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Nelson, Scott R. <> Thursday, June 21,2012 12:48 PM Purdue Office of the Trustees Election

Dear Board of Trustees, During this morning's announcement of the election of Governor Daniels as Purdue's next president, I am incredibly disappointed by the multiple statements made by the committee members indicating that the search committee has heard nothing but positive comments about choosing Governor Daniels as president. Although the Board's decision was unanimous, I am appalled by your blatant choice to ignore (and even deny) the existence of a dissenting voice among Purdue's students, faculty, staff, and alumni. By publicly expressing the notion that you have only heard positive statements about Governor Daniels' selection, you are completely insulting Boilermakers who disagree with your choice for president; and you are implying that the opinions of this group are either unimportant or not worth acknowledging on the most public of stages. If you truly have not heard anything but positive statements about your choice for president, then you are obviously not listening hard enough. I am ashamed by your efforts to paint the picture that everyone associated with Purdue University is in support of Governor Daniels being our next president. I fear how your fabrication of a harmonious public opinion will create a feeling of isolation among those who do not support your decision. This morning, you failed to properly represent the whole of Purdue University and I believe your words and actions will only lead to a further polarization among individuals who already feel polarized by Purdue's new president-elect. Thank you for taking the time to read this e-mail. Hail Purdue! -Scott Nelson Purdue University Alumnus - 2006 219-873-6838

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