into military helicopters. On December 25, we delivered 3,600 liters of drinking water to 13 relief centers in the Grisek and Bukit Gambir area. Everyone was grateful and touched to receive the most needed water. They expressed their appreciation to The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association and praised Master for Her love and compassion.
84 The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178

Love in Action
The Alternative Living flyers in English, Malay and Chinese were also handed out to the flood victims. Many read them attentively.


Bringing Joy and Relief to Flood Victims
By Medan News Group (Originally in Indonesian)


n Friday morning December 22, 2006, after several days of heavy rain, there was extensive flooding in many areas around North Sumatra. Langkat District was the most severely affected area. The flash floods had also caused severe devastation in some parts of Aceh, especially Kuala Simpang. At that time, water levels had climbed 1 to 3 meters high and were rapidly submerging many villages. Most of the houses had collapsed and the fields were buried in mud.

North Sumatra
On Saturday afternoon, we contacted the local Red Cross to get more information on the flood situation and a list of needed items. We immediately purchased powdered milk and food for infants, instant milk for children, instant noodles, green beans, sugar, biscuits, soap and medicines, and packed them with leaflets explaining Master’s teachings. The next day, December 24, a team of our fellow initiates from Medan traveled about four hours to Besitang, one area which had been very hard hit, to distribute the relief items. When we arrived, the water levels were still high and as a result our vehicle carrying the relief items had engine-trouble and jammed. However with the help of the local people, and thanks to Master’s blessings, the truck finally moved again and we were able to reach the nearby shelter to do the distribution. At one local shelter, men from the Indonesian army kindly guided us to other local shelters
The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178 85

Love in Action
where the victims were still in great need of relief items. Upon arriving at the destination, we immediately unloaded the items with the help of the army. When the victims saw us coming, their faces lit up and eyes sparkled. They were overjoyed to receive the food and the mothers were really grateful for the baby milk and food for their children. One lady even cried when receiving the relief items. She told a sister initiate that we were the first group to distribute the relief items personally into the hands of victims. The Alternative Living flyers were given along with the other items. On December 26, our fellow practitioners traveled again to the flood area in Besitang. There they met one of the local village chiefs who kindly guided them to the villages alongside the river to distribute the relief items and Alternative Living flyers to the victims.

Kuala Simpang, Aceh Tamiang District
After contacting the local Red Cross, we learned that the road to Kuala Simpang, Aceh Tamiang District had been completely closed because of the flood. While waiting for it to reopen, some initiates went to buy the relief items that included medicines, powdered milk and food for infants, instant milk for children, instant noodles, green beans, sugar, biscuits, bottled mineral water, juice and daily necessities such as soap and underwear. On December 29, the road was cleared and we entered Kuala Simpang with five truck loads of relief items. The local village chief gave us a list of victims and the locations that had not yet received any help. Thanks to God’s arrangement, we had a large hall to stay in and also to store and pack the relief items. Our relief team divided into three groups; the first did the packing and the other two did the distribution. With the help of several local people, about 4500 packages of relief items were handed out along with the Alternative Living flyers to flood victims.


The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178

Love in Action
They were touched and overjoyed, as we were the first group who actually brought and gave the items personally to them. It took two days and although some flood devastated areas were difficult to access due to the narrow, bumpy roads, with Master’s guidance and blessing everything was carried out smoothly and successfully.

Expenditures by The Supreme Master Ching Hai and Her International Association for Aid to Flood Victims in Langkat District, North Sumatra, and Aceh Tamiang, Indonesia
Description Food (rice, water, juice, biscuits, green beans, milk) Daily necessities (soap, underwear, etc.) Medicines Miscellaneous (transportation, food for working team, plastic for packing relief items, fuel, stationery, etc.) Total Amount (Indonesian Rupiah) 101,594,590 12,631,000 8,940,500 12,913,417 IDR 136,079,507 (US$14,954) Receipt No. A1~9 B1~3 C1~4 D1~4

The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178 87

Love in Action

God’s Love Reaches South America
By San Paulo News Group


n January, 2007, some regions of Southern Brazil had experienced heavy rains causing mudslides or flooding. Master was concerned about the people most seriously affected, and instructed to help in whatever ways possible. On January 10, two fellow initiates from San Paulo Center first went to Nova Friburgo in the state of Rio de Janeiro, the worst affected area in the state, to check out the situation. According to the personnel at the Social Assistance Secretariat in this city, the victims were still very much in need of basic items, such as food and personal hygiene products. Later that day, the brothers went to Sumidouro, also in the same state but about 40 km more northwest of Nova Friburgo. Thanks to God’s arrangement, almost immediately they were able to talk to Ms. Cecilia Maria Lucas de Araujo, the local chief of Health and Social Promotion Secretariat, who informed them of the items that were most needed. On the morning of January 12, six fellow practitioners came to Rio de Janeiro, capital of the state, where it would be easier and more accessible to buy products in large quantity. After settling down in a hotel, through God’s wonderful blessing, the brothers met its manager, who is a good friend of the chief of the Social Assistance Secretariat of Nova Friburgo, Ms. Maria Jose Vieira. This manager then called her and asked some representatives of the secretariat to wait for the relief items which would be delivered that day, although not knowing exactly when they would arrive. Then after buying R$20,000.00 (about US$ 9,345.00) of rice, kidney beans, spaghetti, tomato extract, soy oil, coffee, salt, sugar, scrub sponges, detergent, toilet paper, hand soap, disinfectant, household bleach and trash bags, the brothers set off in the early afternoon to deliver the materials to Nova Friburgo and Sumidouro. Even though it was around 8:00pm when they arrived in the first city, Ms. Maria Jose Vieira and other personnel were still waiting there to receive the relief items on behalf of the victims of this city. These local
88 The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178

Love in Action
people eagerly helped to transfer the items from the truck to a place that was being used to temporarily store the relief materials. Without stopping to rest, fellow initiates continued on to Sumidouro. Because the only direct highway from Nova Friburgo to Sumidouro was damaged, they had to take a longer route arriving in the second city at about 4:00am of the next day. They then went to a school sheltering about 120 victims. More than 20 people woke up and promptly helped to transfer the relief items to the dining hall of this school. Although the heavy rain has stopped and the emergency situation has passed, there are still people in need of some help. The group will continue to bring Master’s comfort to the needy and the report will be in subsequent issues of the News magazine. A receipt from the Social Assistance
e Secretariat in Nova Friburgo, Rio de Janeiro


Sharing God’s Love with the Needy
By Seoul News Group (Originally in Korean)



n December 27, Golden Year 3 (2006), Seoul initiates provided vegetarian meals and gifts for about 1,000 homeless people in downtown Seoul. From midnight, about 15 initiates started to prepare an enormous amount of food with a lot of love. They then went to Youngdeungpo Station before daybreak to provide a warm vegetarian breakfast and gifts for 650 homeless. We expected to serve 450 at this station, but
The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178 89

Love in Action
all the food was gone because everyone ate more than expected, and more and more people continued to come. The Salvation Army assisted us by providing a large vehicle customized for serving food. There was another large bus for the homeless to get in and eat. Because all of the food was gone, initiates rushed to make more, and amazingly by noon, they were able to visit a center for the homeless operated by the Salvation Army, to provide a wonderful vegetarian lunch and gifts for 350 people. The gifts included warm underwear for winter, gloves, hats, vegetarian can foods, an Alternative Living flyer and a flyer about Master Ching Hai. In winter, these less fortunate souls not only lack the warmth of a home and food, but also are in need of a lot of love. Master’s precious love was indeed the best gift of Santa’s gift bag all for them. In order to help the needy in our local community, some brothers and sisters from Seoul Center prepared many large red Santa bags and put them in front of the meditation hall for about a month so that fellow practitioners could contribute with their love some items they wanted to share with the less fortunate. Meanwhile, they worked together with the village office to find people in real desperate situations. Saturday, January 13, Golden Year 4 (2007), some initiates visited 19 houses and gave each household two bags of rice, one box of canned soy-meat and a Santa’s gift bag, which also contained Alternative Living flyers and sample booklets. Most recipients were very old people living alone, Making kimchi disabled or in a difficult situation. They appreciated Master’s love so much. Some said they never received such wonderful gifts before.

As the weather was getting colder and winter approached, initiates put their hearts together to make 540 kg of delicious vegetarian kimchi. And from December 17 to 20, they delivered it with fruit, etc. to needy people at nine different places, including houses for the mentally challenged, disabled people, veterans from the war and elderly with dementia, etc.
90 The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178

Sharing love and conversation with the elderly at House of Suduk

Love in Action
Every place we visited, we handed out our Association’s information, Alternative Living flyers and sample booklets. The social welfare officer that accompanied us helped a lot in introducing us. We thank God for Her blessing that our every step brought smiles to faces of others. How beautiful it was!

On the container, it says: “Vegetarianism is Beautiful” “Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association, Gwangju Center”

Mainland China

Greeting the Christmas Season with Loving Deeds
By initiates from Shanghai, Mainland China (Originally in Chinese)


n the Christmas Eve of Golden Year 3 (2006), initiates from Shanghai decided to celebrate this beautiful holiday by presenting gifts to the homeless people and sharing God’s love with them. Our initiates voluntarily purchased many items as gifts such as warm jackets, vests, cotton socks, vegetarian stuffed steam bread, chocolates and candies. After dark, we set off to the streets and gradually spotted people in need. Some wore thin clothes, some appeared to be poor in health and others could hardly get three meals a day to eat. Along with the gifts presented, we also sent them best wishes as “Merry Christmas! May God’s love be with you forever!” - hoping to warm their hearts in this cold wintry season. In addition, we also purchased the asthma-treating medicine for an elderly person. All the recipients were very happy upon receiving the gifts. Some politely stood up to see us off; others repeated words of well-wishing and shook hands with us to express their gratitude. Most of them were very conscientious and would not take anything unless necessary. If they have already had meals, they asked us to keep their food for others in need. When it was getting late, some homeless people laid out plastic bags and cardboard to rest for the night. We quietly put the gifts down by their sides and blessed them in our hearts. There was a lady who had difficulty moving about and could not beg for food. When we walked towards her, she was at first a little frightened but relaxed later after hearing our comforting words. She was moved to tears when receiving our gifts. During this event, many kind hearted people extended their help to us. For example, the staff in the City Appearance Department directed us to the areas where the homeless people gathered
The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178 91

Love in Action
and gave much good advice. The sales person in the stores helped us sort and pack chocolate candies and also delivered clothes. We are aware that by helping the homeless people only once, we might not change their lives. But we believe that it will bring long term effect to the society through sharing love and Master’s blessing as well as positive thoughts, words and deeds.



A Night Full of True Christmas Spirit
By San Francisco News Group (Originally in English)


n Saturday night December 23, Golden Year 3 (2006), initiates delivered relief to the homeless of San Francisco. Two vehicles transporting the local initiates throughout San Francisco were loaded with Alternative Living Bags containing: warm socks, beanie hat, scarf, gloves, a box of hot vegetarian food and a flyer introducing Supreme Master Television. A hundred sleeping bags and dozens of sweaters were also handed out providing some extra comfort and warmth for the homeless this harsh winter. As in recent years, they were very appreciative and happy to receive the gifts. Some immediately opened their box of food and ate heartily with big smiles. The cold elements are braved by many of these less fortunate souls year after year and the warm clothes and food truly brightens their lives and comforts their ailing bodies. Being a couple of nights before Christmas, the items given carried extra meaning. As the initiates worked through the night, they received some positive feedback. On one occasion, a fellow practitioner was afraid to approach a person with a fierce looking dog. However, when he walked closer handing the gentleman the food, the dog being transformed by Master’s blessing, became very friendly. Further, a little girl nearby observing the relief work was filled with joy and love as well. The night was blessed with beautiful weather allowing us to do the work easily and smoothly. Thank you Master for a night full of true Christmas spirit!
92 The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178

Love in Action

Master’s Gifts Brought to the Homeless Prior to Christmas
By Missouri News Group, USA (Originally in English)


ith the best intention of sharing Master’s love with the less fortunate, initiates from Missouri Center visited a homeless shelter in Springfield, Missouri on December 21, Golden Year 3 (2006) to serve a wonderful vegetarian dinner there. For each person, initiates also prepared a gift bag that included a toothbrush, toothpaste, a bottle of bath gel, wash cloth, socks, soft drinks, crackers, chips, fortune cookies, two other cookies, raisins and a flyer introducing Master Ching Hai and Her humanitarian activities. Towards the end of the meal, many people came to initiates and expressed their gratitude to Master for Her love and gift. They told initiates that the food and cake were very delicious. When they were informed that they had just eaten pure vegetarian food, including the eggless cake, they could hardly believe it. One person told initiates that he could not eat meat because of a certain illness, so for him vegetarian meals are the perfect choice. Staff members were also happy to have us come, as they had been cooking for the homeless since 3:00 am that morning and now did not have to cook again for dinner. Initiates felt grateful to God for this opportunity to serve others in this season of sharing.


Loving Activities during Christmas Season
By Oregon News Group (Originally in English)


n December 23, Golden Year 3 (2006), initiates from Oregon Center provided services at a local community kitchen called the Blanchet House and also at a shelter for abused children. Both adults and children felt Master’s great unconditional love, especially since it occurred right before Christmas. At Blanchet House we offered 280 delicious meals, with cookies, pies and cakes, and additional vegan cookies to take with them for later. As well, each of these homeless friends received an Alternative Living gift bag filled with a sweatshirt, cotton socks and Supreme Master Television post cards. As meals for the homeless are done on a monthly basis by the Oregon Center, initiates are very well trained in preparing and organizing the event. The entire experience was filled with
The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178 93

Love in Action
a happy festive atmosphere and many of them commented that the food was so good. For those that inquired about Master, we provided brief introductions of Her and also told them that they could receive more of Master’s information through the SMTV flyers. One homeless man shouted Master’s name with joy as he walked out of the door. From his happy voice, we could feel his gratitude to Master, which made us feel good also. Around 4 o’clock in the afternoon, some initiates headed toward Yolanda House, a shelter for abused children and homeless or abused mothers. This was our first visit. Prior to the coming, staff at the shelter provided a list of favorite foods and a children’s wish list for Christmas presents. Initiates prepared all the requested foods, vegetarian style, and purchased presents for the children according to the list, like bicycles, scooters, tennis shoes, Master’s cartoon books, children books, play station, games and many brand new warm clothes. In addition, beautiful Christmas gift bags containing sweat shirts, scarves, money and Master’s books were given to all moms. Due to the unfortunate family situations, the adults hardly smiled and the children didn’t seem to be lively either. As soon as we started to serve the vegetarian food, smiles appeared on their faces and the kids started to walk around. Some children even came to the kitchen to ask for their favorite foods. Receiving the Christmas gifts was everyone’s happiest moment! They couldn’t wait to open up their gift packages. The little girl who received a brand new bicycle jumped and shouted with joy when she saw her dream gift. It was exactly what she had wished for when asked what gift she’d like Mrs. Santa (Master) to give her. Her 10-year old brother also received his dream present: a scooter. Her two-year old and 4-month old little sisters also received warm clothing and toys. Their mother was moved to tears. A young lady opened up her scarf and one sister helped her to put it on and showed her different ways of wearing it. When the lady saw how pretty she looked with the beautiful scarf, she smiled beautifully as if she began to see hope in her life again. Another lady examined her gifts then carefully put them back into the gift bag. She then took out Master’s book and started to read it. Initiates spent about two hour and a half at the shelter and the atmosphere was filled with love and joy. We know the hearts of these less fortunate people are comforted from Master’s blessing, which will carry them through all the difficult moments in life.


The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178

Love in Action
An e-mail from Yolanda House: Dear Oregon Center, The clients and staff were overwhelmed with your group’s kindness and genuine warmth. They talked about it for several days. The poinsettias are still there to remind us. Thank you from all of Yolanda House. Shelly Massarello YWCA of Greater Portland Yolanda House Program Coordinator

United Kingdom

Delivering Warm Love and Sharing Christmas Joy with the Needy
By London News Group, United Kingdom (Originally in English)


wo days before Christmas, initiates from London and Surrey Centers in UK joined forces to deliver warmth and joy to the attendees of Ace of Clubs, the only day shelter for the homeless in London that provides hot meals 365 days a year. Wearing yellow vests and Santa hats, the initiates arrived in advance to prepare for the event, bringing with them food, drinks and decorations as well as warm clothing, blankets, sleeping bags and gift packages. At 12 noon, a stream of cold and hungry party guests flowed in heading straight for the food counter. They enjoyed a hot lunch which consisted of a three course meal. While the guests enjoyed their food, some of us mingled with them to brighten their day. Many were so appreciative and touched to find people who they could talk to without judging them. The room was filled with a joyful Christmas spirit. Some were surprised at the vegetarian only menu, but as soon as they tasted the delicious food they were coming back for more. After the meal, some guests adjourned to the sitting room to watch SMTV pre-recorded on video. We showed a short comedy video to cheer them up as well. Sample booklets and flyers introducing the QuanYin Method were displayed. A few guests expressed interest in the spiritual side of our group and asked questions. Two sister initiates brought their music and dance band to entertain them and the guests soon formed a circle and joined in the dancing and singing.
The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178 95

Love in Action
One of our brothers dressed up as Santa, and with his little helper went round the room with presents for each guest. The gifts consisted of socks, a warm hat, gloves, toothbrush, toothpaste, face towel, a drink, cereal bar and chocolate. To add a bit of fun to the occasion, the team organized a free raffle where holders of the winning tickets had a choice of a blanket, a sleeping bag or warm clothing. One homeless man repeatedly jumped and shouted with happiness when he received a Christmas gift from Santa and was doubly excited when he picked a winning ticket for his friend. Consolation prizes of chocolates were given also, so no one went away empty handed. Tea and scones were served before the party ended. One lady guest was so impressed with the Alternative Living bag that we were using, we gave it to her. She was so grateful saying she would show it to her friends and relatives to support her compassion for animals by not eating them. At the end of the party, the management team of Ace of Clubs expressed their appreciation to our group, saying that our visit was a real blessing because their annual benefactor was absent this year. Fellow initiates went home feeling elated and grateful to God for this wonderful arrangement of bringing Hiers love to those in need.


Celebrating the Spirit of Sharing
By initiates Phenix Dolovingly, Vienna Center, and Roman Súlovec, Slovakia (Originally in English)

ratislava, the capital of the Slovak Republic, is situated in the southwest corner of the country. It borders three countries – Slovak Republic, Hungary and Austria and is the real heart of Europe. It is a mixing pot of various nations and nationalities that live together in peace and harmony. On December 20, Golden Year 3 (2006), this city became a place of happiness and joy for 36 children from the Poddunajské
96 The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178


Love in Action
Biskupice Orphanage, and thus reminded all of us of the noble ideal of sharing. A wonderful Christmas party was organized for these underprivileged children by the charity organization Time 4 Sharing, initiates from Slovakia and Austria, and other volunteers. We prepared many delicious and nourishing vegetarian cakes and refreshments for everyone. All of this was possible because of a generous contribution from Supreme Master Ching Hai, which included some other things the Poddunajské Biskupice Orphanage was in need of, like pots, vacuum cleaners and a television set, etc. Master also supported a similar Christmas celebration for the Košická Nová Ves Orphanage that was held in a shopping mall in Košice on December 14, as well as one more Christmas event in Lebanon. All the children and volunteers were brimming with joy and happiness. It was a real celebration of the sharing spirit. Street Talk Blog, USA (http:// In the words of the co-founder of Time 4 reported that the children of Orphan House Sharing – Michael J. Tolan: “Receiving is nice, but Kosicka Nova Ves is having a Christmas sharing is bliss.” party on December 14 sponsored by
Time 4 Sharing, with generous support from The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association.

* The expenditure list and receipts will be printed in a subsequent issue of News, when received.



Divine Love Warms the World
By Taipei News Group (Originally in Chinese)

Gathering for Families of Stroke Patients
On December 15, Golden Year 3 (2006), stroke patients and their families were blessed to receive Master’s love and concern expressed through Taipei initiates at a gathering held by the
The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178 97

Love in Action
Taipei Hospital; this hospital belongs to the Department of Health of the Executive Yuan. The Taipei Center had been invited to this party for stroke patients and their families after having established acquaintance with the hospital through a series of book contributions to medical institutions in recent years. Amidst the joyous atmosphere, fellow initiates, dressed as Santa Claus, distributed Alternative Living items and Christmas stockings filled with candy, cookies, vegetarian cakes and beverages to all. Master’s publications were exhibited and Her lecture DVDs shown. Taipei Hospital Director Wang Yu-yun and her staff were highly impressed by Master’s discourse, and watched it from beginning to end. Seeing fellow initiates thoughtfully prepare different language editions of the sample book and News magazines for foreign caregivers serving in the hospital, Director Wang expressed her appreciation of the loving actions from The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association members. She requested copies of our promotional materials for the hospital library so that people could become acquainted with Master and Her teachings.

Community Activity for the Elderly
Taipei’s Wanhua Community Welfare Service Center presented a Letter of Appreciation to The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association on December 17, thanking them for the continuous and earnest support it has received from Master and Taipei initiates. The local practitioners who had been invited to a community gathering held by the center for the elderly, asked their hosts to help distribute Alternative Living flyers and tablemats as well as SMTV flyers to the senior citizens.

Jhonghe Homeless Shelter Year-end Review
Initiates from the Taipei Center had been invited to attend the year-end review meeting held by Taipei’s Jhonghe Shelter on December 22. In his speech, Mr. Su Yao-can, Director of the Guang Ci Care Home, said, “We help our homeless friends to solve such daily problems as food and accommodation, but education and reformation work regarding the body, mind and spirit requires the support of the brothers and sisters from The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association.” Director Fan Chun-long of the shelter praised The
98 The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178

Love in Action
Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association for its many years of contribution to the homeless. He spoke affirmatively of the fellow practitioners’ participation in activities that have benefited our homeless friends, offering them spiritual nourishment and reliance, and assistance in their spiritual growth and behavioral improvement. One of the homeless friends shared his experience and insights from quitting alcohol, winning encouraging applause from all. In many of the homeless friends, one could see the positive results of the long-term influence derived from Master’s News magazines and Key of Immediate Enlightenment series.

Ai-wei Center for the Disabled
About two hundred severely handicapped patients, at the Ai-wei Center for the Disabled on the hills of Bali in suburban Taipei, recently received a number of needed items from local initiates. 200 pairs of winter socks, Alternative Living tablemats, wafer biscuits, etc were given. In appreciation of their hard work and sacrifice, we also presented flowers to the medical staff and social workers who had been providing care to this disadvantaged group at the Center for many years. Group Leader Chen Li-ru expressed her heartfelt gratitude, saying that she and her colleagues had been able to persevere in their work because of the continuous support and encouragement they had received from many groups such as The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association. In all these years, fellow initiates have always kept in mind Master’s loving reminder, to care about and assist the underprivileged groups and people around us, thereby bringing warmth and love to society.

Expenditures for Charitable and Relief Activities in Formosa from September to December 2006 Total amount in Tables 1 and 2 = NT$444,994 (approx. US$13,557.47)
Table 1: Details of expenditures for charitable activities in Formosa from September to December 2006
(Amount in NT$) Place Hualien Taipei Date Sep.4, 2006 Description of Activities Amount 5,400 6,440 Appendix A B Visiting parolees under the guidance of the Hualien District Prosecutors’ Office, holding a soul-elevating seminar and meditation teaching session, and giving them moon cakes for the festival. Sharing the concepts of vegetarianism and love for animals with college students, and Sep.18, 2006 holding a love-for-life film exhibition at National Taiwan University, entitled “Love Me, Please Don’t Eat Me!”

The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178 99

Love in Action
Hsinchu Tainan Tainan Taipei Taipei Taipei Tainan Sep. 26, 2006 Sep.27, 2006 Sep.30, 2006 Sep.30, 2006 Oct.03, 2006 Oct.05, 2006 Oct.14, 2006 Visiting the Shi Guang Children’s Center in Hsinchu County, and giving food to the children in celebration of Moon Festival. Visiting inmates at Tainan Mingde Labor Prison, holding soul-elevating seminars and Convenient Method teaching sessions (supported by fellow initiates). Moon Festival visits to underprivileged people in elderly and children’s homes in Tainan County, giving them festival food and toys, and presenting entertainment programs. September visit to the Sindian Drug Abuser Treatment Center, holding spiritual seminars and meditation teaching sessions for inmates (supported by fellow initiates). Visiting halfway shelter for homeless and giving them Moon Festival gifts. Visiting Sindian Drug Abuser Treatment Center and giving festival gifts to inmates. Participating in the Autumn National Beach Cleaning Activity at Tainan Golden Beach (supported by fellow initiates). Participating in the Autumn National Beach Cleaning Activity (supported by fellow initiates). Holding soul-elevating seminars and meditation teaching sessions for inmates at Changhua Prison (supported by fellow initiates). Participating in the 2006 Roots and Shoots Animal Parade held by the Jane Goodall Institute-Taiwan to promote the vegetarian ideal of compassion. October visit to the Sindian Drug Abuser Treatment Center, holding spiritual seminars and meditation teaching sessions for inmates (supported by fellow initiates). Visiting parolees under the guidance of the Hualien District Prosecutors’ Office, holding a soul-elevating seminar and meditation teaching session (voluntary support by fellow initiates). Visiting homeless friends and elderly people living alone, and contributing washing machines for use by the homeless friends on Double Ninth Festival (a special day for the elderly). Holding the “Lively Fruits and Vegetables—Healthy Vegetarian Diet” event and distributing relevant informative material (voluntary support by fellow initiates). November visit to the Sindian Drug Abuser Treatment Center, holding spiritual seminars and meditation teaching sessions for inmates (supported by fellow initiates). Visiting inmates at Tainan Mingde Labor Prison, holding soul-elevating seminars and Convenient Method teaching sessions (supported by fellow initiates). Visiting inmates at Tainan Prison, holding soul-elevating seminars and Convenient Method teaching sessions (supported by fellow initiates). Posting the Alternative Living message on highway billboards to promote the healthy vegetarian lifestyle. In support of the national homeland cleaning project, sweeping Miaoli Highway No. 28 (voluntary support by fellow initiates). Providing information about the healthy vegetarian diet, and holding a soul-elevating seminar for stroke patients and their family members at the Taipei Hospital (voluntary support by fellow initiates). Responding to the government’s call for a “Healthy Formosa” by participating in the Golden Age Healthy Vegetarian Fair held by the Nantou County Health Bureau. Setting up Supreme Master TV billboards to direct attention to positive news. Offering winter clothes to destitute patients and the homeless at Taipei City Hospital to ensure a warm winter for them. Visiting inmates at Tainan Prison, holding soul-elevating seminars and Convenient Method teaching sessions (supported by fellow initiates). December visit to the Sindian Drug Abuser Treatment Center, holding spiritual seminars and meditation teaching sessions for inmates (supported by fellow initiates). To purify people’s minds and encourage respect for life and the healthy vegetarian diet, holding health seminars, vegetarian food tasting, cooking demonstrations, and Supreme Master Ching Hai art exhibition. Total: 10,160 0 23,134 0 5,855 12,100 0 0 0 3,950 0 0 23,362 0 0 0 0 100,000 0 0 35,593 21,000 7,500 0 0 28,500 $282,994 M J K L I H G E F D C

Changhua Oct.14, 2006 Changhua Oct.16, 2006 Taipei Taipei Hualien Taipei Taipei Taipei Tainan Tainan Oct.28, 2006 Oct.31, 2006 Nov.06, 2006 Nov.07, 2006 Nov.15, 2006 Nov.16, 2006 Nov.15, 2006 Nov.16, 2006

Changhua Nov.17, 2006 Miaoli Taipei Nantou Taipei Tainan Taipei Tainan Nov.19, 2006 Dec.15, 2006 Dec.16, 2006 Dec.19, 2006 Dec.28, 2006 Dec.28, 2006 Dec.31, 2006

Changhua Dec.17, 2006


The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178

Love in Action

Table 2: Relief funds given to needy households in Formosa from September to December 2006
(Currency in NT$) Place Taipei Miaoli Changhua Tainan Monthly Subtotal September 2006 No. of Amount Households 1 5,000 2 10,000 1 3,000 1 3,000 5 $21,000 October 2006 No. of Amount Households 5 23,500 3 15,000 1 3,000 0 0 9 �41,500 November 2006 No. of Amount Households 5 23,500 4 20,000 1 3,000 0 0 10 �46,500 December 2006 No. of Amount Households 6 25,000 5 25,000 1 3,000 0 0 12 $53,000 Appendix 1 2 3 4

The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178 101

Love in Action
2006 Global Disaster Relief and Charitable Activities by Supreme Master Ching Hai and Her International Association, from January to December
Country Receiving Aid Pakistan Date(s) January February February March June September November December December Philippines December December December December December December December Iran Kenya Indonesia April April - October May - June December July July September October December December December Burundi

Description Relief efforts rendered to earthquake victims Relief efforts rendered to landslide victims Contribution to cartoon project to help create jobs Contribution to scholarship fund for poor students in the Philippines Relief rendered to Typhoon Milenyo victims Contribution to St. Paul University Quezon City Contribution to Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines Contribution to Polytechnic University of the Philippines Contribution to Commission on the Filipino Language Contribution to Earthsaver’s Dream Ensemble Contribution to Gusi Peace Prize Foundation Contribution to Ramos Peace and Development Foundation Contribution for the Filipino Institute of Komiks Arts and Sciences Relief efforts rendered to Typhoon Durian victims Relief efforts rendered to earthquake Victims Well-digging project to bring relief to drought victims Relief efforts rendered to earthquake victims Relief efforts rendered to flood victims Contribution to help six Aulacese organizations Contribution to Orange Coast College Vietnamese Student Association, Orange County, USA Contribution to Operation Kindness, no-kill shelter for homeless animals Contribution to Farm Sanctuary Contribution to help the vegetarian lunch program in Oak Grove School in Ojai, California Contribution to Whale Rescue Team Contribution to Contribution to fund supplementary education program in Kamenge Youth Center

Amount PKR $4,327,086 PHP$1,218,832.17 US$25,000 PHP$890,000 PHP$2,019,922.25 US$50,000 US$50,000 US$30,000 US$10,000 US$50,000 US$50,000 US$50,000 US$40,000 PHP$4,896,333 Tuman$10,565,500 US$96,165 IDR$529,789,612 IDR$136,079,507 US$65,000 US$10,000 US$10,000 US$10,000 US$5,000 US$10,000 US$10,000 US$30,000

Equivalent in US Dollars $72,578.00 $23,620.78 $25,000.00 $16,761.00 $40,632.26 $50,000.00 $50,000.00 $30,000.00 $10,000.00 $50,000.00 $50,000.00 $50,000.00 $40,000.00 $98,955.82 $11,560.00 $96,165.00 $57,586.00 $14,954.00 $65,000.00 $10,000.00 $10,000.00 $10,000.00 $5,000.00 $10,000.00 $10,000.00 $30,000.00

News # for Reference 163, 164 164, 165, 170 170 170 175, 176 177, 178 177, 178 177, 178 177, 178 178 178 178 178 177, 178 167 169, 174, 175, 178 169,170 178 174 171 176 178 177




The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178

Love in Action
Morocco Mongolia Nepal Azerbaijan September October November November December December Thailand December December December United Kingdom December January December January December Contribution to Hanane Abdelmouttalib for homeless animal fund Planting trees to help restore the original beauty of the natural ecosystem Relief rendered to victims of fatal mosquitotransmitted diseases (malaria, dengue, etc) Providing care and food for refugees in the Azerbaijan camp Contribution to Buddhist Monastery of Dhamakaya Temple Contribution to Pattaya City Hall Contribution made to help local police families’ financial situations Financial aid for initiates in need around the world Contribution to Mae Tao Clinic (at the border of Thailand and Myanmar), which offers free services to Burmese refugees and other ethnic groups Contribution to Popli Khalatbari Charitable Foundation Monthly relief for the needy US$10,000 MNT $2,500,000 NPR$221,555 US$22,255 THB$360,000 US$6,000 US$20,000 US$10,000 US$10,000 US$10,000 $10,000.00 $2,200.00 $3,166.00 $22,255.00 $10,000.00 $6,000.00 $20,000.00 $10,000.00 $10,000.00 $10,000.00 176 177 177 177 177 177 177 177 178 178 166, 168, 169, 171, 172, 173, 174, 175, 176, 178 166, 169, 172, 175, 178




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The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178 103

Story World

Blessed Food for the

Lively Doggie
By sister initiate Quyen Tu, Sydney, Australia (Originally in English)


uring the Thailand Seminar, my husband and I purchased the last packet of Loving Food for the Lively Doggie for our little dog, Holly. Holly is cross Mexican Chihuahua and Pomeranian and has been vegetarian since birth. Upon arriving at the airport in Australia, a Customs Officer inspected our bags and saw the dog food; he told us that he will be taking it as Australian Laws prohibits any pet food from being brought into Australia as it may contain meat products, and hence may contain diseases. We were upset as we were very eager to bring back the dog food to Holly. We sincerely prayed to Master as it is extremely difficult to find vegetarian dog food in Australia. Subsequently, the Customs Officer called a Quarantine Officer (as a procedure) to check out the dog food. Upon inspection, the Quarantine Officer said that they never allow any pet food to enter into Australia. She made us sign a declaration form stating that she had taken the dog food from us. We begged her to let us take the dog food as it was vegetarian and told her to read the ingredients. After reading, she strongly praised Loving Food for the Lively Doggie, and agreed the ingredients were very nutritious and healthy for dogs. She knew all the ingredients contained in the dog food. She told us that she was also a vegetarian, and had a dog of her own. She had previously studied about animal nutrition and understood the importance of giving her dog vegetarian food. Amazingly, she told us to put the dog food into our bag. We believe that it was Master’s invisible power at work that this miracle happened. Who would expect that God sent a vegetarian officer who loves animals to come to inspect our dog food! We sincerely thank Master for Her blessings, especially Holly who appreciates and loves the delicious “Lively Doggie” food.


The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178

In the following list are those among the good nations in which basic or greater freedom of faith is respected. If there is no contact person in your area, please contact our headquarters or our office nearest to you.

Our Liaison Practitioners around the World
P.O.Box 9, Hsihu, Miaoli 36899, Formosa, R.O.C. P.O.Box 730247, San Jose, CA 95173-0247, U.S.A.
☼ AFRICA * Angola: Center / 244 923 338082 / * Benin: Center / 229-21-383982 / * Benin: porto-novo / Center <> * Burkina Faso: Ouagadougou Center / 226-50-341704 / * Dem.Rep. of the Congo: Kinshasa Center / 243-810583010 / * Ghana: Center / 233-277607-528 / * Kenya: Center / 254-726944744 / * Madagascar: Antananarivo / Mr. Eric Razahidah / 261-33-1115197 / * Mauritius: • Port Louis / Mr. Liang Dong Sheng / 230-2566286 • Port Louis / Ms. Josiane Chan She Ping / 230-242-0462 / * Rep. of the Congo: Brazzaville Center / 242-5694029, 242-5791640 / * R.S.Africa: • Cape Town / Center / 27-83-952-5744 / • Johannesburg / Mr. Gerhard Vosloo / 27-82570-4437 / • Johannesburg / Ms. Khena Refiloe Truelove /27-117-674-25040 / * Togo: • Kpalime / Center / 228-4-410-948 • Lome / Center / 228-2-222-864 / • Lome / Mr. David Chine / 228-2-215-551 * Uganda: Kampala / Mr. Samuel Luyimbaazi / 256-77264-9807 / ☼ AMERICA * Argentina: Buenos Aires / Ms. Mabel Alicia Kaplan / 54-11-4545-4640 / * Bolivia: • Santa Cruz / Ms. Adalina da graca munhoz / 591-3-3301758 / • Trinidad: Mr. Wu Chao Shien / 591-4625964 * Brazil: • Belem / Ms. Cleci de Brito Neves / 55-9188019288 / • Goiania / Mr. & Mrs. Erwin Madrid / 55-62-3941-4510 / • Recife / Recife Center / • Recife / Ms. Maria Vasconcelos de Oliveira / 55-81-3326-9048 / • Recife / Ms. Monica Tereza Nogueira / 55-81-8742-3431, 55-81-3304-0452 • San Paulo / Center / 55-11-5904-3083, 55-11-5579-1180 / * Canada:

• Edmonton / Mr. & Mrs. Dang Van Sang / 1-780-963 5240 / • London / Center / 1-519-933-7162 / • Montreal / Center / 1-514-277-4655 / • Montreal / Ms. Euchariste Pierre / 1-514-481-9816 / • Montreal / Mr. Hung The Nguyen / 1-514-494-7511 / • Ottawa / Mr. Jianbo Wu / 1-613-829-5668 / • Ottawa / Ms. Jean Agnes Campbell / 1-613-839-2931 / • Toronto / Center / 1-416-503-0515 • Toronto / Ms. Diep Hoa / 1-905-828-2279 / • Toronto / Mr. & Mrs. Lenh Van Pham / 1-416-282-5297 / • Toronto / Liaison Office / • Vancouver / Ms. Li-Hwa Liao / 1-604-541-1530 / • Vancouver / Ms. Sheila Coodin / 1-604-580-4087 / • Vancouver / Ms. Nguyen Thi Yen / 1-604-581-7230 / * Chile: • La Serena / Mr. Esteban Zapata Guzman / 56-51-451019 / • Santiago / Center / 56-2-6385901 / • Santiago / Mrs. Millaray Lizana Lizana/ 56-2-4544278 / • Santiago / Mrs. Jacqueline Barrientos / 56-2-3147786 / * Colombia: Bogota Center / 57-1-2712861 / * Costa Rica: • San Jose / Center / 506-2200-753 • San Jose / Ms. Laura Chen / 506-3632-748 / * Honduras: Tegucigalpa / Ms. Edith Sagrario Ochoa / 504-2250120 * Mexico: • Mexicali / Ms. Sonia Valenzuela / 1-928-317-8535 / • Mexico State / Liaison Office / 52-55-5852-1256 / • Monterrey / Mr. Roque Antonio Leal Suffo / 52-8-18104-1604 / * Nicaragua: Managua / Mrs. Pastora Valdivia Iglesias / 505-248-3651 / * Panama: • Panama / Center / 507-236-7495 • Panama / Ms. Maritza E.R. de Leone / 507-260-5021 / * Paraguay: Asuncion / Ms. Emilce Cespedes Gimenez / 595-21-523684 / * Peru: • Arequipa / Mr. Julio Cardenas Pelizzari / 51-54-453828 / • Cusco / Ms. Patricia Kross Canal / 51-84-232682 /

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• Lima / Mr. Edgar Nadal & Ms. Teresa de Nadal / 51-1-4667737 / • Lima / Mr. Victor Carrera / 51-1-2650310 • Puno / Ms. Mercedes Rodriguez / 51-54-353039 / • Trujillo / Mr. & Mrs. Raúl Segura Prado / 51-44-221688 / * USA: § Arizona: Center / 1-602-264-3480 § Arizona: Mr. & Mrs. Kenny Ngo / 1-602-404-5341 / § Arkansas: Mr. Robert Jeffreys / 1-479-253-8287 / § California: • Fresno / Ms. Frances Lozano / 1-559-322-9793 / • Los Angeles / Center / 1-951-674-7814 • Los Angeles / Mr. & Mrs. Tsung-Liang Lin / 1-626-914-4127 / • Los Angeles / Mr. Gerald Martin / 1-310-836-2740 / • Los Angeles / Ms. Chiem, Mai Le / 1-714-924-5327 / • Sacramento / Mr. Thi Thai Le / 916-799-7768 / • Sacramento / Mr. Tuan Minh Le / 1-916-226-9197 / • San Diego / Center / 1-619-280-7982 / • San Diego / Mr. & Mrs. Tran Van Luu / 1-619-475-9891 • San Francisco / Center / • San Francisco / Mr. &Mrs. Khoa Dang Luong / 1-415-753-2922 • San Francisco / Mr. & Mrs. Dan Hoang / 1-415-333-9119 / • San Jose / Ms. Sophie Lapaire / 1-650-464-8066 / • San Jose / Ms. Jolly Chiou / 1-408-221-0097 / • San Jose / Ms. Mai Thanh Phan / 1-408-603-5037 / § Colorado: Ms. Victoria Singson / 1-303-986-1248 / § Florida: • Cape Coral / Mr. & Mrs. Thai Dinh Nguyen / 1-239-458-2639 / • Cape Coral / Ms. Trina L. Stokes / 1-239-433-9369 / • Orlando / Mr. Michael Stephen Blake / 1-407-333-0178 / § Georgia: Mr. James Collins / 1-770-294-1189 / § Georgia: Mr. Roddell Pleasants / 1-678-429-7958 § Georgia: Ms. Kim Dung Thi Nguyen / 1-404-422-1431 § Hawaii: Center / 1-808-735-9180 / § Hawaii: Mrs. Dorothy Kaomi Sakata / 1-808-988-6059 / § Illinois: Mr. Tran, Cao-Minh Lam / 1-773-506-8853 / § Indiana: Ms. Josephine Poelinitz / 1-317-842-8119 / § Kentucky: • Frankfort / Center / • Frankfort / Mr. & Mrs. Nguyen Minh Hung / 1-502-695-7257 / § Louisiana: Mr. John L. Fontenot / 1-504-914-3236 / § Maryland: Mr. Nguyen Van Hieu / 1-301-933-5490 / § Massachusetts: • Boston / Center /1-978-528-6113 / • Boston / Ms. Gan Mai-Ky / 1-508-842-0262 • Boston / Mr. & Mrs. Huan-Chung Li / 1-978-957-7021 § Michigan: Mr. Martin John White / 1-734-327-9114 / § Minnesota: Ms. Quach Ngoc / 1-612-722-7328 /

§ Missouri: Rolla / Mr. & Mrs. Genda Chen / 1-573-368-2679 / § Nevada: Las Vegas / Ms. Helen Wong / 1-702-242-5688 § New Mexico: Mr. & Mrs. Nawarskas / 1-505-342-2252 / § New Jersey : Center / 1-973-209-1651 / § New Jersey : Mr. Hero Zhou / 1-973 - 960 6248 / § New Jersey : Ms. Lynn McGee / 1-973-864-7633 / § New Jersey : Ms. Bozena Chetnik 1-732-986-2907 / § New York: • New York / Mr. & Mrs. Zhihua Dong / 1-718-567-0064 / • Rochester / Ms. Debra Couch / 1-585-256-3961 / § North Carolina: Mr. & Mrs. Huynh Thien Tan / 1-704-535-3789 / § North Carolina: Mr. Fred Lawing / 1-704-614-4397 / § Ohio: • Hamilton / Mr. & Mrs. Vu Van Phuong / 1-513-887-8597 / § Oklahoma: Mr. & Mrs. Tran Kim Lam / 1-405-632-1598 / § Oregon: • Portland / Mr. & Mrs. Minh Tran / 1-503-614-0147 / • Portland / Ms. Youping Zhong / 1-503-257-2437 / § Pennsylvania: Mr. & Mrs. Diep Tam Nguyen / 1-610-931-4699 / § Pennsylvania: Mrs. Ella Flowers / 1-215-879-6852 § Texas: • Austin / Center / 1-512-396-3471 / • Austin / Mr. Dean Duong Tran / 1-512-989-6113 / • Dallas / Center / 1-214-339-9004 / • Dallas / Mr. Tim Mecha / 1-972-395-0225 / • Dallas / Mr. Weidong Duan / 1-972-517-5807 / • Dallas / Mr. Jimmy Nguyen / 1-972-206-2042 / • Houston / Center / 1-281-955-5782 • Houston / Ms. Carolyn Adamson / 1-713-6652659 / • Houston / Mr. & Mrs. Charles Le Nguyen / 1-713-922-1492 / • Houston / Mr. & Mrs. Robert Yuan / 1-281-251-3199 / • San Antonio / Mr. Khoi Kim Le / 1-210-558-2049 / § Virginia: • Washington DC / Center / 1-703-997-1622 / • Virginia / Mr. & Mrs. Hua Phi Anh/ 1-703-978-6791 / • Virginia Beach / Le Thanh Liem / 1-757- 461-5531 / § Washington: • Seattle / Mr. Ben Tran / 1-425-643-3649 / • Seattle / Mr. Edward Tan / 1-206-228-8988 / § Wyoming: Ms. Esther Mary Cole / 1-307-332-7108 / * Puerto Rico: Camuy / Mrs. Disnalda Hernanadez Morales / 1-787-262-1874 / ☼ ASIA * Formosa: • Taipei / Center / 886-2-2706-6168 / • Taipei / Mr. & Mrs. Loh, Shih-Hurng / 886-2-27062628 / • Miaoli / Mr. & Mrs. Chen, Tsan-Gin / 886-37-221618 • Miaoli / Mr. Chu, Chen Pei / 886-37-724726


The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178

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• Macau / Center / 853-28532231 / • Macau / Liaison Office / 853-28532995 * Malaysia: • Alor Setar / Mr. Chiao-Shui Yu / 60-4-7877453 • Johor Bahru / Mr. & Mrs. Chi-Liang Chen / 60-7-6622518 / • Kuala Lumpur / Center / 60-3-2145 3904 / • Kuala Lumpur / Mr. Phua Kai Liang / 60-12-307 3002 / • Penang / Center / 60-4-2285853 / • Penang / Mr. & Mrs. Lim Wah Soon / 60-4-6437017 * Mongolia: • Ulaanbaatar / Ms. Erdenechimeg Baasandamba / 976-11-310908 / • Baganuur / Mr. & Mrs. Gursad Bayarsaikhan / 976-121-21174 * Myanmar: Mr. Sai San Aik / 95-1-667427 / * Nepal: • Kathmandu / Center / 977-1-4254-481 / • Kathmandu / Mr. Ajay Shrestha / 977-1-4473-558 / • Pokhara / Center / 977-61-531643 • Pokhara / Mr. Bishnu Neupane / 977-984-60-36423 / * Philippines: Manila Center / 63-917-474-9845 / * Singapore: • Singapore / Center / 65-6741-7001 / • Singapore / Liaison office / 65-6846-9237 * Sri Lanka: Colombo / Mr. Lawrence Fernando / 94-11-2412115 / * Thailand: • Bangkok / Center / 66-2-674-2690 / • Bangkok / Ms. Laddawan Na Ranong / 66-1-8690636, 66-2-5914571 / • Chiang Mai / Ms. Siriwan Supatrchamnian / 66-50-332136 / • Khon Kaen / Center / 66-43-378112 • Songkhla / Center / 66-74-323694 ☼ EUROPE * Austria: • Vienna / Center / 43-699-12272892 / • Vienna / Mr. Nguyen Van Dinh / 43-2955-70535 * Belgium: • Brussels / Ms. Ann Goorts / 32-472-670272 / • Brussels / Ms. Ellen De Maesschalk / 32-486-242248 * Bulgaria: • Sofia / Mr. Ruslan Staykov / 359-2-8575358 / • Plovdiv / Mrs. Miglena Bozhikova / 359-32-940726 / * Croatia : Mr. Zeljko Starcevic / 385-98 9706788 / * Czech: • Prague / Center / 420-261-263-031 / • Prague / Mrs. Marcela Gerlova / 420-608-265-305 * Denmark: Mr. Thanh Nguyen / 45-66-190459 / * Finland: • Helsinki / Ms. Astrid Murumagi / 358-50-596-2315 / • Helsinki / Mr. Tri Dung Tran / 358-40-7542586

The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178 107

* France: • Alsace / Ms. Despretz Anne-Claire / 33-3-89770607 / • Ardeche / Ms. Reynet Jeanine / 33-4-75376232 • Montpellier / Mr. Nguyen Tich Hung / 33-4-67413257 / • Paris / Center / 33-1-4300-6282 • Paris / Ms. Lancelot Isabelle / 33-1-7069-3210 / * Germany: • Berlin / Mr. Grigorii Guinzbourg / 49-30-5498-6147 / • Berlin / Ms. Hoa Thi Hoang / 49-30-3083-4712 / • Duisburg / Liaison office / 49-203-4846374 /; • Freiburg / Ms. Elizabeth Muller / 49-171-516-4462 / • Hamburg / Liaison office / 49-58115491 / • Munchen / Ms. Johanna Hoening / 49-8170-997050 / • Munchen / Mr. Nguyen, Thanh Ha / 49-89-353098 / * Greece: • Athens / Ms. Vicky Chrisikou / 30-210-8022009, 30-6944-470094 / * Holland: Amsterdam / Mr. Kamlung Cheng / 31-647838638 / * Hungary: • Budapest Center / 36-1-363-3896 / • Budapest / Mr. Gabor Soha / 36-20-221-5040 / * Iceland : Ms. Nguyen Thi Lien/ 354 - 5811962 / * Italy: Pescara / Bettina ADANK / 39-085-454-9184 / * Ireland / Dublin / Mrs. Hsu, Hua-Chin / 353-1-4865852 / * Ireland / Dublin / Ms. Kathleen Hogan / 35314977191 / * Norway: Oslo / Ms. Marte Hagen / 47-64978762, 47-92829803 / * Poland: • Szczecin / Mrs. Grazyna Plocinizak / 48-91-4874953 / • Warsaw / Ms. Elzbieta Ukleja / 48-22-8367814 / * Portugal: • Alcobaca / Mr. Antonio Jose Vieira Caldeira / 351-262-59792 / * Romania: Bucharest / center / * Russia: Moscow / Mrs. Leera Gareyeva / 79104659738 / * Slovakia: Zilina / Mr. Roman Sulovec / 421-903100216 / * Slovenia: • Ljubljana / Center / 386-1-518 25 42 / • Ljubljana / Mr. Janez Pavlovic / 386-41-320-268 / • Maribor / Mr. Rastislav Alfonz Kovacic / 386-3-581 49 81 / * Spain: • Madrid / Ms. Lidia Kong / 34-91-547-0366 • Madrid / Mr. Claudio Octavio Silva Zuniga / 34-667090831 / • Malaga / Mr. Wang Ya-King / 34-95-235-1521

• Valencia / Vegetarian House / 34-96-3744361 • Valencia / Mr. Yu Xi-Qi / 34-96-3301778 / * Sweden: • Angelholm / Mrs. Luu Thi Dung / 46-431-26151 / • Are / Ms. Viveka Widlund / 46-63-38097, 46-70-6219906 / • Stockholm / Mr. Mats Gigard / 46-8-882207 / * Switzerland: • Geneva / Ms. Feng-Li Liu / 41-22-797-3789 / • Geneva / Ms. Klein Ursula / 41-22-369-1550 / * United Kingdom: § England: • Ipswich / Mr Manooch Azmoodeh / 44-1473-610949 / • London / Center / 44-2088-419866 / • London / Mr. Danny Ejayese / 44-7949798310 / • Stoke-on-Trent / Mrs. Janet Weller / 44-1782-866489 / • Surrey / Mr. C. W. Wo / 44-1293-416698 / § Scotland: Edinburgh / Mrs. Annette Lillig / 44-131-666-0319 / ☼ OCEANIA * Australia: • Adelaide / Mr. Leon Liensavanh / 61-8-8332-6192 / • Brisbane / Center / • Brisbane / Mr. Gerry Bisshop / 61-7-3901 6235 • Brisbane / Mrs. Tieng Thi Minh Chau / 61-7-3715-7230 / • Brisbane / Mr. & Mrs. Yun-Lung Chen / 61-7-3344-2519 / • Canberra / Mr. Hoang Khanh / 61-2-6259-1993 / • Melbourne / Center / • Melbourne / Mrs & Mr Rob Nagtegaal / 61-3-5282-4431 / • Melbourne / Mr Phong Minh Tan Do / 61-3-9850-2553 /

• Melbourne / Mr. Alan Khor / 61-3-9857-4239 / • Perth / Mr. David Robert Brooks / 61-8-9418-6125 / • Perth / Mr. Ly Van Tri / 61-8-9242-2848 • Sydney / Mr. Ly An Thanh / 61-2-9823-8223 / • Sydney / Mrs. Kathy Divine/61-2- 9891 5609 / • Tasmania / Mr. Raymond Dixon / 61-3-62314420 / * New Zealand: • Auckland / Mrs. Noelyne No Thi Ishibasi / 649-277-9285 / • Auckland / Mr. Peter Morrin / 64-9-579 2452 / • Auckland / Mr. Chang Jen-Hor / 64-9-2749298 / • Christchurch / Mr. Michael Lin / 64-3-343-6918 / • Hamilton / Mr. Glen Vincent Prime / 64-211399934 / • Nelson / Ms. Sharlene Lee / 64-3-539-1313 /

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The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178

Poems of Immortality

By Supreme Master Ching Hai (Originally in Aulacese) Excerpt from Poetry Anthology “Pebbles and Gold”

Let us love like the cascading waterfall! T

Let us love like the stormy ocean on a wintry shore! Let us love like the howling wind, Let us love like the pouring rain... ... he moon and stars burning bright, We journey To a region of exuberance – To the realm of exquisite silence...
The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178 109

Poems of Immortality

Appreciative Reading

Love’s Power Connects Cosmos and Earth
By Yiming, New Jersey, USA (Originally in Chinese and English)


n the poems of Supreme Master Ching Hai, even those written during Her youth, the viewpoint, force and literary environment go far beyond anything ordinary. The little poem, “Loving,” unfolds before our eyes in an obvious illustration of this fact. A cascading waterfall, a stormy ocean on a wintry shore, howling wind and pouring rain all demonstrate the tremendous energy that only nature can release in such unusual capacity. But has there been anyone who has ever called up such visions and magnitudes of expression to describe the force of love? The waterfall that cascades down thousands of feet, plummeting to the ground in a terrific roar; towering waves that pound the rocks to become droplets of crushed water; powerful rain pouring from an upside-down heaven; the stormy wind that sweeps forcefully through space and removes all that’s in its way - this poem could enlighten us with its incredible viewpoint, its incomparable force and indescribable literary environment! It is almost beyond imagination that the love in the heart of a young girl could have such tremendous power. Suddenly, stars are sparkling; the Moon is shining its bright light on Earth. The world is fully tranquil in exquisite silence. The powerful disturbances that had shaken the world have calmed to reveal a starry moon-lit night of peace. That a young girl could handle the change from earth-shaking motion to utter stillness, from overwhelming power to such quiet peace, brings a sense of awe in the beholder. The size of heaven and earth depicted by one’s pen depends on the magnitude of heaven and earth contained in the inner space of the poet. Mencius once said: “I am good at nurturing the power of my soul.” What else could it be that nurtured and empowered such a young Poet with the ability to inhale and exhale the entire Universe?


The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 178

Elevation of the Soul

Supreme Master Ching Hai’s New Book Releases
Pebbles and Gold (Chinese edition) - Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Latest Poetry Anthology

The Timelessness of Love: Reflections of a Young Saint
he precious collection of Pebbles and Gold, 56 exquisite poems composed by Supreme Master Ching Hai during Her youth, is now available to Chinese readers, following the release of the Aulacese and English editions. Translated and compiled under the loving editing guidance of Master, this exclusive poetry collection is truly a special gift of art, beauty and love. With an observant and sensitive soul, the Poet wrote Her first verse at the age of seven. The first part of this collection, “Human Love,” exquisitely portrays the interconnectedness of human beings through the Poet’s own deeply felt affection for those around Her – family members, teachers, classmates, neighbors and many others. If agony and struggles were prevalent in the Poet’s turbulent outside world, there was definitely a magnificent haven where splendor and romance radiantly blossomed in Her inner world. “Passionate Love” is the theme of the second part of Pebbles and Gold, in which the ecstasy and fascination of romantic love is beautifully conveyed through tender, lyrical expressions. These extraordinary poems are richly endowed with imagery, melody and originality, offering the reader refreshing delight and a deeper understanding of the wonders of love. In the poetry anthology of Pebbles and Gold, Supreme Master Ching Hai expresses Her inner feelings as a youth towards life and love. Through the timeless heart-to-heart communication and openness as reflected in Her Poems, the reader will be deeply touched by the eternal love of a saintly Poet.


Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Latest DVD
DVD721 (Spoken in Chinese, with 27 choices of subtitles) The Wisdom Eye Florida Center, USA, June 4, 2001
How can one truly enjoy meditation? When meditating, how can one communicate spiritually with the Source of enlightenment and eternal happiness? Why does one receive God’s blessings and reap merits in manifold if one continues to meditate despite illness? If our thoughts from the day carry over into our dreams, will Master still take us to the Higher Realms for lessons? According to a world-renowned acupuncturist, what significant difference is there between Quan Yin practitioners and ordinary people in terms of resistance to disease and recovery from illness? Highlights:

Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Latest CD
CD-CR02 (Spoken in Chinese) Spirituality Needs Leisure and Freedom / The Origin of Pilgrimage
International 4-day Retreat in Bangkok, Thailand, October, 22-25, 1997

Highlights: In order to measure our spiritual progress, should we always check to see whether our loving kindness has developed? If we have no experience during meditation yet have it during sleep, what is the difference between both? During times of need, how can one pray for help and communicate with the inner Master’s power? How do we distinguish between actions taken because of the ego or coming from wisdom? What is the true meaning and origin of “pilgrimage”? What kind of pilgrimage truly benefits spiritual practice and earns merit?

Master’s Latest Paintings

This is one of the newest paintings by Master, now available as a photo for the art lovers to collect and enjoy.

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