In this era of globalization and competition, creativity and innovation are considered to be key factors for survival, success and excellence of organizations. It is crucial for organizations to enhance their innovation capacity, which is the strategic basis for innovation development. To thrive and grow, organizations must adopt new work processes, new technologies, and transform the organizational culture to tap every employee’s capabilities for greater innovation & productivity. Over the years, Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC) has spearheaded many national programmes, to promote employee participation and innovation with the active support and participation of the private and public sectors. Innovative and Creative Circles (ICC) is one of the employee participative methods of developing the innovative capability. ICC has been practiced in Malaysia for more than two decades and is now part of excellence workplace culture. An ICC activity implies the development of skills, capabilities, confidence and creativity of the people through cumulative process of education, training, work experience and participation which will sustain the motivation and commitment towards work excellence. In order to promote and sustain Innovative and Creative Circle (ICC) activities, MPC organizes the ICC Conventions annually. These conventions provide an avenue for the participants to learn best practices of other circles as well as to exchange ideas and knowledge on ICC activities. By sharing these teams’ project achievements during the Conventions, it is hope that it will inspire and provide models for others committed to pursue innovation. These Conventions also serve as platforms to give due recognition to all participating circles that have excelled in achieving value generation and cost savings for their respective organisations. There are 3 levels of ICC Conventions organized by MPC, namely Mini ICC Conventions, Regional ICC Conventions and National ICC Convention.

Innovative and Creative Circles Presenting Circles. Non-presenting participants (observers) Open to all individual who is interested in ICC activities.

Objectives: To provide an avenue for new circles (formed less than two years) to present in front of the public. To give opportunity to participants and observers to exchange ideas on ICC activities. To motivate and give due recognition to new circle for accomplishing their improvement project.

MPC would like to invite every small group (IC Circle) regardless of the type of business or operation to present at MPC Conventions. The effect of small group activities is enormous in terms of human resource development, problemsolving activities and value creation at the workplace. By presenting your successful case studies at the Mini/Regional ICC Conventions, these small group members can learn from each others, and exchange opinions to continuously seek the best practices. A panel of judges will evaluate presentations based on the set evaluation criteria, and either among Gold, Silver or Bronze award will be given.

Objectives: To provide a platform for circles to share their success stories on ICC project implementations. To give exposure on the applications of innovative and creative tools / techniques for work improvement. To select best circles to participate in the National ICC Convention.

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Objectives: To promote ICC activities as excellence culture at the workplace. To provide opportunity for sharing in ICC Best Practices as well as to benchmark among the best ICC Projects. To strengthen networking and partnership among participants in exchanging ideas. To select recipients of ICC Awards.

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