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Lake Erie Protection Fund Progress Report Work at Mall

Lake Erie Protection Fund Progress Report Work at Mall

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Published by: The News-Herald on Sep 13, 2012
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The Problem


The Great Lakes Mall – a 114acre site, is largely impervious – either rooftop or parking lots. This site alone comprises 7% of the impervious surfaces within the Newell Creek watershed. Stormwater drainage from this site is gathered by a series of pipes and catch basins – all of which funnel into one 72-inch drain pipe. Flooding occurs in an adjacent apartment complex and City park. Newell Creek is part of the Chagrin River watershed – which is not in compliance with stream water quality standards.

The Solution A study financed through the Ohio Lake Erie Commission Lake Erie Protection Fund determined that more than 50% of storm water volume could be handled on the Great Lakes Mall through absorption into the soil. The proposed solution calls for the installation of pervious concrete ‘drainage collars’ around most of the existing storm drains and catch basins on the site. This lets the sandy soil underneath absorb rain water naturally into the water table.

The Solution Additional work by the project consultants, the Environmental Design Group, also calls for a ‘Permeable Promenade’ showcasing best practices in green infrastructure to complement a recent renovation to the main mall entry.
Main Entry at Mall Food Court

Inset: Main Entry at the Food Court
Great Lakes Mall, in Mentor, Ohio.

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