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September 2012
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Violet, indigo, blue and green, yellow, orange and red; these are the colors you have seen after the storm has fled. What am I? There is a frog, dead in the middle of an island. If he swims north, the distance to the mainland is 2 metres. If he swims south, the distance to the mainland is 3 metres. If he swims east or west, the distance is 4 metres. Which way does he swim? What word doesn't belong in this group? that, hat, what, mat, cat, sat, pat, chat What. It's pronounced differently...all of the others rhyme. Which is correct to say: 'The yolk of the egg are white' or 'The yolk of the egg is white' ? It is the beginning of eternity, the end of time and space, the begining of the end, and the end of every space? What is it? What falls but never breaks? What breaks but never falls?

You are on an island in the middle of a lake. The lake is in a remote part of the country and there has never been a bridge connecting the island to the mainland. Every day a tractor and wagon gives hay rides around the island. Puzzled as to how the tractor had gotten onto the island, you ask around and find out that the tractor was not transported to the island by boat or by air. Nor was it built on the island. Explain how the tractor got there? Bouncing Bob was riding a particularly frisky horse when suddenly its bridle came off. As they raced down the road, a screaming Bob clung to the horse's ears for dear life. Out of the corner of his eye, Bob saw a car coming, and realizing the horse was completely out of control, he panicked. Flailing his arms about, he accidently caused the horse to come to an abrupt halt. What could Bouncing Bob have done to make the horse stop? Which bird does not belong in this group? finch, gull, eagle, ostrich, sparrow



- A Rainbow. - He doesn't swim at all, he is dead. - What. It's pronounced differently...all of the others rhyme. - It was an EMPTY glass! - Neither, the yolk of the egg is yellow. - The Letter E. - Night and Day! - It was driven over in winter when the lake was frozen. - Bob accidently put his hands over the horse's eyes. If a horse can't see he will automatically stop. - The Ostrich. It's the only bird that doesn't fly.

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The Coffee Corner ~ Jokes

Why did the chicken cross the road? To show the raccoon it could be done !! To get to the Shell Station!!! The poor has it, The rich need it, if you eat it you will die. What is it? Answer: Nothing Q: What kind of snack do little monkeys have with their milk? A: Chocolate chimp cookies. Q: What do frogs eat with their hamburgers? A: French flies. Q: What is a little dog's favorite drink? A: Pupsi-cola. Q: Did you hear about the man who lost his whole left side? A: He's all-right now! What kind of keys do kids like to carry? Coo-kies! Q: What do monsters make with cars? A: Traffic Jam Q: What do you call the elephant witch doctor? A: Mumbo Jumbo

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Wanted: get that old car,truck,or van out of your yard for scrap before winter nipawin tisdale area call (306) 862-4701 for prices 306-862-4701 Looking for 4 aggressive quad tires for 12 inch rims 862-4205 Lost a Buliva watch with a Hawks logo on the face 862-2404 For sale Yamaha electric organ $45 862-4736 For sale Metal firepit $15 40 small bricks $50 and 8 large cider blocks $10 862-7513 For sale Blaze King wood stove with 6 ft hi temp chimney and 9 ft stove pipe all support brackets and rain cat included $500 862-3358 garden shed for sale. wood type 8x6. 306-276-1341 Lost St'Bennard Dog out in Love area please call if you have seen it around 8629476 Are you renovating your kitchen? I'm looking for cupboards. Please leave a message.862-4036 1998 Sportsmen 23Ft Trailer Air, microwave, 3 burner stove, fridge, full bath, newer awning. 306-862-2102 Looking for a good working used NATURAL GAS stove. white. 276-0084 Citizen 13 inch color tv. Used very little. $20.00. Call after 5 pm. 862-2167 Border Collie/Great Pyrenees cross pups. 1 male and 1 female. Coming 10 weeks old, $25 862-2728 Garage Sale* Friday 1pm to 5pm Saturday 10am to 3pm Cherry ridge road 3 miles north,watch for the balloons 862-4057

Located at 212 Railway Ave East, Nipawin

(Q) Why do gorillas have big nostrils? What did one volcano say to (A) Because they have big the other? fingers Do you lava me like I lava you? How do you know if there's an elephant under your bed? Question: What has 4 You bump your nose on the wheels and flies? ceiling! Ans: garbage truck! doctor, doctor I keep on Can you answer this ? lying. If one doctor doctors anThat's not true! other doctor does the doctor who doctors the doctor What did the sea say to the doctor the doctor the way sand? the doctor he is doctoring Nothing, it just waved! doctors? Or does the doctor doctor the way the doc- How do you know if there's tor who doctors doctors? an elephant under your bed? Because you need a ladder Why do candle trimmers to get in !! work so few days a week? They only work on wickWhat did one tonsil say to ends! the other tonsil? Get dressed up, the doctor Why did the chicken cross is taking us out! the road? To get to the other side !!!! Question: What is greater than god? Why did the turtle cross What is more evil than the the road? devil?

Looking for hanging plant For sale queen size bed $150 pots and hanging plant stands call cell 276-8886 862-2818 862-5716 2000 2 door, black chevy Looking for a larger dog ken- cavalier sport. Very clean, nel and 50 ft of 6ft hi chain runs great. 5spd standard has link fence 862-5392 air, tilt and cruise. 921-6274 For sale corner desk with top shelving unit $30 Table top BBQ $10 862-5042 2003 Dodge Caravan. Clean, loaded and low kms. Next to new tires. Good glass, runs very well. 863-2323

Nipawin: 862-0400 Melfort: 752-4524 218 Railway Ave East, Nipawin 818 Main Street, Melfort

Locally & privately owned and operated. Traditional, Memorial, Graveside & Direct Services. Pre-arrangements & pre-planning services available. Competitive & fair pricing with no hidden fees. Hassle free transfer of pre-arrangements Monument & Memorial Sales Niches available for purchase in the

Coventry Columbarium located in Mabel Hill Cemetery.

Phone: 306-862-4233 Email:

The Coffee Corner Classifieds

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The Coffee Corner ~ Time Teasers

The Golden Girls Crossword Puzzle

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sale in White Fox 300 Main Street Suite in basement. Call June for details. 276-2605 Dirt Devil carpet cleaner Used only once 50.00 276-5991 Looking for a female toy poodle pup or someone who knows where to get one 862-9782
Ph: 862-2349 Cell: 812-7022

Nipawin Oasis Community Centre Fall Flea Market, Oct 20/12, 9 AM - 3 PM @ Evergreen Centre. Table rental $20.00/table contact 306862-5471 For Sale Web Camera to hook up to computer for skyping $5.00 we have two of them for sale. 862-5042 For sale 4 bedroom trailer on a lot in Tisdale with large storage shed in back yard 873-2377


Residential Cabinetry

Kitchens, Bath Vanities, Hutches, Office Cabinetry, Laminate, Quartz or Granite Counters & more.

Looking for a 110 volt clothes dyer in good working condition. 862-3257 JD riding tractor with rotortiller and snow blower $500 276-2183

507 Alfred St. Nipawin 862 - 9240

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1985 honda 250 big red front and rear shocks,shaft drive,reverse,electric For Sale;1 load pine fire- start,runs great,very nice wood 100.00 per load trike,1,500 firm 862-4402 862-9761 We are building a treeFor Sale: 1 four hp John- house for our kids and are son outboard motor in need of some used $500.00 1 four hp Evin- windows to put in. Call rude outboard motor us if you have anything $500.00 1 five hp Honda you think might work. four stroke outboard mo- Thank you. 768-2456 tor $1200.00 all motors in good shape. 276-2497 Corner Computer Desk,top and bottom looking for square bales shelving,kybrd slideout. grass or greenfeed with chair $75/without 276-2133 chair $55. 306-667-1967. 812-8818 Wednesday, September 12 Looking for organically suzuki jr 80. it is great for grown potatoes, carrots kids ages 8 and up. im and beets 862-3678 asking 900 276-2101

Rental signs Digital printing Biz signs Vehicle decals Biz cards License plates Boat registration

Doors Open @6pm Movie @7pm Admission $5.00

211 1st St. West (located behind RBC) Phone: 862-3833

Fill in the blanks so that each row, each column, and each of the nine 3x3 grids contain one instance of each of the numbers 1 through 9 .

Inspirational Quote: You have been given the greatest Power in the World the Power to Choose. Dr. Denis Waitley


862-9745 211 Centre St.


Why Garbage it?

Sell your used unwanted Washers & Dryers, Fridges, Stoves, Deep Freezers, Furniture, TVs. Stereos, Tool, Vehicles. Trailers, etc.

Sunday School for ALL Ages

Consign most Anything at HUNTERS TRADES

Phone Vern 862-4869, Shop 862-2402 or Gord 862-9469
*All items must be in clean, good working order.

Every Sunday 9:30 AM

(excluding long weekends)

Morning Service 10:30 AM Phone 862-4342 109 4th Avenue East

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September 2012
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Town of Nipawin Community Update

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Elections coming up this Fall for the Town of Nipawin

September 19th is the deadline for nominations for Mayor and Council. Nomination forms may be picked up at the town office during regular business hours 8:30 4:30 Monday to Friday. Pleas note that at the public council meeting September 10th Dave Trann announced he will be seeking election for the position of Mayor. Councilors Lewis Robin Kathy Palidwar , Terry Farden and, Mike Botterill have all announced their intention to seek re election. The Nipawin Council consists of 7 positions including Mayor and 6 councilors. All interested Nipawin residents are encouraged to let their name stand for nomination.

pm. Turkey, Ham and Cabbage Rolls and take bake table, coffee and pie after shopping for out will be available. Presented by the Catho- $3. (752 3369 Helen) lic Church Parish. Flea Market on Saturday Sept 22nd from 9 am to 3 pm at the Four Seasons arena at the Melfort Multi-K Pasta Supper on Friday Sept 21st at the Kerry Vickar Centre from 5 to Melfort Fair Grounds. For table rentals call 7 pm. Ted Jaleta special guest speaker. Tickets 752 2240. Storytime at the Melfort Public Library available at City Hall. Pasta supper provided Toddler Time: Tuesdays at 10:30 - 11:15 a.m. by - "You PLUS Me, building a dream camFowl Supper at the Franko Hall on Sunday Preschool Storytime: Wednesdays at 1:30 Sept 23rd at 5 pm. 10 miles east of Codette paign." 2:15 p.m. Registration not required. Drop-ins and 2 miles North. Adults $15. are welcome! Call 752-2022. The Melfort Multi-K run this year is SaturNE SPCA Fundraiser - Sat Sept 29th - MelMelfort Farmers' Market day, September 22nd fort Dog Walk "Fun In The Park" - registration Melfort Mall Parking Lot: Every Thursday from June 28 to September 27; 2 - 5:pm inside Gigantic Garage Sale at the Melfort United at 1030 am - walk around the creek ending at Church, the CE Centre on Friday Sept 21st Melfort Mall: Thursdays 11am - 5pm Spruce Haven Park. BBQ, Family time, ConOct 4 & 18, Nov 1 & 22, Dec 6 & 20. from 9 to 6 pm, and Sat Sept 22nd from 9 to 1 cert and lots of other activities. pm - there is something for everyone. Nipawin Farmers market. Every Thursday Vanity Cup Fishing Tournament in Ni8am-12noon at the area parking Lot. St. Mathews Anglican Church in Tisdale pawin - Sat and Sunday Sept 29th and 30th. Rummage Sale - Thursday Sept 27 9-5p, Fri- Teams competing for over $147,000 cash and Terry Fox Walk in Carrot River is Saturday day Sept 28 9 to 5p, and Sat Sept 29 9 to noon. prizes. Sept 15th - the walk will begin at the arena at Donations gratefully accepted. (Ruth 873 10 am. Get your pledge sheets at the Recrea- 4492) Nipawin Trail Trek walk and run is Sunday Sept 30th - - register with the Nipawin Trail tion office. St Pauls Lutheran Church in Melfort - Au- Trek committee. Forms Available at Interlake Fall Supper on Sunday Sept 16th at the tumn Yard Sale on Thursday and Friday Spt Resources, Summit Physiotherapy, Town OfCarrot River Community Hall from 430 to 7 27th and 28th from 10 to 6 pm. Sale items, fice, Nipawin Health Center & Just Sign It! Nipawin Great Northern Pike Festival July 1 Sept 30, $50,000 in cash and prizes are up for grabs including a $30,000 boat and motor, a $5,000 Motor Bike and cash prizes. Contact: Doug Hidlebaugh @ 862.7559 C or 862.5302 Hm

With elections coming up this fall the Town of Nipawin has been looking at is a way to increase the number of voters participating in the election process. Council recently approved an addition to the voting process that will allow voters to cast their ballot by mail. This gives an opportunity for those limited by mobility and other circumstances to be able to take part in this important process. Persons that wish to cast their vote by mail will need to contact the Town office.

The Town of Nipawin is proud to have had the opportunity to contribute to the Wounded Warriors Weekend and would like to congratulate Jim Chute, Blake Emmons and all the volunteers on coordinating a successful event. Numerous Veterans from Canada and the US were in attendance for the weekend of August 24th. They had an opportunity to take in events such as world class fishing, golfing and also celebrated with fine dining and great live entertainment. Sasktel Max has local on demand footage of the wounded warriors weekend. Hats off to the residents of Nipawin for your support of the Wounded Warriors Weekend!

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