Annexure-1 2. Beyond the curriculum activities (in the current academic year): 2012 S.N. 3 8.

Tasks Conducted workshops: - Conducted CAMD workshop Any other activity: Prepared Laboratory Manuals for a) Energy Conversion Lab b) Propulsion Lab Internal State/National International No. No. No. 01 Nil Nil 02 Nil Nil

For S.N. 3. Conducted workshop on Computer Aided Machine Drawing (CAMD 10ME36A) in the department of aeronautical Engineering for 5 days. Faculties of the Aeronautical, Chemical and Automobile department had attended this workshop. Both theory and practice was given in this workshop covering drawing part and assembly modeling. For S.N. 8. Aeronautical Department being newly established branch in DSCE, had no laboratory manuals for 5th sem and 6th sem. Laboratory manuals for the following two laboratories have been prepared. a) Energy Conversion Laboratory Manual b) Aircraft Propulsion Laboratory Manual

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