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Published by: Mae Gatdula-Marasigan Rodrigo-Dimapilis on Sep 17, 2012
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C.S.C. Form 6 1. Office/Agency Tanauan School of Craftsmanship and Home Industries 3. Date of Filing 4. Position 6. 6.

A1 Type of Leave Vacation To seek employment

2. Name (Last)


( Middle)

5. Salary

DETAILS OF APPLICATION 6. B1 Where leave will be sent 1. In case of Vacation leave Within the Philippines Abroad (Specify) _____________

Others (Specify)_____________

Sick Maternity 6. C1 No. of Working days applied for INCLUSIVE DATES No. of Days From To 6. D1

In hospital Out patient (Specify) COMMUTATION
Requested Not Requested


(Signature of Applicant) 7. O DETAILS OF ACTION APPLICATION 7. A1 CERTIFICATION OF LEAVE 7. B1 RECOMMENDATION Approval CREDITS as of ________________________ Vacation Sick Total Disapproved due to _____________ __________________________________ __________________________________ RICHARD N. LAURENTE, P-1 School Head




7. C1 Approved ________________Days with Pay ________________Days Without pay ________________Others (Specify)

7. D1 Disapproved DUE TO: __________________________________ __________________________________

SARAH T. APURILLO, Ph. D. Schools Division Superintendent INSTRUCTIONS
1. Applicant for Vacation leave for one full day or more shall be made on this form and to be accomplished at least in triplicate. 2. Applicant for Vacation leave shall be filed in advance or whenever possible five (5) days before going on such leave. 3. Application for sick leave filled in advance or whenever or exceeding five (5) days shall be accomplished by a medical certificate. In case medical consultant was not availed should be executed by the applicant. 4. Employee who is absent without approval leave shall not be entitled to receive his/her salary corresponding to period of his/her unauthorized leave. 5. Applicant for leave of absence for (30) calendar days or more shall accomplish clearance for money and property accountability.

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