National Voter Registration Day Tuesday, September 25th

Presented by the National Association of Secretaries of State with over 400 partner companies and non-profits nationwide

Goal: Register as many eligible voters as possible regardless of political affiliation. Why?: Over 6 million Americans failed to vote in 2008 because they had inadequate information about their registration deadline or the registration process. Where?: Any public spot that will attract passerbys. Examples include transportation hubs, community centers, and retailers. Online registration is also available. Nearby D.C. Events:
Metro Stations:  Rosslyn (Blue/Orange Line), hosted by Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance  Foggy Bottom (Blue/Orange Line) Planned Parenthood of Metro Washington, 1108 16th St. NW Shiloh Baptist Church, hosted by Shiloh Social Justice and Community Outreach, 1500 9th St. NW

How to Register and Get Involved:
 To register to vote, visit: and fill out the necessary information.  To volunteer as an individual, contact a nearby event host, all of whom can be found at:  To host an event, sign up at:, and follow up via email.

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