Title: Lexical Dependence And Intertextual Allusion In The Septuagint Of The Twelve Prophets: Studies In Hosea, Amos And

Micah (Library Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Studies) Author: Myrto Theocharous, Publisher: T&T Clark Int'l Pages: 256 Published: 2012-05-24 ISBN-10: 0567105644 ISBN-13: 9780567105646 Category: Reference, christian Books & Bibles, Binding: Hardcover List Price: 130.00 USD OpenISBN URL: http://www.openisbn.com/isbn/0567105644/ Price comparison: http://www.openisbn.com/price/0567105644/ Read Online/Preview: http://www.openisbn.com/preview/0567105644/


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