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oblivion stone obelisk of esper nuisance engine norn's annex pit trap nihil spellbomb plague boiler nevinyrral's

disk darksteel forge paradise plume necrogen censer soul foundry darksteel relic thousand-year elixir voltait key thopter foundry mycosynth lattice decimator web mox sapphire pentad prism mox pearl mox jet aether vial mox diamond mizzium transreliquat defensa grid mishra's helix mishra's bauble mirrorworks mindcrank culling scales mind stone power conduit mind's eye chimeric egg chimeric mass proteus staff prototype portal memory jar aladdin's lamp temple bell altar of shadows mangara's tome quicksilver fountain amulet of vigor magma mine magistrate's scepter chromatic star lux cannon lotus petal wurmcoil engine wizard replica etched oracle cathedral membrane living wall shiftin wall ornithopter thopter assembly dancing scimitar arcbound slith

eater of days juggernaut aucbound crusher darksteel juggernaut clockwork beetle arcbound stinger lodestone golem blightsteel colossus beast of burden sundering titan platinum angel loxodon warhammer lightning greaves infiltration lens blazing torch deathrender spawning pit spellbook unwinding clock tormod's crypt soul ring welding jar golden urn black lotus golem foundry