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Expanding Spacetime

Expanding Spacetime

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Published by: ParampreetWalia on Sep 14, 2012
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A single fundamental principle, the Postulate of Spacetime Equivalence,
forms the basis for the EST theory. This should by itself qualify the
theory as a viable candidate for serious consideration. This candidacy
is further strengthened by the simple and natural way in which several
Big Bang puzzles are resolved and by the agreement with observations
provided by the EST theory.
Cosmologists like to refer to “Okham’s razor” as the criterion by which
to select one theory over another. According to this criterion, the theory
providing the simpler explanations to observations and phenomena is
to be favored over the one providing more complicated explanations.
The same idea may be found in Newton’s First Rule of Reasoning in
Philosophy which states:

“We are to admit no more causes of natural things than
such as are both true and sufficient to explain their ap-

Three quarters of a century have passed since the Big Bang theory
was first proposed. In spite of many modifications and refinements,
several unresolved enigmas stubbornly remain and recent observations
rather than helping are refuting the theory. In the absence of a coherent
alternative, the entrenchment of the Big Bang theory has not changed
even in light of this growing evidence. The Expanding Spacetime theory
provides a welcome opportunity to participate in a paradigm shift –
the development of a new view of the universe.

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