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RECEIVED MAR 18> 2095 Notice of Intent to Participate in 2005 CRJ Rate Adjustment Proceeding @ocket No. 2005-1 CRJ DTRA) GENERAL COUNSEL OF COPYRIGHT. In accordance with 17 U.S.C. § 803(b)(1)(B) and 37 CFR 251.45(a), the entity set forth herein files with the Library of Congress, Copyright Office, a notice stating the entity’s intention to participate in the proceedings to establish rates and terms for compulsory licenses in connection with digital sound recording performances (17 U.S.C. § 114(£)(2)) and related ephemeral reproduction rights (17 U.S.C. § 112(e)) by means of “eligible nonsubscription transmissions” and/or transmissions by a “new subscription service” for the 2006 — 2010 statutory license period (Docket No. 2005-1 CRI DTRA). 1. Name of Service(s): IVEZES , ENC. CI COPY 2. Mailing Address: G50 TOWER LAME , SUITE Yoo ely, eeov 3. Website Address of Service: LIVE3EC. Com 4, Interest In the Proceedings: LIVE 368" IN PERMTES ITS BUSINESS dEHEA PURSUANT To DMCA, AND SugséQuen? CARP DECISIONS . A LARGE PERCENTAGE OF LIVE3EE Inc's COSTS Goes TORMAKD PAYING RIAA[SEC RoYALTI LIVE ROS I) wite BE DRAMATICALLY IMPACTED = OUTCOME LE THES Peoceenwi Nvieusissisunsssion bocu2es 003 5. Officer or Authorized Representative of Service: 1. Name: Nama Lp 2. Title: CED ~ _ 3. Address: _950 TOWER LANG, SWTE 4@, Foster c(Ty cA W4 OF 4. Telephone No: 3¥s —tHed X tok 5. FacsimileNo:__( 650) 34¢-74-4¢ 6 Date: — 3/ulo 7. Signature: NviEnssisozsssIomDocI2EAs. 003 2