Energy Conservation Measures and Analysis The capital intensive improvements have been analyzed according to need, frequency

of use, capital cost, yearly savings, and payback period. The first selection is made for the things that have higher frequency of use because these are the ones that lead to higher savings. Out of all the possible changes, the recommended improvements are the ones that have a higher yearly savings and shortest payback period. In the calculations the following formulas were used:
Energy Cost per Year = Appliance Watts [W] * hours used per day [hr] * 270 * 0.001 * $0.119 [1/kWh] Payback Period = ((Current Energy Cost per Year) – (New Energy Cost per Year))/Price of New Appliance

The sources for Wattage of appliances and prices can be found in the appendix. Electrical Audit Television Room Audit The television room in the fraternity/ sorority houses serves many purposes and therefore is used very often. In the sorority house the television room is used most of the day and the appliance that is most frequently used there is the TV while in the fraternity house male students use the TV plus a video game which is very popular. The energy use cost is higher in the fraternity house by $60 per year which is not very significant. The first ECM recommended for this section of the house would be to unplug the TV, VCR, videogames, and any other equipment in the room since there is no need to leave them plugged in. The second ECM for the rooms is changing to more energy efficient televisions because, although the payback period is a bit long,

54 Basement Audit In both. the fraternity and sorority house. Changing of Appliances: The washing machine should be changed due to its short payback period which is 2 years.74. the basement has the highest number of electrical appliances.if the use of the TVs is higher than assumed or if a store discount is used then the payback period will be shorter and the energy conservation will be great.06 Total Savings/year 65. This is why the energy consumption is very similar and the recommended ECMs will be the same.77 10. a significant amount which contributes to the economy of the students as well as to the environment. The dryer . After this period of time the annual savings for the house will be $647. The type and number of appliances is the same for both houses as is the number of inhabitants. Replacement Energy Efficient Television : Number of TVs Savings per Year Payback Period per TV (USD) (Years) 2 32.

this amount is not as significant but it still contributes to saving money. Replacement Washer and Dryer: The Sanya refrigerator replacement also has a short payback period of less than two years.9. Changing the toaster.48.replacement has a longer payback period of 9.6 annual cost savings in energy and this is good because less energy is used. approximately 1 year and 10 months. After this period of time the annual savings for the house will be $136.7 years but $185. the ice machine and the microwave and adding the savings leads to annual saving of $161. The payback period for all these appliances is approximately a year and a half or less. .

Not using them would also contribute to the fitness of the house’s .Replacement of the Toaster: Replacement of the Microwave: Replacement of Ice Cube Machine: The soda machine and the drink machine are two appliances which consume a lot of energy and are not necessary.

73 and the payback period would be zero years given that no replacement is necessary.inhabitants. The savings per year would be $1245. Microwave Toaster Soda Machine Ice Machine Fridge Microwave Drink machine Refrigerator Dryer Washing Machine 0 200 400 600 800 Energy Cost per Year Basement New Basement Appliances Current Basement Appliances 1000 $ Savings per Year for Basement Appliances Microwave Toaster Soda Machine Ice Machine Fridge Microwave Drink machine Refrigerator Dryer Washing Machine 0 200 400 600 800 Savings per year for basement appliances $ .

both in the fraternity and sorority houses. The recommended ECM for the bedrooms is changing from having a single minifridge per room to having an energy efficient refrigerator to be shared by multiple rooms.66. Having one refrigerator for every 3 bedrooms. The only difference is that girls have a higher tendency to own hair dryers and hair straighteners therefore the sorority house will have higher electrical load due to this. If the bedroom occupants do not like this option the other ECM would be changing to a more energy efficient minifridge. The cost associated with the extra energy is approximately $90 per year more for the sorority house. .Payback Period Basement Appliances Microwave Toaster Soda Machine Ice Machine Fridge Microwave Drink machine Refrigerator Dryer Washing Machine 0 5 Payback Period Basement Appliances Years 10 15 Bedroom Electrical Audit Each of the bedrooms.625. the energy savings are shown in the bar graph below. contains almost the same amount and type of electrical appliances. and has a payback period of almost 6 months as shown in the table below. leads to annual energy cost savings of $2.

167 0.55096 425.68 Number 15 15 2 Appliance Hair straightner Hair dryer Videogame Watts 35 1875 160 Hours/day 0.167 6 Table of Appliance ECM for Bedrooms: Old Number New Number (of energy efficient appliance) 15 15 5 15 Appliance Payback Total period Savings/year Refrigerator 0.84 Total Energy Cost /Year 2.6636 TV 10.06070625 30.18779985 10.91 61.81 150.Table of Sorority House (Hair straightener + dryer) Vs. Frat House appliance (Videogame) Energy Cost /Year per room 0.476 2625.0799 Energy efficient refrigerator to replace 3 bedroom minifridges: .

it is hard to know if the lights should be left on or who will turn off the lights at the end of the day. most of the lights are energy efficient Fluorescents or CFL light bulbs. However due to the high number of occupants. The first lighting ECM would be installing motion sensors or timed lights so that.Savings per Year per Bedroom for Appliances TV Savings per year for bedroom appliances Minifridge 0 50 100 150 $ Payback Period per Bedroom for Appliances TV Minifridge Payback Period Bedroom Appliances 0 5 Years 10 15 Lighting Audit Throughout both houses. This leads to an unnecessary increase in energy consumption. Therefore the lights are on almost 24 hours per day. after a certain amount of time .

the lights are turned off.4101 The last ECM would be adding a solar panel to the house.that people are not in the room or in case someone falls asleep with the lights on.72496 0. The second ECM would be to change from incandescent light bulbs to CFL lights.16176 0.5882 4 CFL 13W 24. This would lead to energy savings on a case by case basis.16176 0. The table below shows very short payback periods of approximately 2 or 3 months and an annual energy savings of $617. The cost to pay for the loan is $353 per month. Number Type of Savings Payback Total of lights New Light per Year Period Savings/year 3 CFL 13W 44.64704 Sum = 617.41.141532 134. The house has enough space on the roof and the yard to fit the solar panel needed for producing 50% of the electrical energy needed.1749 16 CFL 13W 24.261984 386.261984 96. . the average monthly electric bill would then be $600 plus $353 which is a lot better than the average of $1300 per month. The tables below show all the economic and environmental benefits of adding solar power.

903 kWh electricity Solar System Capacity Required: Roof Area Needed: Equivalent Annual Production: Costs and Incentives: for total cost of $161.80 kWh/sq-m/day 32.248 $ 1.100 assuming $5 per watt in DC MD Clean Energy Production Tax Credit Maryland Public Srvc Comm .000 $ 48.740 $ 140.222 sq-ft 40. 20kW max) Federal Tax Credit (30% of Gross Cost at Installation) $ 1.Solar Panel Sizing: Solar Rating: Good 4.Residential Solar PV ($ 1k.330 .25 per kWh (max) SREC purchase Clean Energy Grant Program .22 kW of peak power (DC watts) 3.$ 0.

124 Cash positive to Start > 50% $267.php In conclusion. Option (a) is having one refrigerator for every 3 bedrooms and option (b) is to have energy efficient .678.103 $ $1.00 annual cost savings. for both houses. the mini refrigerator replacement has two options. The total energy savings could lead to more than $9000.Solar Electric PV Property Tax Credit $ 55. with the personal electric appliances.000 auto mile Source: http://www. For the bedroom ECM. which is about $90 yearly cost difference depending on the use of all electronics.5% apr.885 ESTIMATED NET COST: ESTIMATED NET COST AT INSTALLATION: Cash & Loan Amounts: $ -86. 30 years): Benefits: First-year Utility Savings: Average Monthly Utility Savings: over 25-year expected life of system Average Annual Utility Savings: over 25-year expected life of system 25-year Utility Savings: Return on Investment (ROI): Internal Rate of Return (IRR): Net Present Value (NPV): Profitability Index: Greenhouse Gas (CO2) Saved: over 25-year system life $7. The difference between the Fraternity and Sorority houses is not significant given that the houses come pre-equipped and the only differences are found in the bedrooms.085 $ the adoption of the ECMs mentioned in this section will lead to significant savings and better environmentally friendly practices.885 $ 0 Cash $ 55.8 839 tons 1.Prince George`s County .885 Borrowed $ 353 Loan Monthly Payment (6.007 $12.369 5.

11 1.66 0.625.32 617.48 1.54 10.4101 4800 10486.5 Section TV Room Basement Basement Basement Basement Basement Basement Basement Basement Bedrooms Replacement 32in Sony HDTV LG Washing Machine Dryer EdgeStar 3.7 136.refrigerators to replace the current refrigerator in each bedroom.64 14.74 2 185.75 0.25 10 .06 647.3001 9907. ECM Savings Table: Annual Savings in Payback Period USD (Years) 65.1 61.83 0.ft.7 86.78 0 487.06 9. These two options have been calculated and included in the ECM savings summary table below. Black&Decker Toaster Plastic Ice Machine MagicChef Microwave No soda machine No drink machine (a)1:3 Refrigerator:Room (b)1:1 Energy Efficient Minifridge:Room 23 Incandescent to CFL bulbs Solar Panel Total Savings Option (a) Total Savings Option (b) Halls Roof 2047.2 Cu.04 0.73 0 2.9601 1.69 758.

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