Co-ordinate Geometry

Co-ordinate Geometry:
Co-ordinate geometry is the study of geometrical shapes in the Cartesian plane.

Collinear Points:
Two or more than two points which lie on the same straight line are called collinear points w.r.t that line; otherwise they are non-collinear points.

Non-Collinear Points:
Three or more than three points that do not lie on a straight line are called non-collinear points.

Equilateral Triangle:
A triangle having its sides equal in length is called equilateral triangle

Isosceles Triangle:
If lengths of two sides of a triangle is equal and length of its third side is different then triangle is called isosceles triangle.

Scalene Triangle:
If measures of three sides of a triangle are different then the triangle is called scalene triangle.

Right Angle Triangle:

A triangle having one of its angle as a right angle (90o) is called a right angle

A figure formed by four non-collinear points in the place is called square if: (i) All its sides have equal lengths. (ii) Measure of each angle is 90o .

It is closed plane figure formed by four non-collinear points if: (i) Its opposite sides are equal in lengths. (ii) Angle of each vertex is 90o .

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