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Company Name Kohinoor Handicrafts Indian Touch Link India U.S. Metal R.M.

Handicrafts Ahmed Handicrafts Exports Creative Functional Art Shahzade Ali & Sons S.A.B Exports Glossy Art Palace, Moradabad Annant Exports Al Haneef Handicraft Goyal Handicrafts Metal Designers Gallery Kothiwal Internationsl

Contact Person Mr. Mhmd. Anwar Mr. Aniq Rehman Mr. Shamshad Hussain Mr. Ashok Kumar Mr. Sudhanshu Agarwal Mr. Rizvi Gauhar Mr. Lalit Parida Mr. Mahmood Ali Mr. Rais Alam Mr. M. Nazim Mr. Ashootosh Aggarwal Mr. Al Hanfi Mr. Varun Goyal Mr. Amir Ahmad Mr. R. S. Kothiwal

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8006020200 9412244819 9412339033 9897031490 9359718749/ 9457423802/ 9410866599/ 9 9997555232/ 8057075000 9917129999 9837105320 9410051359 9837095215 9412243389 9760116202 9319854656 9997521036 9837026326

Comment Cut the call; No requirement No requirement No requirement asked to call on monday No requirement Asked to mail , call him tommorow They are using inbuilt ERP and CRm solution so no requirement as per now They are not having any requirement They manage everything manually No requirement Call him in next week No requirement No requirement No requiremment asked to call on monday