The Gray Blight By: Joshua Rogers Daring, persistent, and genuine smiles pierced like darts, unexpectedly cracking

asunder moon-like rock, revealing bright sunshine rays that formed a supernova of change.

Suddenly, vivid and animated flowers started dancing a blight, while every single thing in sight gained the color of bright. Even a dragon made from the black death itself turned away in fright, for skin to skin meant fearsome rushes of adrenaline.

Never-mind the aroma with more power than strength alone, for once introduced there were no options in what comes next.

Warm dispatches of nothing other than pure emotion would erupt: distributed and intruded throughout otherwise uninterrupted veins, with effects wildly varying from time travel, to reverse time travel.

With a dime drop the world changed its preordained pace, and for once this lifetime, he disarmed all defenses.

The world faded to gray.

Suddenly, bland and disenchanted weeds just stood there, while every thing in sight, gained the color of night. Even a bunny made from the love itself would pick fights,

. moon rock now leveling knee high.for everything was lacking. never-mind a chance for the world to receive his shine. With time and time. and without height. Much good it may do. turned on its shoulder. Much as he tries and shines with all his might on the world. hidden. Be fooled not for it all does reside within his heart. darkness encased former shine. dormant as it may be. He no longer had a chance to shine. the world turned the color of ash.

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