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Personal Selling Personal presentation by the firm’s sales force for the purpose of making sales and building customer relationships. .

Direct Marketing Definition • One-on-one communication in which offers are tailored to the needs of narrowly defined segments. • Seeks a direct. and measurable consumer response. immediate. . • Can take many different forms.

direct mail. Direct marketing occurs when the “producer” connects with the end user.  This may include using a direct sales force. websites. catalogs.  There is no intermediary involved.  The end user may be a consumer or a business. trade shows.  Direct marketing describes this interactive communication with the end user. and other “one-to-one” techniques to communicate and sell to their customers and clients. email. telemarketing. seminars. .

Forms of Direct Marketing .

• Can reach prospects at just the right moment • Convenient. hastle free and time saving.Advantages of Direct Marketing • Powerful tool for building customer long-term customer relationships • Customers appreciate toll free numbers. • Effectiveness is easily measured .

 Sellers benefit as well as database is created. Can do comparative shopping by browsing mails.  Can use number of channels to reach individual customers. .

and behavioral data. psychographic. .Customer Databases An organized collection of comprehensive data about individual customers or prospects. including geographic. demographic.

service reminder. product or sale announcement. . or some other type of communication to a person at a particular person or electronic address.  Avon  Amway Direct Mail  sending information about a special offer.Face-to-Face Selling  The most traditional direct marketing involves the in-house sales force personally contacting potential and established consumers.

Telemarketing Use of telephones and call centres.  The most common use of this approach involves featuring a variety of products that target the needs of a specific audience.  Telesales  Telecoverage  Tele prospecting  Customer service and technical support .Catalogs  Product catalogs are another version of direct mail where the catalogs are the communication tool.

items.  Infomercials:  A 30-minute or longer advertising program for a single product. and services. .Direct Response TV Marketing  Direct-Response Advertising:  TV spots that are 60 or 120 seconds long.  Home Shopping Channels:  Entire cable channels dedicated to selling multiple brands.

airports. and other locations .Kiosk Marketing  Ordering machines generally found in stores.

•Myspace and Facebook have become an important force in both B2C and B2B marketing.Buzz and Viral Marketing. • Viral Marketing that encourage to pass along company developed products and services or audio. •Some marketers highlight two forms of it. video. generates excitement •and conveys new relevant brand related information through unexpected or outrageous means. . •Customers talk of dozen of brands every day. •Buzz marketing creates publicity.

ebooks. images. brandable software.Viral Marketing  Viral marketing may take the form of video clips. . has been tied to the popularization of the notion that ideas spread like viruses." as an approach to sales. interactive Flash games. advergames. or text messages.  The emergence of "viral marketing.

free email at http://www.com" and. •Then stand back while people e-mail to their own network of friends and associates.hotmail. one of the first free Web-based e-mail services. . and then •Propel the message still wider to their own ever-increasing circles of friends and associates. The strategy is simple: •Give away free e-mail addresses and services. •Sign up for their own free e-mail service.The Classic Hotmail.com. •Attach a simple tag at the bottom of every free message sent out: "Get your private.com Example The classic example of viral marketing is Hotmail. •Who see the message.

. changes to the production process. including product modification. packaging changes. marketing of products that are presumed to be environmentally safe. as well as modifying advertising.  green marketing incorporates a broad range of activities.

and describes an integrated. LOHAS  LOHAS stands for Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability.  .  The Natural Marketing Institute’s (short: NMI) estimates the US LOHAS consumer market of products and services to be USD 209 billion – sold across all consumer segments. rapidly growing market for goods and services that appeal to consumers whose sense of environmental and social responsibility influences their purchase decisions.

.  Drifters: While their intentions may be good.  Naturalites: Motivated primarily by personal health considerations. They are currently quite engaged in green purchasing behaviours. The five LOHAS segments as defined by NMI include:  LOHAS:These are the heaviest purchasers of green and socially responsible products and the early adapters who influence others heavily. DRIFTERS follow trends when it is easy and affordable.

 Unconcerned: Either unaware or unconcerned about the environment and societal issues mainly because they do not have the time or the means – these consumers are largely focused on getting by. but are primarily focused on being very careful with their resources and doing the ‘right’ thing because it will save them money. Conventionals: Pragmatists who embrace LOHAS behaviour when they believe they can make a difference. .

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