NATURE OF THE PRODUCT Persons covered Joint Borrower Age at Entry This is a Group Credit protection Product with a defined Benefit structure. New and existing Individual Borrowers of State Bank of Travancore. Joint Borrowers allowed. Age (as on Housing Vehicle Tractor Personal last birthday) Loan Loan Loan Loan Category Category Category Category Minimum 18 yrs 18 yrs 18 yrs 18 yrs Maximum 65 yrs 65 yrs 60 yrs 65 yrs Age (as on last birthday) Maximum: Type of Loans Term of cover Housing Loan Category 70 yrs Vehicle Loan Category 70 yrs Tractor Loan Category 65 yrs Personal Loan Category 70 yrs

Maximum cover age

Sum Assured

Risks covered Risk commencement date Surrender value

All Types of loans to individual borrowers with or without moratorium period Housing loan, Vehicle loan, Tractor Loan and Personal loan Term Housing Vehicle Tractor Personal Loan Loan Loan Loan Category Category Category Category Minimum 3 yrs 3 yrs 3 yrs 3 yrs Maximum: 30yrs 15 yrs 15 yrs 6 yrs Sum Housing Vehicle Tractor Personal Assured Loan Loan Loan Loan Category Category Category Category Minimum Rs.25,000 Rs.10,000 Rs.10,000 Rs.10,000 Maximum: No limit Rs. 50 lacs Rs. 15 lacs Rs. 15 lacs *Sum Assured shall be subject to underwriting. Death during the term of the cover. The risk will commence from the date of underwriting acceptance of proposal subject to receipt of premium (including extra premium if any). For in force cover: Available at any point of time from the start of the cover, by making a request in writing: Joint borrower (covered for 100% of loan amount). 30 days Revival facility is available within 2 years from the unpaid premium due date. The cover on the life of an insured member will cease on the earliest happening of one of the following: a) On the expiry of the term of the cover. b) The date the member exceeds the maximum cover age for the Loan Category. c) The date a death claim has been admitted under the policy in respect of that Member. d) The date, a valid Surrender request is received for that Member.

Grace Period Revival Termination of cover

Nomination is compulsory No assignment. Sum Assured. Medical grid for existing borrowers (if applicable) and new borrowers shall vary and shall depend upon the Loan Category. a death claim has been admitted for full sum assured (this will exclude the case of paid up value and suicide in 1st year) for any one of the Joint borrowers. SURRENDER VALUE WILL BE APPLICABLE.30 lacs and above  Rebate for female lives: 2%  Staff Rebate: On the first year premium. cover shall cease for remaining/ surviving Joint borrowers. No loan facility Service tax and Education Cess thereon as applicable.10 lacs to less than Rs.30 lacs Rs. Tax deduction u/s 80 C and tax exemption u/s 10 (10D) of IT Act. The other joint borrower(s) will get 10% rebate if term of the cover is 10 years and above. rebate is allowed: Term of cover Rebate 3-4 yrs 7. if any. @12.50% 5 –9 yrs 15. Suicide within one year from the Date of Commencement of the Insurance Cover for that member. . Joint Borrower rebate Medical Requirement Nomination Assignment Loan Tax obligations Tax Benefits Exclusions Cover cancellation in 30 days . In case request is received directly from the customer.00% 10 yrs & above 35. 45 days exclusion. Advance premium. Age of the borrower etc. the Company shall refund 50% of the first year basic Premium paid (excluding taxes) and all insurance for that member will automatically cease.15 lacs Rs.10 lacs Rs.20 lacs Rs.e) In the case of Joint borrowers: The date.36% (Currently 10.20 lacs to less than Rs. Rebate as percentage of tabular premium exclusive of service tax Nil 1% 2% 3% 4% Rebates  High Value cover rebates: Loan amount/ outstanding loan amount (Insurance premium is not taken into account Less than Rs.32) Currently.AFTER 1 MONTH: NO REFUND.00% The Eldest joint borrower will not get joint borrower rebate. Master policy holder shall agree to the refund.15 lacs to less than Rs. Refund shall be through the Master Policy holder. will be refunded.

10.: Rs. the policy has to be surrender or fully assign to the employee or to the new employer. No loan facility Assignment When the policy is absolutely assign to the employee.000 (then in multiples of Rs. therefore there is no surrender value.30 per ‘000 SA per Rs. if the employee quits the employer for any reason. 2. This proposal form has to be signed by . savings cum protection benefit (Sudarshan) is available to face market demand. 5 years (multiple of 1 year) 25 years Or retirement age. Which ever is lower Multiples of the Keyman annual compensation package may be also considered case of start-up Companies. he pays the premiums thereafter and the Keyman policy is now treated as an individual life insurance policy and all the benefits under the plan chosen qualify u/s 10 (10D) of IT Act. Regular Premium: Y1: 20%. Corporate recently created) Shield: It is a pure protection product. Individuals of Indian Resident 18 years & 60 years. 10. Regular premium payment mode: Yearly. Keyman policy may be used as a collateral for corporate loans (Shield) To retain Key employees. subject to specific ceiling per Corporate: Shield: Sum Assured increases by 5% p. ‘000 of Sum Assured For Single Premium Sum Assured For Regular Premium Rs. Y2 onwards: 5%. Single premium: 2% 15 days Contact SBT branches for the proposal form. Person covered Min.a. b) 3 times the average gross profit of the Company for the past 3 years. half yearly and quarterly Premium Payment Mode: in %age of premium • Single and quarterly – No Rebate • Half Yearly – 1% Yearly – 2%  Special rebate for women: in %age of premium Regular premium mode: 5% Single premium mode: 1% High Sum Assured : rebate per Rs. 25 crore a) 5 times the average net profit of the Company for the past 3 years. 15 lacs and above SA annum Loan: Pure term product. 10 crore Level cover: Rs. 0. 65 years. at entry Maximum Cover Age Minimum Term Maximum Term Minimum Sum Assured Maximum Sum Assured per individual per plan Maximum Aggregate Sum Assured per Corporate for all Keymen policies Surrender Value Premium Frequency Premium Rebates (in Loan & Assignment Nomination Commission Free Look period How to Subscribe Single premium payment mode. & Max. However. 1. 0.00 per ‘000 Rs. No nomination is acceptable for a keyman policy.00.000) As per the product ceiling. whichever is earlier Shield: Rs. 10 lacs to 14.90 lacs SA annum Rs.35 per ‘000 SA per Rs.50 per ‘000 Rs. if any.KEYMAN INSURANCE Why a keyman policy ? To protect the Corporate against the financial consequences due to the death of a keyman.

o Certificate for Commencement of Business Keymen policies are high value policies. o Fulfilment of medical requirements.USP the Corporate. o Board Resolution from the authorised official of the Company / Employer identifying a person as Keyman and the Employer would pay the premiums (annexure A).a. o Certification of Incorporation. A specific KEYMAN questionnaire has to be completed by the Corporate and duly signed by the Corporate AND the keyman List of documents to be submitted by the Company or Partnership firm : o Submission of the individual proposal form & Keyman questionnaire (Annexure B&C) duly filled in. o Proof of Shareholding Pattern of the Company on Company letterhead. therefore final underwriting decision will be taken by reinsurance company. o Protect your Company from financial losses due to death of the Keyman. o Copies of Memorandum and Articles of Association o Copies of Partnership Deed. under our Keyman Insurance . save tax in one contract. o Pure protection product with increasing SA @ 5% p. o Consent by the authorised signatory of Company for endorsement on KMI policy (annexure D). if any o Audited Directors report / Profit & Loss / Balance Sheet with schedules for the last 3 years.

1.500 (X 25% of Total Basic v. Rs.000 charges continue to6. Such surrender Increase / Not Allowed value would be fund value of the policy less surrender Decrease in Sum charges applicable at the time of first unpaid premium.000 (X 100) iii. shall become payable at the end of the revival * AP Sum Assured Fixed SA .000 Half-Yearly Rs. Automatic Life Cover is maintained till the end of the revival period. No partial withdrawal or switch allowed TopRevival facility is available. iii. Half-Yearly. the policy shall terminate and the fund value is payable immediately. Quarterly mode and Premium Premiums Minimum Maximum Period 15 days for Monthly mode. Rs 15. Only revival facility is . Age Options Death Age Fund Value OR Sumlast birthday) partial withdrawals if any in the last Max. What is the plan SBI Life . Half-Yearly. 1. Surrender facility is allowed if first year premium has been as on Top Up payment paid but surrender value will be payable at the end of 3rd date policy year or revival period whichever is later.000 (X 100) iv. However. Assured Discontinuance of due premiums from the fourth policy year onwards: i. 30.If not revived during the revival period (2 years from the Min Rs. Fund at Entry 0 Equity Optimiser(age as on Funds Equity.5 period or 1st working day of the 4th policy year whichever is later. Fund Management Charges and Policy Administration Yearly Rs.500 i. if any. ii. if before the end of the revival period the Fund Value reaches an amount equivalent to one full year’s basic premium. the premiums paid under the Monthly Rs.500 ance of policy will be forfeited. No further deduction of mortality charges.500 (X 500) date of the first unpaid premium) then policy shall Top Up terminate and surrender value. ii. Paying Mode Discontinu If full first year premium is not paid. Life cover lapses immediately. be deducted. All charges continue to be deducted.500 (X 100) Rs 7. at 65 Yrs (as on Assured less Benefit 24 calendar months immediately preceding the death of the Life Maturity assured excludingyears withdrawal from top-up amount. Minimum / 10 / 15 / 20 partial Maximum Term Fund Value is payable Maturity Benefit Premium Mode Monthly. ups Regular Premium Paid vi. No new premium can be accepted.Maha Anand is a simple Unit Linked Plan that does not Rider Not Allowed about? require any medical examination. vii. 500 (X 100) Rs 2. 1. 500) Rs. years/ 55 years and Bond last birthday) Min. Quarterly.SBI Life Maha Anand Minimum The Fund value of a policy at any time is the number of units PRODUCT ‘SBI Life – Maha Anand’ Fund Value allocated to the policy at that time multiplied by the applicable unit Features price. Yearly Grace Grace period of 30 days for Yearly. 3. nd rd Premium In case of unpaid premium during 2 and 3 policy year: Quarterly Rs.

• Maximum Partial withdrawal amount allowed: 20% of Fund Value as on withdrawal request date. There are no extra charges for availing the facility of automatic Life Cover maintenance.. If the policy has not been revived before the end of the revival period:  Either SBI Life pays the surrender value applicable as on date OR. No revival will be allowed thereafter Revival Period Surrender Value Policy can be revived the lapsed policy by making a written application within a period of 2 years from the due date of the first unpaid premium.per switch is applicable in excess of 4 free switches available in the same policy year.available. the policy will continue with full life cover. 100/.1. However if the Fund Value reaches a minimum of one full year’s premium at any time then the policy will be terminated and fund value will be payable to the policy holder.000 (in multiple of Rs. The switching charges are Policy year Surrender Charges Partial Withdrawa l Switching . Percentage of Fund Value ** Y2 60% Y3 50% Y4 10% Y5 9% Y6 4% Y7 3% Y8 2% Y9 1% Y10++ 0% Two free partial withdrawals per policy year are allowed from 6th policy year onwards provided the life assured is minimum 18 years old. A charge of Rs.000). • Minimum Partial withdrawal amount allowed is Rs. 2. iv. Surrender facility is allowed if first year premium has been paid but surrender value will be payable at the end of 3rd policy year or revival period whichever is later. Upon written communication received from the policyholder before the end of the revival period asking for continuance of the policy.

per month for the financial year 2009-2010 increasing by 5% per annum on the first business day of the policy month following after 1st April of each year subject to maximum of Rs.5% Bond Fund : 1.5% Equity Optimizer Fund : 1. Equity Fund :1.0% Free look 15 days. / Max. 5000/. . Period SMART ULIP MODE AGE Min. Entry Age Max.from the switch amount. 15000/ for Quarterly. 2019. Annualised premium SINGLE PREMIUM Top Up Premium Increase /Decreasein Limited Premium Payment Term 8 . Age at Maturity Product Period--For Joining TERM Policy Term Premium Payment Term PREMIUM Premium Mode Min.300/-per month.100/.for Monthly Not Allowed Not Allowed Not Allowed 25000/.40/.50.5 % 5% 3% charges as % of For Top Up premium: 1% of the top up amount Administra tion Charges Fund Manageme nt Charges Policy Administrative charges equal to Rs. / Max. Maturity date -( for all) March 2.recovered by deducting Rs. 3 Y or 5 Y Y / HY / Q / M Rs.for Half Yearly .000 for Yearly. Premium Allocation charges Policy Year 1 2–3 4–5 6 onwards Premium allocation premium amount 30 % 7.60 Y (last birthday) 70 Y (last birthday) March--2009 to 2nd March---2010 10 Y .

50%. Sum Assured Increase & Decrease in Sum Assured BENEFITS Maturity Benefit/ GUARANTEED BENEFITS 5 times First Annual Premium only Not Allowed Fund value will be calculated based on NAV which is higher of: * NAV as on date of Maturity * The Guaranteed Maturity NAV (Based on 168 reset dates) This minimum guaranteed maturity NAV will be offered based on 168 NAVs resets in the FlexiProtect Fund. & Max.Premium Min. Allow Only One per Year & it is FREE Minimum Amt--2000/.Money Market Fund: 0. Surrender or on Maturity Death Benefit Switches Partial Withdrawal CHARGES Administration Charges Premium Allocation-Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 and 5 Surrender Surrender charges Fund Management Charges FLEXIBILITY Riders Revival Period Termination of the Policy . as on 8th and 23rd of each calendar month during the first 7 years from opening of the subscription period ie 2 * 12 * 7 = 168 Higher of Fund Value or Sum Assured Not Allowed 49th Month onwards.60 per month (For 1st 3 policy years additional charge @ Rs.25% No Riders 2Y On Death.Max Amt--20% of Fund Value Rs. 5 per '000) 15% 5% 5% 5% (in the case of 5 year PPT) After the completion of 3 policy year Policy Year % of FV 1 20% 2 12% 3 9% 4 2% 5 nil FlexiProtect Fund: 1.

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