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Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, (WMATA) Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) And Participating Transit Agencies ESTABLISHMENT OF POINT OF SALE NETWORK AND DATA NETWORK CONCENTRATOR SCOPE OF WORK July 28, 2008 ANYONE RECEIVING THIS DOCUMENT FROM A SOURCE OTHER THAN THE ISSUING OFFICE SHOULD IMMEDIATELY PROVIDE A NAME AND ADDRESS: CONTACT TO THE ISSUING OFFICE SO THAT CHANGES OR OTHER COMMUNICATIONS MAY BE SENT. ANYONE WHO FAILS TO PROVIDE THIS INFORMATION TO THE ISSUING OFFICE ASSUMES FULL AND COMPLETE RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY COMMUNICATION NOT RECEIVED. s 9 ere a a WASHINGTON METROPOLITAN AREA RANGIT AUTHORITY TMARYUSN TRANSIT AUTHORTY ‘This page intentionally blank. wv wsvatronernorouran agen eas THOR sablehnerol POS Nok Ot ewok Cera Sege of Werk TABLE OF CONTENTS BBeNNooaae 1.4 Roles of Participating 20 POINT OF SALE (POS) NETWORK. 2.1” Introduction . 2.2 Functional Requirements 2.3 POS Network Controller Performance Requirements... 2.4 POS Network Menagement Functions... 2.5 _ POS Terminal Requirements, 3.0. DATA NETWORK CONCENTRATOR DATA, 3.1 Functionality 3.2 _ Authority Managed SmartBenefits ( 4.9 TESTING AND DESIGN REVIEWS... 4.1 Test Methodology 4.2. Test Plan and Procedure 43. Design Reviews... 44 Preliminary Design Review (POR). 4.5 Final Design Review (FDR). 4.6 CSC Interface Development and Testing 4.7 First Article Test 419 Interface and Int 4.10 System Installation and Operatio 4.11 Acceptance Testing 4.12 System Requirements... 5.0 TRAINING. 5.1 General Outline... 5.2. Training Schedule. 5.3 Training Program Content. 5.4 _ Training Performance Measurement. 6.0 PROJECT MANAGEMENT 6.1 Project Manager.. 6.2 Project Manageme 63 Project Schedule... 64 Submittals 6.5 _ Project Status Meetings. 7.0 GENERAL DOCUMENTATION REQUIREMENTS, 8.0 MANUALS a 8.0. SUNMARY OF OTHER DOCUMENTATION REQUIREMENTS 10.0 INSTALLATION... 10.1. Contractor Requirements. 41.0. WARRANTEE, GUARANTEE, AND SU 12.0 IMPLEMENTATION. 18.0. PRICE SCHEDULE.