New$Skills$for$the$$ New$Social$Economy$

Mapping'and'Navigating'in'the'new' Terrain'
Lucy%Bernholz%and%Rob%Reich% Nonprofit%Management%Ins<tute% September%11,%2012%

What is the New Social Economy?
All the ways we use private resources to create social goods; Private activity in the public interest

How did we get here?
Technological change Market innovation

Information on demand Crowd participation Mobile organizing Big data

Social Enterprise Social Finance Impact investing Venture Philanthropy

Measurement Demands Public Funding Declines Policy Changes

Donors Choices
3"Components" " Charitable%Giving% " Impact%Inves<ng% " Poli<cal%Giving% "

Do-ers Choices

Weighing the Options

These choices shift the sector into an economy


What does all this mean for leaders?
Impact implications
–  Changing relationships to public funders –  Ongoing engagement with political landscape –  NPOs communication of impact vis-à-vis social businesses and emergent global social enterprise reporting systems

What does all this mean for leaders?
Labor market implications
–  Sector Agnosticism –  Students will “do good wherever” –  NPOs compete with other enterprises for talent

What does all this mean for leaders?
Revenue implications
–  Social businesses have access to different capital –  Innovation in financing: social impact bonds –  More sophisticated business models developing

What does all this mean for leaders?
Communications implications
–  Measurement and communication of impact –  Accessibility and visibility of leaders –  Many voices in conversation

What does all this mean for leaders?
Governance implications
–  New expectations for transparency –  New norms of accountability (will new rules be next)? –  New array of rating intermediaries, e.g., Charity Navigator, GiveWell, etc.

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