Fade in INT: BATHROOM EVENING SAM (15) empties a bottle of pills in her hands and forces them into her mouth. Flashback INT: CORRIDOR SAM gets thrown against the wall INT: School staircase SAM hides away from the bullies under the staircase Cut to INT: DARK ROOM NIGHT SPOT LIGHT SAM sits at her computer and types in capital letters on her face book account.

SAM looks directly at the camera she squeezes her right hand with her left, she is sitting on the toilet cistern so her feet can’t be seen under the cubicle door. SAM has a nervous look on her face; she tenses up as the bathroom door opens. SAM goes extremely quiet to the point of pale. MICHELLE enters the bathroom while keeping her hand on the door to keep it open she looks around even peers under the cubicle door and shouts back through the open door. MICHELLE SHE’S NOT IN HERE TOLD YOU SHE WOULDNT COME IN THE BOYS TOILETS. MICHELLE (16) exits and shuts the door, colour comes back to SAM face and she steps down off the cistern and opens the door, she peeps through the crack and then opens the door wider. Just as she steps out of the cubicle MICHELLE appears from nowhere and grabs SAM slamming her against the wall. SAM shuts her eyes as MICHELLE raises her fist. SAM squeezes her eyes harder to blank out the impact of the blow. Then nothing, when SAM opens her eyes no one is in the bathroom with her it’s her imagination. She walks over to the sink and washes her face. FLASHBACK INT: CORRIDOR EVENING

SAM (voice over) I had a dream once, where I was invisible and I tripped right there in the hallway, I cried out but no one could 2

hear me. That’s what schools been like for me, an invisible person in a visible world where you can easily be forgotten. All I desired was to be acknowledged, just once, someone to care and when I finally was, invisibility didn’t seem so bad. AA SAM slides, leans against the wall and slides to the floor. Cut to: INT: DARK OFFICE SAM sits on the chair at her desk; she pulls out a bully line poster from her drawer and stares at it. As she grabs her phone from her pocket she types in the number ‘0800441111’, SAM I NEED HELP, I CANT HANDLE THIS ANYMORE PLEASE HELP ME! Beep the line goes dead. Sam stands up in anger and throws everything on the table on the floor, ripping the poster up she goes into a corner and rocks herself calming herself down.