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Lesson 8: The Arrival Chronology

Lesson 8: The Arrival Chronology

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Published by: Reina on Sep 17, 2012
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THE ARRIVAL CHRONOLOGY Analysis of the registration process begins with a look at the arrival chronology.

Arrival Chronology is the term used to categorize the stages an FIT or GIT guests go through upon arrival to a hotel. FACT: 75% of a guest’s satisfaction is determined during the registration process. First impression is important. The arrival and registration of hotel guests must be smooth and flawless at all times. The arrival chronology includes the following stages: Stage 1: Greeting The first person to greet a hotel guest will be either a doorperson or a valet attendant. A pleasant smile and warm welcome set the stage for guest satisfaction. Stage 2: Transition As soon as the guest enters the hotel lobby, the bell service staff must assist the guest with his/her luggage and walk the guest to the front desk or check-in counter. Stage 3: Registration During this stage, the guest is requested to fill-out the registration form and verify all the information related to his/her reservation. The front desk agent must continue to focus on guest satisfaction. Stage 4: Completion Once the check-in procedure is finished and the room key has been issued, the bell service staff will assist the guest unto his/her assigned room. At this point, the guest may pass by the concierge to request for brochures or city maps, or inquire about city tours or events happening within the city.

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