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Expanding Spacetime

Expanding Spacetime

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Published by: ParampreetWalia on Sep 14, 2012
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Probably the most familiar alternatives to the Big Bang theory are Cos-
mological Steady State theories, for example those by Bondi and Gold
(Bondi and Gold, 1948), and by Hoyle (Hoyle, 1948). These theories
are strongly motivated by the Perfect Cosmological Principle accord-
ing to which all locations in space or time are equivalent.
These theories assume that only space expands. With this assump-
tion, the expansion opens up voids between galaxies, which are filled
by the creation of new matter. This continuous creation of matter and
the nature of the CMB are problematic for these theories. It is very
difficult to explain the CMB black body spectrum in a spatially ex-
panding eternal universe. The spatial expansion distorts the shape of
the black body spectrum.
Other cosmological Steady State theories have been proposed that
explain the redshift in various ways other than the Doppler effect. For

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