Giving Feedback Ankit Choudhary and I had rarely interacted.

But this assignment helped us know each other better. We actually opened up to each while discussing about the assignment. With the course of time I realized that Ankit is a very caring guy and is helpful. One day during Ramzaan I was missing my home because I didn’t have company for Iftar, Ankit called up one of the Muslim Auto drivers and asked him if we could come to his place for Iftar so that I don’t miss home. He took me to Nabi Bhai’s place for Iftaar and escorted me back to campus. With further interaction I realized he is a very sensible person. His ideology about life is very practical and believes in living life with the similar approach. As every coin have two sides, in the similar way along with positive traits Ankit possess few negative traits. He is a silent guy and doesn’t speak his heart out most of the times, when he should. He also is a person who can’t stick to deadlines every time. But as a human being he is damn sweet and honest. Taking Feedback The way Ankit gave me my feedback he din’t make me realize that I was at fault while pointing out my negatives. But he showcased my positives as something to be cherished. Overall the experience was worth the time.

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