Classroom Volunteer Note

Classroom Volunteers Volunteers are a very important part of any classroom.

I need volunteers for all kinds of activities throughout the year! During the month of September I will be establishing classroom routines. I would like classroom volunteers to begin in the mid-month of October. The purpose of this letter is to let you take a closer look at the volunteer opportunities available this year. Take a minute to look over the descriptions and think about ways you could donate your time. I understand that you have busy lives. If you are unable to commit to a time each week I would be happy to work around your schedule. Even volunteering once a month is so helpful! volunteers will begin in October. I can’t express how important volunteers are for my classroom. I appreciate you donating your time. I look forward to an exciting year! Mrs. Schultz  Again, all

Please note: me know! 

You must have filled out a background check form If you need this form please let

with the district before volunteering.

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