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THE WASHINGTON TIMES // MondaySepteMber172012

NatioNal Weekly

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The Investigation is far from over. These guys never give up.
Mike Zullo, Lead Investigator of the Maricopa County Cold Case Posse, charged with investigating the electronic images of Mr. Obamas authenticating documents recently made the following statements in a Tea Party Power Hour interview (www. Investigators are still working it as diligently as they have been. The Sheriff would not have dispatched me back to Hawaii for a second time if we werent working this. This has not stopped. The Sheriff has not stopped. We have crimes that have been committed here. We have crimes in other States. We have fraud that has been committed here. We have internet fraud. We have fraud all over the place.

Lead Investigator, Maricopa County Cold Case Posse

Mike Zullo

Were telling you we got a phony document. We have a document nobody should have the right to create. If the State Department of Health [in Hawaii] didnt create that birth certicate no one else has legal authority to create it. Now, representations were made. Representations were made to the public and theyre phony, theyre false! People are feeling the frustration the Sheriff is feeling. He has tried for the last three months to get the ear of Congress. And I just found out today that the Speaker of the House [John Boehner] is the one that told him that no one is going to entertain this at this point in time. So, were stuck.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio

50 years in law enforcement

Feds end probe of Americas toughest Sheriff Joe Arpaio; No Charges.

Crimes have been committed.

Contact House Speaker Boehners ofce today, 202-225-0600 and DEMAND an IMMEDIATE APPOINTMENT OF A SPECIAL PROSECUTOR to elevate this investigation to the federal level. Its Our America. Its Our Fight. Join US. Please support our work with a donation and continue praying for our Nation. Donate by credit card: Or donate by check: P.O. Box 7011, Richmond, Virginia 23221


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// NatioNal Weekly

MondaySepteMber172012 // THE WASHINGTON TIMES

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