Chapter-III Registration and Dissolution of the Firm

Mode of effecting Registration
The firm can be registered at any time with the Registrar of the area in which the business of the firm is situated or proposed to be situated, in a prescribed format. It is not essential that the firm shall be registered from the day of its beginning. When the partners decide to get the firm registered (under the provisions of sec-58), they have to file the statement in the prescribed form containing the firm’s name, the principal place of the business, the names of its other places of business, the date of joining of each partner, the names in full and the permanent addresses of the partners and the duration of the firm, accompanied with prescribed fees. The format has to be signed by all the partners or by their authorized agents, verified by the partners themselves. If the registrar is satisfied in this regard, he will record and enter the name of the firm in the Register of firms. Alterations in the name, place, constitution, etc., of the firm after the registration shall also be registered with the registrar as and when they take place.

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