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Oberoi Realty

Oberoi Realty

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Published by: Shah Bhavik on Sep 14, 2012
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9.30 a.m. 4.00 p.m. high low Volume
52 week low – 201.55 52 week high – 325 P/E Ratio – 27.74 E.P.S. – 8.46 Intrinsic Value – 142.21

20-07-2012 237.85 235.15 238.70 233.80 41701

23-07-2012 232 236.70 237.90 230.35 50304

The company has recorded Consolidated Revenue of Rs.230.79 crore for Q1FY13 as against Rs.215.07 crore for QIFY12, a growth of 7.31%. The Consolidated Profit Before Tax for Q1fY13 is Rs. 137.62 crore as against Rs.137.36 crore for Q1FY12. The Consolidated Profit After Tax for Q1FY13 is Rs.100.80 crore as against Rs.105.77 crore for Q1FY12, a decline of 4.90%. Anil Harish Bhaskar Kshirsagar Bhaskar Kshirsagar Bindu Oberoi Jimmy Bilimoria Saumil Daru Tilokchand P Ostwal Venkatesh Mysore Vikas Oberoi Vikas Oberoi Ind. Non-Executive Director Company Secretary Secretary Non Exe.Non Ind.Director Ind. Non-Executive Director Chief Financial Officer Ind. Non-Executive Director Ind. Non-Executive Director CEO Chairman and Managing director

m.25 213.65 205 207.78 E.30 202. EBIDTA at Rs.m.75 211.1198 crore. DLF (214. 1.Analysis Q1 FY13 results of Oberoi Realty were released on 21st July.75 217.80 7244492 07-08-2012 211.15 a.15) 9.90 215.00 p.358 crore. . 4.As above we can see there is little rise in the volume of shares traded after the results declaration its because there is little rise in the revenue and decline in the profit after tax.20 P/E Ratio – 33.5 3459705 06-08-2012 209 210.1168 crore.Shareholders doesn’t found much attractive to invest in this company as Share price opened on 23-07-2012 was -1.45 208.2503 crore.34% and also growth was only 7. compared to Rs. down by 7% from Rs.2012.31% as compared to Q1 FY12 so there was very little rise in volume. – 6.P. high low Volume 52 week low – 169.13 Intrinsic Value – 103.75 52 week high – 261. up by 3% from Rs.S.m.2329 crore.15 220 211 8785383 Q1 FY13 (all comparisons with Q1 FY12)    Consolidated Revenue at Rs.05 03-08-2012 206.30 207. Consolidated PAT at Rs 293 crore.00 p.

1.20.e.72 compared to Rs. 2. Group Chief Financial Officer Non Executive Director Non Executive Director Non Executive Director Non Executive Director Chairman / Chair Person Non Executive Director Non Executive Director Whole Time Director Vice Chairman Non Executive Director Company Secretary & Compliance Officer Secretary CEO Managing Director Ashok Kumar Tyagi B Bhushan D V Kapur G S Talwar K N Memani K P Singh M M Sabharwal N P Singh Pia Singh Rajiv Singh Ravinder Narain Subhash Setia Subhash Setia T C Goyal T C Goyal Analysis Q1 FY13 Result of DLF announced on 06-08-2012 because of which on this date there was a very high rise in the volume of shares traded but on the next day i.11. 07-08-2012 there was not seen much rise in the volume as compared to previous date its because the quarterly results were not much good as compared to Q1 FY12 and that is why on 08-08-2012 shareholders started selling their shares and the share price falled to 212. EPS for the quarter at Rs. INDIABULLS REAL ESTATE (50) .

BLU. IB Golf City.10 37.20 2048434 25-07-2012 57.m.m.70 53. Q1 FY13 221.15 59.17 28. In Crore) Total Income PBT PAT E. Haryana – 150 Acres of integrated township with plotted development. Launch Pipeline for FY13 1.50 56. commercial and group housing.76 Q1 FY12 303.20 57.18 Intrinsic Value – 36. high low Volume 24-07-2012 59.86 37.67 0. Mumbai – 7‐Star luxury residential complex spread over 10 acres in South Mumbai with breathtaking sea views.35 2308027 26-07-2012 56 54.66 Projects launched in Q1 FY13 1.55 56.P. 2.75 58 56.S.65 (Rs. 4. Savroli.13 0. IB City. MMR – Premium residential township with 18‐hole golf course spread over 350 acres of greens. .00 p.S.15 a.79 53.95 E.55 2855686 52 week low – 40 52 week high – 90 P/E Ratio – 24.P.9. Worli. – 2.20 58. Sonepat.

At present the share price is moving .2. Chennai – Premium residential township with high rise towers near the IT corridor spread over 32 acres.Investors are expecting better results in the next quarter because of the above projects. 3. 8. Agra & Kanpur – Destination mall/multiplex in the heart of the city. Sec 106. villa’s. IB Greens. Aishwarya Katoch Karan Singh Labh Singh Sitara Narendra Gehlaut Narendra Gehlaut Prem Prakash Mirdha Rajiv Rattan Ravi Telkar Ravi Telkar Sameer Gehlaut Saurabh K Mittal Shamsher Singh Ahlawat Vipul Bansal Director Director Director CEO Managing Director Director Vice Chairman Company Secretary & Compliance Officer Secretary Chairman / Chair Person Director Director Chief Executive Officer Analysis Q1 FY13 of Indiabulls Real Estate was declared on 25-07-2012. 6. 5. Indore ‐ 15 Acres of Integrated township with high end residential apartments. Sec 104. Sec 104. IB Greens.the shareholders are finding this company quite attractive and as a result there is increase in the volume of shares traded on the immediate date after the results were declared.As we can see above. IB Mega Mall. Gurgaon – Iconic Commercial tower on the Dwarka Expressway. Sec 109. IB Commercial Centre. luxury retail and commercial. Gurgaon – 54 Acres of Integrated township with high end residential apartments. IB Enigma II.there 8 projects that are coming in financial year 2012-2013. 4. IB Mint. 7. IB Imperial. Gurgaon – Super premium residential complex with Villa’s and high rise towers spread over 34 acres.There was not much rise in volume on the result date as compared to previous date as the results were not that good as compared to Q1 FY12. Gurgaon – Over 5 acres of commercial development on the Dwarka Expressway. retail and commercial in the heart of the city.

between 55-57. .this might be because the investors are hoping for some good news in the near future.

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