The dead were my business. I lived them, worked with them, studied them. I dreamed of them.

And because that didn’t seem to be enough, in some deep chamber of my heart, I mourned for them. Right now, my heart bled, as death was all that surrounded me. The metallic odor of fresh blood assaulted my nostrils, even as I began to study the design of blood artistically glued to the asphalt. It had been deadly, precise and instant. Through the headlights of curious onlookers, the paramedic team and the squad cars, I examined the pieces of metal which had once resembled a car. Glinting in the light, the shards of shattered glass which had once been a windscreen, lay against the skid marks like one of the world’s most coveted items; diamonds. The beauty was short lived however, as my eyes drifted to the dashboard which was visible from the outside. On the steering wheel, long trails of golden hair spread out like rays on a filthy sidewalk. The rays began to fade as some tendrils were held captive by blood which had somehow forced its way out and onto the windscreen, dashboard and backseat. Towards the side of the adjacent vehicle lay another result. His eyes, wide and frozen with that distressed expression death often left in them, were a deep blue against his pasty, and now disfigured baby face. The life had not been the only thing that had been sucked out of him, I decided as my eyes fell on the clumps of brain matter surrounding his head. A few feet away, a small figure which, at first glance could have passed for a small twig, lay lifeless on the ground. The limb was that of a toddler. This discovery brought into my view, yet another victim. This one was just a baby. Harboring a series of slashes and cuts on her majestic little face, she fought. Her small little chest pumped like it was racing against time she didn’t have. My heart bled some more. Only then did I become aware of the loud screech of pure sorrow come from beyond the yellow police tape. At that exact moment, as if in synchronization, the grey, gloomy eyes overhead, burst into a heart wrenching wail, as if trying to wash away the gore and horror and to dampen the grin that that graced the face of death.

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